In his latest blog post, former GB international Colin McCourt talks about why a positive mind and positive vibes give you a positive life

It’s week 6 and it’s all going well – so far! We have moved to Scotland to be closer to my partner Rebecca’s mum and dad to help with our baby. I have been transferred from my job in Bournemouth to the same role in Scotland which is really lucky, as I haven’t had to search for new job. This has meant I have been able to focus on my running and the big move.

After driving though the night from Bournemouth to Scotland (I know what you are thinking – why, why, why?!) I thought it best to take the next day off and relax and recover from no sleep. The day after, I got back on it, just an easy 4 miles.

This week is a big transition week: new job, new routes, everything was totally new to me. The old me would have just given up for a while and made excuses. The mind is very cruel at times and it’s hard to control. One day you can be on top of the world then one bad run, one bad session or race, and you can be back at square one.

I would love to go back and take my old self to one side and just say, ‘it doesn’t matter, it’s one thing, why let it take over your life?’ But, when that’s all you have in your life it is hard to see past it.

Now I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. There isn’t an excuse big enough for me now, I have heard them all before. It’s fun to play mind games with myself, sometimes I challenge myself just to get to that lamp post and I can stop, or just get up that hill and you can have a break. It’s easy to win that internal fight when you don’t take yourself too seriously. If you really think about it, 99.9% of the excuses you make or convince yourself to be true or justified are awful.

Going forward I need to make sure I keep up my running and keep challenging myself while adjusting to life in Scotland. It’s a lot to commit to – running twice a day, travelling to a new job with new people and making sure I have time left to spend with Rebecca and the baby, but I love a challenge just now so let’s keep doing this!

A positive mind and positive vibes give you a positive life – that’s another saying I’m trying to live by.

The support you guys are giving me is unreal. It gets me up in the morning and through that second run at night, so thank you and have an amazing weekend!

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