The third post in Colin McCourt’s blog series as the former GB international works towards a sub-16:00 5km to avoid 17 tattoos

So it’s been a week of early rises! Now I am into week two, I’m still doing the 6am run and the evening walk but now on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I am doing a very light 20 minutes on a treadmill – it feels good!

I’ve never been a big fan of treadmill running. I get bored and I try and beat it, I always think I can run faster. But, in the gym when I got down there, Saved By The Bell was on which made the 20 minutes fly by.

I was still struggling with finding a good running pace, I was all over the place. The treadmill has helped me lock into a good pace and flow my way through my run. These little treadmill runs brought me on quicker than I expected as in my first week I was 8:30ish miling flat out. In week 2, I was around 7:50/8:10.

Running isn’t hard, it’s your brain that makes it hard. For example – my brain tries to talk me out of getting up every morning, I have a real fight with it. It’s like another little person in there convincing me that I don’t need to get out, I’ve had a good few days. ‘It’s Friday, relax, you’ve earned a lie in!’

I’m not sure why this voice wants me to stop and fail, maybe is one of my mates whispering in my ear? Well that’s what I’ve told myself. ‘Shut up, Jonny…No, Rossco… Sorry, Sargie, I’m going to do this’. That’s what I keep telling them, in my head, every day.

Right now I am winning everything I’ve set myself to achieve in the last two weeks. Up at 6am for 20 minutes and out in the evening for an easy 20 minutes.

I feel good, I’m starting to look good (my own review!) But I still think if someone cut me open I would bleed cheese and pepperoni right enough!

I’ve also gone for a drastic change with my health in terms of my diet. I’ve cut out nearly all unnecessary sugar and only have three meals a day. No snacks, just coffee (black no sugar). That was a struggle all of its own, I can tell you!

Try and make one change this week for you, no one else, but you. Mine this week is to stretch every night! I’ve honestly never stretched in my life, I can’t even touch my toes. Shocking, right? But, I’m not getting through this unless I stretch, am I?

Have a great week and thank you all for all your support. You guys are helping my through this!

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