AW promotion: Forte Management are creating opportunities for new stars

Any aspiring athlete will know that the pursuit of sporting excellence can also come with financial headaches. Removing those concerns about how to pay the bills, as well as leaving the way clear to concentrate on training, can make all the difference to development and performance.

Laying the foundation for a potential second career can also bring significant benefits of course and Forte is a sports and model management agency which not only aims to look after an athlete’s best sporting interests, but also unlock ways of increasing earning potential, particularly through modelling opportunities.

“Forte put their athletes first and that’s why it works. I was drawn to the modelling side in order to take financial pressure off the track side of my life. Athletes have so many expenses and such a little reward so the modelling side that Forte offer is such a genius idea. So many athletes will tell you that they have to get jobs while training full-time, however Forte offered me a stress-free way of being able to train full-time and as hard as possible” – Chad Miller (pictured), British U20 100m champion

Forte is based on pairing skilled talent who have an interesting look with brands who want a model talent with a background story, athletic figure, great work ethic and self-awareness. Forte can assist potential talents in  securing modelling opportunities which can facilitate great earnings and allow the athlete to concentrate on training – or even hold off from a sports contract from a brand who may have offered little.

One model job per month can earn more than 40 hours per week on the shop floor selling running shoes and in fact two of Forte’s clients – 100m hurdler Jessica Hunter and endurance athlete Adam Clarke – have just been booked on a global campaign which earned them more than some athletes’ annual salaries.

“The sports management side has helped me develop my athletics a lot. I have signed a professional contract with Puma and Forte have helped me to plan my racing season, to get me into top quality international races and help me to reflect and improve. Forte have also done an amazing job building my modelling portfolio up over the last year, and helping get images which show my style and personality” – Hannah Williams (pictured), British 400m international

Certain brands can pigeon hole an athlete who feels there is little choice but to accept any professional deal which comes their way. Yet it doesn’t need to happen like that with Forte, who can secure a wide range of work.

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