The European Athletics president wants to take the sport to every home and phone in the continent

European Athletics president Svein Arne Hansen has described his goal of taking the sport to every home and phone in the continent as “maybe the equivalent of trying to travel to the moon” but he believes it is an important aim as a new era beckons.

Writing in his fourth annual report entitled ‘Change Delivered’, Hansen looks at the progress made towards realising the five-part agenda outlined in his 2015 election manifesto ‘Leading Change’ and also gives his thoughts on future work as he gets ready to stand for a second term as president.

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“The mandate for which I was elected as president of European Athletics is now drawing to a close and this report will be my final review of the work we have undertaken and particularly the priority agenda outlined in my 2015 manifesto ‘Leading Change’,” said Hansen.

“It covers a time of extraordinary activity and progress for both our organisation and our sport and we can all be proud of the change that has been delivered.

“In the final section of ‘Change Delivered’, I look forward and set out my thoughts on the work needed for the period from 2019-2023.

“Work has already begun on this.

“I have a personal mission of putting athletics into every home, making it a central part of how people engage with sport; and recognising the rapidly changing cultural, social and technological environment across Europe, I want to see athletics on every phone as well.

“I am determined to make athletics even more exciting and compelling across the generations.”

In his report, Hansen highlights the status of 2015-2019 priority projects, including a fully integrated major events system, new advertising rules for kit in international competition, measures to promote athletics in years with no Olympic Games or World Championships in Europe, financial incentives to attract the best athletes to European Athletics events and mandatory anti-doping education.

An evaluation of these projects and more can be found in the full report here.

“To conclude, we have a great sport, great values and great people at all levels,” Hansen wrote in closing his report. “With each passing month we are becoming more inclusive, forward looking and dynamic.

“European Athletics is in position to develop the entertainment products, the participation activities and the technology needed to grow the sport beyond what most people think is possible.

“As I have said before and will repeat for the next four years, our mission must be to take athletics to every home and to every phone in Europe.

“It is a huge goal, maybe the equivalent of trying to travel to the moon. But we need the focus to bring athletics the next step towards the new era many of us feel is close.”

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