Existing process of entry standards will be used for next world championships while period of consultation for new world rankings system is extended

The new IAAF world rankings system will not be used to qualify athletes for next year’s World Championships in Doha, the global governing body has announced.

Instead, the existing process of entry standards will be used while the period of consultation for the new points-based system is extended.

Last November the IAAF confirmed plans to create the first official ‘IAAF World Rankings’, which meant a switch from standards to ranking when it comes to qualification for major competition.

However, on Sunday the IAAF said: “It was originally intended that the new World Rankings system would be used as the athlete qualification system for the IAAF World Championships next year.

“After carefully listening to groups across the global athletics community, it is apparent while there is broad support for a new World Ranking system, there is still work to do to give full confidence that the points-based system is equally fair to all athletes and in all regions.

“The IAAF’s primary concern, as always, is for the athletes. So while uncertainty remains in the points-based process the IAAF will extend the period of consultation.

“To do this without impacting the training regimes and preparations in advance of the IAAF World Championships next year, the IAAF Council agreed to stick with the existing qualification system.”

The new world rankings system will still be introduced as planned for the 2019 season to give athletes and federations the opportunity to follow the system in real time and become more familiar with the process before it becomes the primary qualifying route for major championships.

IAAF president Seb Coe said: “We believe strongly that the World Rankings is the best way for athletes to qualify for our major championships in future. Implementing change takes time as it is important our athletes and federations fully understand what is a complex system. We want to give the sport the opportunity to see the World Rankings in action and understand how they will work before we introduce the new system in full.

“We think sticking with the existing qualification system is the best solution for Doha because it gives our athletes, coaches and member federations the certainty they need at this point to prepare for the world championships. We trust that once everyone understands the World Rankings system they will be confident about its introduction as the qualification system for future championships.”

The IAAF’s revised qualification system for next year’s World Championships in Qatar can be found here. The IAAF Council is set to approve the specific entry standards at its meeting in Monaco on December 3-4.

News of the revised qualification system came on the same day that tickets for the Doha World Championships, taking place from September 27 to October 6, went on sale on the official championships website.