Advertorial: We hear from ASICS FrontRunners who want you to join their team

Aléchia van Wyk is someone who enjoys plenty of variety in her running. Be it marathons, multi-stage ultra marathons, triathlon or even the steeplechase, the Epsom and Ewell Harrier is constantly challenging herself.

Why do you take part in such a wide range of events and challenges?

I do everything and I love all of it! My running journey began in junior school when I was forced to pick a winter sport to keep fit and cross country seemed to be the easy option on the cards.

I was hooked and I have dabbled in short events such as the 200m all the way through to my first 100km in 2016. Running is my escape, my time and my space.

How have you found your first year as an ASICS FrontRunner?

It has been an amazing experience. It was above and beyond anything you could dream of. It felt like being a sponsored athlete!

Have you enjoyed being able to get advice from the elite ASICS athletes?

Absolutely. Having the chance to speak with Kerry O’Flaherty, a Rio Olympian at the steeplechase, and getting some advice from her was just amazing. Sharing a house in Bath with all of the elite athletes was really next level.

I therefore really improved last year and now I’m thinking “can I go even faster in 2018?”. And I can. I’ve seen some improvement already and I’m really excited about the coming year.

Has it made you want to see just what you’re capable of?

Definitely. I would really like to qualify for a club entry to London so the aim is to run a 3:30 marathon in Manchester this year and achieve that.

What would you say to someone thinking about applying to be an ASICS FrontRunner?

Go for it. Get your entry in. You have access to everyone’s passion – from those who have never run before, to those who are running for health and wellbeing, the guys that are mid-pack club runners like me, the emerging young guns and then all the elite guys.

When I was working towards a goal in 2017 or when I was pushing myself to get a PB, I was surrounded by FrontRunners who at the same time picked me up when the lows of running hit the hardest. They made me smile and giggle at the silly little things, we shared silly jokes, laughed over a love of jelly babies.

We remind each other how crazy we are, and our photos showed those smiles that I will treasure for years to come and keep me motivated to keep going out.


AGE: 37
CLUB: Epsom and Ewell Harriers
COACH: Anton van Zyl
PERSONAL BESTS: 10km: 43:04, Half-marathon: 1:43:56, Marathon: 4:05:45



The ASICS FrontRunner team members are Ambassadors of Movement.

They share their passion for moving, running and creating. They inspire. They motivate. Offline and online. They simply live and love what they are doing: spending most of their free time being active and moving themselves or others. Does that sound familiar?

Applications close on February 11, 2018 and the announcement of successful applicants will be made on February 21, 2018.

Runners can apply to join the ASICS FrontRunner community by visiting; Instagram: asicsfrontrunner and #asicsfrontrunner