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Katharine Merry vlog: Back on track

Katharine Merry vlog: Back on track

The second post in a new video blog series as Olympic medallist Katharine Merry shares her journey from elite sprinter to Great North Run pacer

Sydney 2000 Olympic 400m medallist Katharine Merry has resumed her training for the Simplyhealth Great North Run on September 10 after suffering a grade 1 calf tear.

She is gradually increasing the distance, and along the way realised something about Central Park in New York: it’s actually quite hilly!

With the weeks ticking along, stay tuned to see how Katharine’s training continues to develop as she works towards being a Duracell bunny pacer.

Part one in her vlog series can be found here.

To hear more from Katharine Merry, follow her on Twitter @KatharineMerry.

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