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Tagged: Coaching
The high pull Track & Field The high pull

The high pull is one of the most important Olympic lift variations and also one of the best posterior chain builder exercises, writes Antonio Robustelli

Power exercises Track & Field Power exercises

Commonwealth hammer bronze medallist Mark Dry gives you five of his favourite power exercises

Bodyweight exercises for athletes Track & FieldYouth Bodyweight exercises for athletes

For the young club athlete some simple bodyweight exercises can be as effective as those using gym equipment, as Tony Lett explains

How they train – Alison Leonard Track & Field How they train – Alison Leonard

The European 800m runner spoke with AW about the training that took her to a breakthrough season

Athletes should respect rest SprintsTrack & Field Athletes should respect rest

Sprinters can learn a lot from looking at the laziness of cats, writes John Shepherd

How they train – Shona Richards HurdlesTrack & Field How they train – Shona Richards

After a great breakthrough that saw her claim an individual world junior silver medal, hurdler Shona Richards spoke to AW about her training

The key to speed? SprintsTrack & Field The key to speed?

Recent studies show that elite sprinters have a unique and distinct running pattern for maximal speed

Leg stiffness and sprinting SprintsTrack & Field Leg stiffness and sprinting

Stiff legs make for faster sprinting, as John Shepherd explains

How they train – Hayley McLean HurdlesTrack & FieldYouth How they train – Hayley McLean

Commonwealth Games 400m hurdler Hayley McLean outlined her workouts to AW

Alberto Salazar’s attention to detail Road Alberto Salazar’s attention to detail

Further views from a recent workshop in Birmingham with Alberto Salazar are shared by Matt Long and David Lowes

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