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Would It Do My Heart Good!?

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Would It Do My Heart Good!?

Postby Oliveauz » Tue Feb 28, 2006 6:33 pm

I'm kinda new to the running marathon thing.. and of course for a start have picked something kinda big!! - New York.... Well it's supposed to be the best for adrenalin rush - the crowds, the support?
Am doing it for an Irish heart charity, Croi - they're doing great work with defibrillators etc - we can't have enough of them!

ANYHOW I'm just looking for tips on the best training techniques. I'm currently doing a long run of 8miles once a week and 4-5miles 5 times a week?

There's a half-marathon run by the same charity in May and that could be good for training - it'll be time-trial based... PLUS it's on Inishbofin Island, which is supposed to be really fab - can't believe I haven't been there yet!

Any help, would oblige...

Oli :)
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Postby Feet in the Cowclaps » Tue Feb 28, 2006 8:22 pm

Hi there Oli. You definitely chose a great marathon to run- I ran NY in 2004 and found it awesome. London doesn't get anywhere near it in my book.
There are as many theories on marathon running as there are days in the year. Your training so far looks good - if you can find time to run 6 days a week, then you should do well.
First of all I'd run with the objective of that half marathon in mind. By the end of April you will need to GRADUALLY increase the number of miles you do on your long run so that you are upto say 15 miles by the end of April. This plus running the other days of the week should get you round the half marathon.
If you want to run it 'quickly', then you need to do some quicker training on say Tuesday (not the day before or after your long run) - like run steadily for 20 minutes and then do 5 times 1000m (as fast as you can but being able to run the last as fast as the first) with say 3 minutes recovery between each 1000m and then run another 20 minutes steady. Being in a club can help you to run this type of session. You could also do 3 x 2000m or 3 x 3000m (in the following weeks!).
Do you long runs slowly.
Once a month ease off and for one week run half of your normal total weekly mileage.
Do your last long run a fortnight before the race. Ease off in the last 2/3 weeks.
Have a rest day a week, either the day before or after your long run.
Find a 10k to run before your half marathon.

I'm sure other people will improve/shoot down/add to this, but all the best anyway.
Feet in the Cowclaps
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Postby Oliveauz » Wed Mar 08, 2006 11:19 am

Hi There, Thanks for your advice. I'll take it on board... I've had time to work out a training schedule in my head and I think it'll be grand. I think there's a 10km coming up in April, I heard a friend mention it and will follow up from there. In any case, I'll have to do the 10km's myself a couple of times :o

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