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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Thu Mar 10, 2011 11:45 am


yo ho
you’ve triple bounced
all the world trounced
the smallest margin you did add
but that’s enough, spectator’s glad
and once not enough
in the comp you’re tough
but ding-dong twice
now up your price.

By measured distance sees the records grow
in high jump, pole vault, up, up, up they go
the bar is set the athlete concentrates
officials & the pin-drop crowds then waits
A record’s up for grabs, all know it’s tight
now is the time the athlete channels might
if they succeed that will have been a sight
and Yes! Onto the record list the height.
While over hence a horizontal star
who fouls, runs through, jumps badly, and how far?
They’ve no set aim except to do their best
but what transpires, each is a measure test.
No centimetre nudge to record lengths
the long jump record has some massive dents
But no! no more, when Teddy takes his bow
His record up 1 unit 3 times now.

dp 10mar11
d pickup
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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Sat Mar 12, 2011 9:17 am


It’s TJ time and TT’s there to jump
with skewed headband French fans see him a trump
he claps, they clap it’s time to sparkle now
he runs, he jumps, he lands, and wow, wow, how
clean on the board, he flows, flows, flows, what strength
he’s gone from 3rd to 1st, world record length
and later on world record length once more
it equaled - screaming fans - yes him adore.
* Usain Bolt, JAM, ‘86, WRs 100 & 200


Oh Representative of Media Youth
you have your new found ways
and yearning oh for what
flamboyant for attention
and with such confidence
you orchestrate your fans

With headband, white, askew one ear
your fashion wrists bands broad, white too
you gain slow clap for running forth
a mix of amble, stride and hasty sprint
but after all that motion mix of yours
you land exact, exact there on the board
while others with their measured runs
that so appear precise, exact and worked
are often near a foot away, much lost.
And 1, 2, 3, you land, a record jump
and run the track, and wear the flag, and bow

dp 12mar11
d pickup
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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Sun Mar 13, 2011 11:13 am


Please, raise your champagne glasses let us drink
the consecration of another king *
here in Reims to a son of our Region
from Epernay, Marne, Champagne-Ardenne here
our walking star, a youthful 33,
who in a chilly start, that warmed of course,
(our vinyard sun, it shone to grace his pace)
did, striding move apace, relentlessly
not on the normals roads with scenery change
instead Georges Hebert's hallowed stadium
there round & round & round & round & round
a 100 laps, and 25 more too
the barriers-moved-in close fans cheered and cheered
the big screen charted progress him, Toutian **
3 Champion friends did race and pace to help ***
and blasted forth his music, Rolling Stones
along with Noir Desir when near the end
the proper judges, the record beaten
5 minutes and more, smashed to smitherines
ladies and gentlemen, Yohann Diniz!

dp 13mar11

Yohann Diniz, FRA, '78, 69kg, 1.85m
'11, 12mar WR 50km w tr 3.35.27
'10 Eur Champ 50km w rd 3.40.37 world leader
'09 PB 50km w rd 3.38.45
'06 Eur Champ 50km w rd 3.41.39
'04 PB 50km w tr 3.52.11
'08 WR 50km w rd 3:34:14 Denis Nizhegorodov, RUS, '80, '08
'96 WR 50km w tr 3:40:57.9 Thierry Toutain, FRA, '62, '96
'94 WR 50km w tr 3:41:28.2 René Piller, FRA, '65, '94

* Kings were consecrated in Reims C12th-C19th
** previous WR holder
** Johan Augeron, FRA, '83, 4.10.05 '08; 4.10.06 '09 !!
Hatem Ghoula, TUN, '73, World Champs 20km w rd '07 bronze
Grzegorz Sudol, POL, 2nd EUR Champs '10 50k w rd 3.42.24, PB
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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Thu Mar 24, 2011 8:38 am

There was a javelin thrower named Zigismunds Sirmais *
whose recent junior world record did amaze, bedaze
more records will fall
for one thing he's tall
but now, lift your glasses, oh what great music from that cor anglais
* Men JT WR (Jun) 84.47 20mar11

dp 24mar11
d pickup
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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Fri Apr 15, 2011 12:41 pm


Pheidippides *
Athenian herald
a mere 40 years old
ran for 2 days
to Sparta
to ask for war-help
and then again
Marathon victory achieved
to Athens
a mere marathon
& arrived & gasped
('we have won')
no podium for him
nor laurel wreath
nor medal of gold
nor WR bonus fee
he died

You Mami Kudo **
whether in your 30s or 40s
you too have run far
first, specifically, 2 years ago
running just your 'short' race
in Taipei's Soochow ***
on a short course too
a 0.4km course
for just one day too
the whole day though
and triumphant
24H lady's track WR

now here in Athens
'air-dirty' pre-OLY '04 Athens
but where you were
a disused airport
no roaring planes
and beside the sea
so ok now, perhaps ****
this time on road
'good quality asphalt'
round a 1km lap
it so stretched
it so narrow
you must have seen yourself
going one way as you went the other
100, 200, 300, 368.687km
running, running, running
2 nights sleep lost here
and the reward
48H lady's road WR;
... there is a 6-day WR.

* Pheidippides, 530BC - 490BC

** Mami Kudo, JPN, 02/10/75 IAAF / 17/07/64 IAU, 49kg, 1.64m
10,000 33:13.14 13/05/00
100Km rd 7:56:06 27/03/10
24h tr 254.425km 13 12 09 - WR
(old WR 250.160km Edit Bérces, HUN, 22 09 02)
48h rd 368,687km 08 04 11 - WR
(old WR 360,109km Sue Ellen Trap, USA, 15 11 93)

24h rd 243.657km Sigrid Lomsky (GER) 02 05 93 - WR
48h tr 377.892km Sue Ellen Trapp (USA) 04 05 97 - WR

*** 'Taipei has "excellent" capabilities for managing air quality in the city'
**** '[Athens] air pollution still remains an issue ... particularly during the hottest summer days.'

dp 15 apr 11
d pickup
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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Wed May 25, 2011 9:30 pm

Betty Heidler *
throws the hammer, is in the police, and no idler
and now holding the world record for the hammer throw
will have promoters for her attention clamor in an orderly row.

dp 25 may 11


Releasing a 4kg hammer
into a nearly 80 meters flight
is a bit like classical ballet
starting from the feet
with fine soles to feel, feel, feel
and the moving too
pirouettes for the dancers
3 or 4 turns for the thrower
and keeping balanced
with all that quiet power
and staying poised, tall
controlled, to unleash
brilliantly unleash, with
such wondrous power
- and stay in the circle
and the lady dancers
have their hair up
as does red-head,
world record holder
for the hammer,
done in Halle, Betty.

dp 25 may 11

* Betty Heidler, GER, '83, 1.75m, 81kg, 79.42m. 21 05 11, Halle - WR
d pickup
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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Sun Jun 05, 2011 12:39 pm


Trelawny Parish
home of Lightning Bolt *
that double 9.91 man

Well welcome here
with wave applaud
the 9.91 woman *

Ostrava the scene
The Golden Spike
Well she did strike

Thunder, lightning
Veronica stole
from mediocre Bolt

She too Trelawny
NW corner Jamaica
what green/yellow stars

She's one of 10
with father mother
that makes 12

She's run for years
in Championships
those years now 12

She's gathered gold
from Champ events
that's up to 12

So what's ahead
some London glory
that's in '12

* Usain 'lightning' Bolt WR 100m 9.58, 9.91 twice this season
* Veronica Campbell-Brown WR 100 yards 9.91

dp 5jun11

Veronica Campbell-Brown, Trelawny, NW JAM, 15may82, 1.63m, 61kg
60m 7.00 Doha, Qatar 14mar10
91.44m 9.91 Ostrava, Cze 31may11 Official World Best 100yds (old rec w 100y 10.0/10.10 Chi Chang TAI USA 13jun70)
100m 10.76 Ostrava, Cze 31may11
200m 21.74 Beijing, Chn 21aug08
400m 52.24 Fayetteville, Ark, USA 22jan05
'04 OLY 200 gold; '08 OLY 200 gold; '07 World 100 gold; '10 World (in) 60 gold
d pickup
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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Mon Jun 06, 2011 8:50 am


Down Moses came from the mountain
from the heights of Kenya's rift valley
it was time at last for the reckoning

Down-to-the-sea Boston Marathon
but oh the pace, record pace, what a race
so close to gold, silver sufficed

Down to a track, Track Town's flat track
and ran and ran round that track
relentlessly round, round 75 times

Down in the record books now he will go
for he did mop up in that race two slots
not one, but two, astounding World Records. *
* 25000m, 30000m

dp 6 jun 11

Moses Cheruiyot Mosop, KEN, '85, Kamasai, Marakwet, SW Kenya
3rd '05 World 10000, 2nd World '07 X-country
3000 7:36.88 Lausanne 11/07/2006
5000 12:54.46 Paris Saint-Denis 08/07/2006
10000 26:49.55 Hengelo 26/05/2007
10km 28:04 Nijmegen 21/11/2004
15km 42:25 Nijmegen 21/11/2004
20000 58:02.0 Eugene, OR 03/05/2011
20km 58:30 Nanning 16/10/2010
HM 59:20 Milano 21/03/2010
25000 1 12 25.4 Eugene, OR 03/05/2011 - WR
30000 1 26 47.4 Eugene, OR 03/05/2011 - WR
MAR 2 03 06 downhill Boston 18apr11 - his only MAR (flat WR 2.03.59)
see ... index.html
d pickup
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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Fri Jul 08, 2011 11:19 am


Jack and Jill went up the hill
And up a high hill went Master Gill
higher than any other Bill
that does the Shot Putt, & what a kill
a World Record for that 5KG pill
and even further than the big men 7.26KG pill
not that he takes or needs (we trust) any pill
this big young man, with a body to fill
for he could be in demand, they'll fill his till
will he apply himself, pass through the mill
but we'll have to see if he has the will
in the big league, with the big men, New Zealand's Jacko Gill.

*Jacko Gill, NZL, 20.12.94, 1.88m, 94kg, SP5kg 24.35m 7jul11 Lille WR U18 SP5
dp 8jul11
d pickup
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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Wed Aug 10, 2011 10:23 am

WR maker
ledgaga636! Phew!
and bells on it too!

dp 10aug11
d pickup
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Re: WR poems

Postby camerajuan » Wed Aug 31, 2011 12:33 am

Dalton Grant. WR Entry Height HJ (Athens, 97).

Dalton Grant or "Towers"
One of our jumping powers.
Whilst others jumped he put on the kettle*.
Somehow he still didn't get a medal!

*for this to work, talk like a cowboy.
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Re: WR poems

Postby Bonnie » Thu Sep 01, 2011 7:30 pm

Awesome thread. You guys are really good at it.
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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Sat Sep 10, 2011 11:25 am

Bonnie wrote:Awesome thread. You guys are really good at it.

Thanks so hope you like this one.


A baton’s made for living fast, smooth fast
but doesn’t always have an easy life
like with beginner drivers jerky times
fast, slow, fast, slow, fast, slow fast - what a trip!
and that’s an easy track-trip be assured.
The eager starting runner jumps the gun;
yes baton, you did nothing but you’re out.
You like the track? - well you and it do meet
there’s fumble, fumble, end result: you’re dropped.
Just dropped I say, some fumbling rage you’re thrown!
Air-thrown too - the ‘in’ man him too slow
or at the end - for you’re not podium bound.
But recently you had your greatest lap
Jamaican zip: the record of the world
was yours, you did the whole lap helped by four fine stars
Carter, Frater, Blake and Bolt - lawyer’s firm
no, 4 fast stars, each nine point nine or less.
World Champ*, World Record all in one for you.

* M 400r 37.04 4sep11 Daegu, 13th world champs
Nesta Carter, '85, 9.90 '11 (PB 9.78 '10)
Michael Frater, '82, 9.88 '11 PB
Yohan Blake, '89, 9.92 '11 (PB 9.89 '10)
Usain Bolt, '86, 9.88 '11 (PB 9.58 '09)

dp 10sep11
d pickup
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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Thu Oct 27, 2011 10:05 am


The Kenyan long-distance runners earn fees,
liken them to a swarm of worker bees,
who go out in the cause, seek their honey
there's sweet reward for their work, yes money
all round the world they win the distance runs
many, those K’s, invasion, like the Huns
so on the podiums they do stand, proud, tall
and on the way the records fall and fall
but not them all, no record of the world
half-marathon, marathon emerald
Eritrea, Ethiopia there
the top spot, one each, a challenging pair.
Oh Kenya, you bereft of the best times
not you returning home, World Record chimes.

BUT now at last tis so, an 8 year wait
Paul Tergat last, on Berlin’s streets did gait
now Patrick Makau Musyoki appears
and he has been of quality for years
of the top pack, credentials building up
well now he’s done it, he has won that cup
that special one, World Record one, in fact
and where he did it? Yes that Berlin tract.
The record holder** there, returning fit?
Well Patrick weaved and dodged and bit by bit
his tactics worked, it was a wily stunt
he pulled away to that lone place up front
and so he did arrive beyond the tape
The Record, prizes, necked the gold did drape.
* WR MAR 2.03.38 25oct11
** Haile Gebrselassie, ETH 2.03.59 ‘08 prev WR

dp 27oct11
d pickup
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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Thu Jan 19, 2012 6:15 pm


Peter Cheruiyot Kirui
You Peter
the rock indeed
unsung hero
in Berlin
there last year
the Marathon
you paced
you led
three quarters out
at 30 k
and what a time
the fastest ever run *
then stopped
you'd done your job
so recognized?
oh no!
The man behind **
who finished all the way
him in the record books.

dp 19jan12

Peter Cheruiyot Kirui, Bomet, Rift Valley KEN, '88
3000 7:45.79 '09
5000 13:15.90 '09
10,000 27:25.63 '11
10km 27:55 '10
15km 42:34 '10
20km 58:31 '11
HM 59:40 '11
25km 1:13:08 '11
30km 1:27:37 '11 (WBP)
Mar 2:06:31 '11 (19th in '11 world rankings)

1:27:38 Patrick Makau Musyoki, '85, KEN Berlin 25/09/11 WR 30km
2:03:38 Patrick Makau Musyoki, '85, KEN Berlin 25/09/11 WR Mar
d pickup
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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Fri Jan 20, 2012 8:00 am

what range of events
Liliya Shobukhova *
Record nitch found now.

dp 20jan12

* Liliya Shobukhova, Beloretsk Bashkortostan, RUS, 1.69m 50kg
800 2:03.18 Zhukovskiy 24/06/06
1500 4:03.78 Kazan 09/07/04
1ml 4:22.14 Tula 06/06/04
2000 5:35.80 Sochi 27/05/07
3000 8:27.86i Moskva 17/02/06
5000 14:23.75 Kazan 19/07/08
10,000 30:29.36 Cheboksary 23/07/09
10km 32:19 Jersey City 09/05/09
15km 49:19 Chicago 09/10/11
20km 1:05:48 Chicago 09/10/11
HM 1:09:25 Chicago 09/10/11
25km 1:22:34 Chicago 09/10/11
30km 1:38:23 Chicago 09/10/11 WR
Mar 2:18:20 Chicago 09/10/11
d pickup
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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Sun Feb 19, 2012 11:14 am

W 2km stch (IN) WR

Yelena your tops
run run jump, run run jump, run
none have run faster


It's come at last, a worthy run
you in the ranks, this whole decade
you steeplechased, ran on the flat
cross country too, and in world champs
but no great wins, nor records too
but now you have, World Record run
obscure event, but still the best
indoors as well, they can be weak
but see the lists, compare in out
you're right up there, your sparkling run
so will you threaten now outside
the barrier runs, it 1k more
to merely join the Russian team
no easy task, we'll int'rest-watch.
dp 19feb12

Yelena Sidorchenkova Orlova, RUS, '80, 53.5kg, 1.65m
800 2 02 4 in, 16 02 03
1k 2.40.33, 01 02 04
1.5k 4.05.77, 02/08/08
2k 5:40.03, 27/05/07
3k 8:43.88 in, 26 02 06
5k 15:03.88, 19/07/08
2kStCh 6 06 11 in, 12 02 12 WR
3kStCh 9:22.15, 23/07/09
d pickup
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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Fri Feb 24, 2012 11:21 am


So did we believe her
Ms Isinbayeva *
she now back for real
with skill and with zeal
she wants to go higher
oh she is a flier
done higher outdoors
but why now a pause
to Turkey two weeks
there surmount new peeks
not one centimeter
from this agile cheetah
but 3 or 4 more
she says is in store
if others improve
then she will disprove
that they can her catch
the pole vault pit her patch
dp 24feb12

* Yelena Gadzhievna Isinbayeva, RUS, '82
WR (out) 5.06 '09, WR (in) 5.01 23feb12
d pickup
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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Mon Mar 12, 2012 8:05 pm

so Tatty Dob* you haunted shadowland
not seeking Media time that talky band
but you instead you gathered focused thoughts
for Istanbul one of this year's high courts
and body too, its energy refined
for you do have times off, you so inclined
while PEN and HEP demands are vast and broad
but endless tight regimes one can get bored
Your trials you showed that you were fit and trim
so the big day your state was at the brim
four of the five events they all went well
things not for sure but you'd give rivals hell
you did, a PB too, enough to win
another medal for your trophy bin
world record too, an extra with your name
Olympics, you'll be ready for that game.
*Natalia Dobrynska, UKR, 72kg, 1.80m
08 OLY HEP gold, PEN WR 5013 9mar12
dp 12mar12

Now Aston* he's so far ahead
and from the start was him who led
just more and more him clear of all
could not be caught unless a fall
it happens though, 3 fouls, bad form
and what's the cause? a bad brain storm?
so day one done, still one to come
a record p'rhaps, that is the hum
day two the hurdles, don't false start
his pole vault next, a tricky part
come in too high, and you get nought
too low, so much, a muscle drought
at last the last trial, 1 km
well Ashton he did run a gem
tenth of a second off his best
but he had passed the highest test
World record it was in the bag
so give him now a US flag.
* Ashton Eaton, USA, '88, 1.85m, 86kg
WR PEN '10 (6499), '11 (6568), '12 (6645)
dp 12mar12
d pickup
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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Fri May 11, 2012 2:52 pm


So did this Dennis, Kimetto*
from Kenya, to a farm bestow?
his sown seed and pray they'd grow
and even work a plough he'd tow
the fields his track, him heave-harrow
well now not that to get his dough
he rocked the road run world we know
first in a group and then did tow
some to fast times but this arrow
yes him indeed he did there glow
the very best and he did show
the world his heels, for he did flow
to a world record, gave a blow
what next will he at this sport throw
half marathon, his autumn bow
World Champs, then All with his elbow
watch! ranked stars, led by Abshero.

* Dennis Kipruto Kimetto, KEN, '94, 25km 1.11.18, 6may12
10000 28.30.0 '11
15km 42.57 '12
20km 57.25 '12
HM 59.14 '12
25km 1.11.18 '12 WR
25km 1.11.50 '10 WR (prev) Sammy Kosgei, KEN, '86

dp 11may12
d pickup
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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Mon Jun 25, 2012 8:33 am

9 0 3 9
Now you would say the heat was on
the US Trials young star Ashton
but cold it was, the rain the wind
so thoughts of records they were binned
but personal bests the sprint, eLJay
both Dec world records , so okay
and by the end of this day one
the chance on, a nine thousand run
no PB hurdling, discus twirl
but his PV body did hurl
five meters thirty, it's his best
two more events to go, don't rest
'the National Record? ' 'no the World!'
ready the flags to be unfurled
So Eaton sent that javelin far
wonderful! near the sixty bar
the last event, 4 painful laps
too fast out first - and other traps
but 3 of you race, race, pace fast
and at the tape he's first, not last!
and fast enough the records yours
top of the world, open doors
the record holder of the the world
you've run, hurdled, jumped, and you've hurled
better than has been done before
all we can say is Wow! and Cor!
dp 25jun12
d pickup
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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Wed Aug 22, 2012 3:38 pm

Now Rudisha him in a rush?
we didn't know his plans a hush
his records came from races paced
his friend led first and then he raced
the record of the world done twice
Olympic time, throw different dice
3 rounds so use one's fire with care
tactics tough and tumbles scare
but David raced ahead, one, two
just stayed ahead a vigorous pace
and him so good no need to race
so Final day would he be fresh
would others entwine with his mesh
new PBs p'haps and him not tops
the Final time, he'd have no props
(told after: his world record break
his aim; could all stay in his wake?)
so lap one fast and him in front,
no gaps had formed all in the hunt
but on the back straight drive, drive, drive
a little gap it came alive
that final bend, the focused power
no inroads made, and he'd devour
that final straight in glorious stride
the field strung out but what a ride
for Kaki, 7th, 'season best'
and all the others 'personal best'
oh yes, and David, by point 1
the record of the world was done
dp 22aug12
d pickup
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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Sat Sep 01, 2012 10:28 am

37.04 to 36.84
Wow carter, frater, blake and bolt
the last of them now not a colt
him in his 2nd prime it seems
and chased at home by reams and reams
Jamaican talent, it's knee deep
so strong for years the top they'll keep
so London medals lots for them
no system but their way a gem
they've been the best a year or two
but this new record, oh God, Phew!
not just a nibble, hundred's off
but 2 tenths off, your hats please doff
and next year, who knows faster still
oh what a way to end the bill.
dp 1sep12

41.37 to 40.82
madison, felix, knight, jeter
what a team, a record setter
the 2nd oldest on the list
the GDR, held in their fist
world record of the 80s time
the way done then, a different dime
and now these 4 gave it a wop
with one big leap gone to the top
and we do hope it not with dop
yes add an 'e', the test tube cop
you know my thought, meanwhile all's well
so for these 4 now ring the bell.
dp 1sep12

Youth, Junior ranks she didn't lose
but Senior ranks a stronger fuse
is needed in this ladies walk
Elena joined and did, no talk
Olympic title, yes the tops
and she did pull out all the stops
what stops, World Record, yes that good
no Junior now under a hood
the very best the fastest yet
so young, be ready with your bet.
dp 1sep12
d pickup
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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Sat Sep 08, 2012 5:40 pm

Marietta's Merrit's home town
from the Uni there he'll get a gown?
for blowing the record out of the sky
Robles, Liu, Oliver, bye
yes bye bye now, him yards ahead
regaining the record, that dead.
Our man been hurdling many years
his latest will give them all tears.
Over the years he progressed well
so to what heights, well who can tell.
13 09 is pretty good
that 5 years past, then there he stood
Yes 5 years there, that his best run
then stumbles, not for him the sun
but came this year with a new start
not 8 strides for the first sprint part
but 7 strides, a different feel
well what a change, he'd turn the wheel
the world wide wheel of hurdling
get to the comps, and have a fling
6 nudges of his personal best
and now the world it knows the rest
in Brussels in his season's last
he smashed to smitherines, so fast
the record of the world by much
all was so smooth, the magic touch
now out of reach of all the rest
oh what a jump, he is the best
a record that might last a while
it done with flare too, and such style
dp 8sep12
d pickup
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