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Postby d pickup » Sun Apr 04, 2010 11:10 am

HERB ELLIOTT, AC, MBE, AUS, 1938 -, WRs: 3.35.6 '60; 3.54.5 '58
He never lost a race over 1.5k / 1ml

Herbert ("Herb") James Elliott
ran a-riot
showing the pack
his back

Herbert ("Herb") James Elliott
didn't need a chariot
and with '50s mile & OLY wins
showed all else a clean pair of shins.

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Postby d pickup » Mon Apr 05, 2010 10:42 am

JESSE OWENS, USA, 1913-80, 25may35: 4 WRs in 45mins
James Cleveland 'Jesse' JC Owens
universal for Homo Sapiens
in Hitler's Aryan-supremacy Olympic Drama
with 4 gold medals he dominated that panorama.

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Postby d pickup » Mon Apr 05, 2010 5:20 pm

WEEK 13 2010 & WEEK 14 2010

In Poland’s Bydgoszcz
you might have needed Gods
while plowing thro’ the -30C snow
but no, & Kenya, Kenya, Kenya, Kenya did glow.

JOSEPH EBUYA, KEN, b.’87, 1. World CC ‘10
Joseph Ebuya *
finally, fully emerging from Kenya
really strong this year
at the top now, who will be his peer?
* PBs: 3k 7:34.62 ‘08; 2mls 8:18.33 ‘07; 5k 12:51.00 ‘07; 10k 28:53.46 ‘06; 10k rd 27:33 ‘08

EMILY CHEBET, KEN, ‘86, 1. World CC ‘10
Emily Chebet *
seen quietly before Bydgoszcz as a good bet
though her PBs are old
she’s now in the top fold.
* PBs: 1.5k 4:18.75 ‘05; 3k 8:53.46 ‘05; 10k 31:33.39 ‘06; 10k rd 32:05 ‘04; 15k rd 50:03 ‘05

Those druggies of our sport who’re caught, that’s good
and punished with a ban of various lengths
well China says they’ll make use of their jails
to punish those who take drugs, cheat, cheat, cheat.

West Ham, that’s football, they could use the space
the stadium of the 30th Olympiad
that stadium for football, kicking balls!
For kicking little balls, are we such fools?!

Past CG Champs are critical of those
who’ve now declared they’ll give those games a miss
Dean Macey and Dame Holmes have spoken out
for instance there’s Ms Ennis, Sotherton
enough big comps and Dehli they must miss.

Not very often is there chance to throw
indoors the discus but there’s records there
and now a new one on the GB front
Brett Morse, who’s Welsh and young just 21 *
* DT (in) WR 69.51m Gerd Kanter, EST '09
GBR 60.14m Brett Morse ‘10
old GBR rec 58.70m Pete Tancred (ENG), b.’ 49, ‘80
OUTDOORS Brett, at 60.25m, is 17th all-time UK list
UK (out) rec 66.64 Perris Wilkins, b.’67, ‘98

IAAF face bankruptcy near soon
unless they cut their costs, reserves: down, down.
The President SEN Lamine Diack
retires next year and there are three aspire
to take this woe: Coe, Bubka and one more
from MAR, it’s Nawal el Moutawakel

With points, just 23, young Eaton topped
the list, the HEP, ahead of Dan O’Brien
young Eaton fastest with that last event
1K while poor O’Brien slowest of all *
* Ashton Eaton 2.32.67 - fastest 1k
Dan O’Brien 2.57.96 - slowest 1k, IAAF all-time list of HEP

10 years ago Ms Graf Olympics ran
and gained a silver in the 2 lap race
it now appears she is a drug suspect
so 3rd place Holmes who knows more silver yet.

Bolt is the fastest ever in on this Earth
or is he? Football says it may not be
it’s US Football and one Chris Johnson
who says he’d beat the Bolt, just 40 yards *
* Johnson, b.’85, 5'11, 200lb, 40yds in 4.24 cf Bolt 4.28 (Beijing)

NY in June for Ennis-Fountain deal
LJ, SP, 100h run
it will be fun
but serious and Ennis her fame seal
or that’s our bet *
* PBs:
- Ennis 6.44, 14.14, 12.81
- Fountain 6.89, 14.06, 12.78

Caster Semenya hits the news again
she wants to run again but she must wait
until investigations of the tests
of Berlin are announced - not until June
though she is not suspended, not at all;
hermaphrodite she is, source unnamed says. *
* see ... -june.html

The 2-lap run for men also makes news
One David Rudisha already shaped *
could break the record, 13 years on top **
and Abubaker Khaki, young could too. ***
* David Lekuta Rudisha, KEN, b.'88, PB 1.42.01 '09; 1.43.15 ‘10
** WR Wilson Kipketer, DEN (ex-KEN), b.'72, 1.41.11 '97
*** Abubaker Kaki Khamis, SUD, b.'89, PB 1.42.69; World Champ (in) '08, '10
see also: ... index.html

2 years ago Pamela Jelimo
was all aglow and lit the 2-lap runs *
last year an injury but now she’s back
Two minutes six point zero-one seconds!
* 3rd on the all-time list with 1.54.01 and 8 runs under 1.56.00

What running depth of strength Kenya it has
and many of them emigrate away
to Qatar, Bahrain, US, Finland, France ...
A World Champs, no a Kenyan Champs instead. *
* see ... etics.html

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Postby d pickup » Tue Apr 06, 2010 8:02 am

BRYAN CLAY, USA, b.’80, PB 8832, ‘08 (6th all-time list), ‘08 OLY, ‘05 World, ‘08 ‘10 World (IN)
Bryan Ezra Tsumoru Clay
deca athlete had his say
feels he has one more year
to be of the event the WR peer *
* WR Sebrle, CZE, 9026, ‘01

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Postby d pickup » Wed Apr 07, 2010 7:27 am

MATTI JARVINEN, FIN, 1909-85, WR JT 71.57 ('30) [10xs] 77.23 ('36)
Matti "Mr. Javelin" Henrikki Jarvinen
a giant among 30s javelin men
from 71 metres to 77
10 WRs not eleven.

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Postby d pickup » Thu Apr 08, 2010 8:15 am

PAAVO NURMI, FIN, 1897-1973, 12 OLY medals, 20 WRs
Paavo 'Flying Finn' Johannes Nurmi
rhymes with Enrico Fermi *
who was whatever, while Paavo the silent one
he spoke with each run.
* physicist

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Postby d pickup » Fri Apr 09, 2010 8:36 am

Ennis and Sotherton *
by the year’s end who will have won
could set the year alight
especially Barcelona what a sight
* HEP best: Ennis 6731; Sotherton 6547; GBR rec Lewis 6831 '00

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Postby d pickup » Mon Apr 12, 2010 10:11 am

WEEK 15 2010

Wlodarczyk thinks she can, can top 80
that’s metres with the hammer, she’s the champ
in Berlin broke the record of the world *
but the past record holder’s back for real.

* WR 77.96 Anita Wlodarczyk, POL, b.’85,‘09
- prev WR 77.80 Tatiana Lysenko, RUS, b.’83, ‘06; out re drug 15.07.07-14.07.09
- best this season so far: 75.66 Tatiana Lysenko ‘10
- see ... 5&Itemid=2
- also, this weekend Jennifer Dahlgren ARG did 73.74

Bolt’s often in the news and so this week
just 2 weeks wait a relay run for him
Jamaica sends a team the relays Penn *
Bolt May: 200, then 300 too.
* Meet Rec 37.92 USA blue ‘09; USA rec 37.40 ‘92/’93; WR JAM 37.10 ‘08; ‘10 BP JAM 30.08

Ms Caster Semenya upsets, upset
must be, there’s still delay, she wants to run,
but all will come together soon! In June!
What will the verdict be, how long the wait.

Ms Twell a twirl in Guernsey the half-mar
but a full one will not be for a while
and also not for just for a while Ms Rad.
Another baby on the way this year.

Not on the scene too in the Diamond League
Isibayeva, bruised by Doha fail
the queen of vaulters needs to pull back, rest
but London’s still her aim Olympic gold.

The ladies mara record’s 3-mins safe
but Kenya’s men they gather like a pack
and rack and rake and shake the world’s top 10
Haile Ethiopia still top, for long?

What mara dominance East Africa
for in the '10 ranks there’s just them, the two
just Kenya, Ethiopia, that’s it
no other countries in the 20 list
8 countries make their mark the 100 men
and up at 9 the ½ lap double-sprint.

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Postby d pickup » Thu Apr 15, 2010 10:24 am

‘5.15m or even 5.20m’ *

now not a believer
that any more she can win
with defeat in Doha, Berlin
so its now an indefinite time off
she needs it says vitaly petrov
no break taken after Beijing
tired, I knew a bell did ring
a thought to skip 09
return this year fine
it won’t be so
so she’ll go
* Jon Mulkeen; see

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Postby d pickup » Fri Apr 16, 2010 9:47 am


Tomboy Caster
slipped thro
a few nets
with no effort
went to Berlin
with little effort
won in Berlin
with minimal effort,
on her part that is,
wins media attention
with, in effect, 2 races *
bamboozling via
Bambous and Berlin *
but in Bydgoszcz not so. **
With 16 thousand forum hits
this is not a
sex scandal
this is not a
drug deal
but likely DSD ***
we wait
for the result
for her next move
for her next race.

* 1.56.72 Bambous 31jul09; 1.55.45 Berlin 19aug09
** World Jun Champs ‘08; heat 7th 2.11.98
*** disorders of sex development

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Postby d pickup » Mon Apr 19, 2010 11:47 am

WEEK 16 2010

Caster Semenya’s never very far
from finding she is featured in the news
and so it was this week that has gone by
how fast she rose and will she fall likewise.

Fast rose did Jelimo too, then was gone
but long her school precociousness in fact
a year off, injured, but she is now back
if slow her first run, 2, 6, zero 1.

World University, cross country champs
no Kenyans, Ethiopians in sight
so British female smiles they won the team
and males a podium slot their colour bronze.

Jo Pavey’s back, we’re pleased, a baby break;
a Dublin run, and second by the tape
to Freyja Murray pacing well her run
but Jo content with comeback, how she did.

Yelena Isinbeyeva does pause
not in mid-flight! But to take stock, reflect
her Berlin and her Doha feats not good
a rest, but still Olympic eyes for ‘12.

3 seconds off, and all that way, those strides
Kiprono Menjo’s time, a road run of 10k *
while over 2 weekends the Kenyan wins
their mara men, were world-spread far and wide
with wins Nagano, Belgrade, Rotterdam,
Milan, Vienna too, while ETH took some
in Paris, Daegu, Thessaloniki;
in Pyongyang the win was for Ukraine.

* 27.04, WR 27.01 Kogo; Menjo’s 10k (tr) PB 27.04.61(38th all-time list; WR 26.17.53 Bekele ‘05)

The Diamond League, IAAF year’s hope
to help their funds, high-profile our fine sport
is fronted by Ambassadors, athletes
14 they are and there’s 14 world comps
though some events, their stars not in the list *

* lists of ambassadors & meets, see entry sat 17apr10:

We watch the athletes do their famous things
we get a glance of coaches near at hand
we see the pleasures, pains spectators show
but further back there’s those who make it run
officials, with their dedicated skills
and we salute their gifts of expert time. *

* as does the AW editor; see:

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Postby d pickup » Mon Apr 26, 2010 3:50 pm

WEEK 17 2010

Can you get bigger than Pennsylvania!
The Franklin Fields Penn Relays
on going since the 19th century
with 330 events, 20,000 athletes
events going on until midnight
over 5 days, and from 7am on the Saturday
Some were there before that, 8 hours before
not before that 7am mens 10k walking event
but before the big one at 2.50pm
53 thousand 3 hundred and ten of them
spectators, heaving, roaring, deafening
‘Bolt’s day’ some say, the Jamaica’s so gay
their boy won in the relay, yes, yes, yes
and gave them a lap of honour too
that’s who they came to see, Bolt, still a colt
Wow did he eat up the track and pull away
from the runners of the U S of A!
All in less than 9 seconds, world fame in 9 seconds
Actually he says, from a still start, 9.40
That’s the limit, the human limit, and he
Usain Bolt, he’s the one to do it!

Yes Penn was big, but London was BIGGER!
36,000 wanting the pain, the mara pain
and 30 times that number watching, clapping, cheering
From 0 degrees Greenwich to the Royal residence
via Cutty Sark, Tower Bridge, Canary Wharf
the Embankment, the House of Commons, Big Ben
pass St James’ Park, up the Mall, to ‘thank god’ stop,
though whether they see any of those landmarks
on their long way, a 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 hour long time run
these fit ones, unfit ones, very unfit, shouldn’t run fit
these slim ones, fat ones, heavy ones, light ones
tall ones, (and attire-tall ones) short ones too
the fast ones, the slow ones, the slow, slow walk ones
the grim ones, grin ones, gin-it down ones
the lone ones, the team ones, the talkers
but they all get a medal at the end, that 26.2ml end.

Botswana made the news and topped the list
for 2010, for once round the track
Amantle Montsho with 50.35 *
A sub-50 one with 4th in Doha

* she (b.’83) holds 3 BOT recs: 12.27 (‘07), 23.01 (‘08), 49.83 (‘08)

Mongolia too it made athletic news
in Britain at the Brighton Marathon
Ser-od Ba-otochir, that is his name *
and how ‘tis wrote, well English style
2:19:05 he did this time around.

* he (b.’81) holds 3 MGL recs: 29.43.79 (‘09), 1.04.16 (‘08), 2.14.15 (‘08), and runs for Morpeth Harriers.

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Postby d pickup » Mon May 03, 2010 5:50 pm

WEEK 18, 2may10

The distance runners/walkers get my mind
their Brits too, one Christopher, he runs
he’s ‘Tommo’, as C Thompson’s * widely known
no podium place or record, he was 6th
in far off Stanford, by the SF Bay
it’s Palo Alto and new heights for him
he’s 3rd now on the GB all-time list
ahead of Foster, Bedford, famous names
he ran 10k, that’s 25 hard laps.

Aldershot, Farnham & District AC
they must be proud, club record broke at last
it’s thirty three years old the 10k rec
by Bernie Ford, and 14 secs knocked off.

Jo Jackson walked the IAAF walk
Sesto San Giovanni, north Milan
no time for fashion, football, Sforza sites
head firm, arms strong, stride out, and hips extend
and terra firma, always keep in touch.
Twice she was warned so slowed the latter half
but kept her cool: a podium result!

Johanna Jackson *, it is quite a walk
from Middlesbrough & Cleveland/Redcar to
to Leeds Metropolitan Uni too
two clubs you walk for round the Champs Walk world
This time a lonely walk, adrift 3 mins
from German Melanie, the silver one
and behind you, adrift 3 mins, Ms Tong.

a good weekend for both of them for sure
but neither yet a wiki entry slot.

* Thompson, b.’81: 10k 27.29.61; Jackson, b.’85, 20kw 1.32.05

A bolder blast of speed was Kingston’s view
Their home boy Bolt flew half way round the track
result: place No. 4, the all-time list
already he has numbers 1and 2
No record is his aim this year he says
in Kingston here just a good show for JAM
Next stop, Daegu, nineteenth of May, short sprint.

Bolt’s rival Gay, of USA, and hey
‘twas the same day, in Kingston too
quite near the bay too, he kept all at bay
when doing the lap, that’s right round the track
I guess there was pay, and a prize for first
but what we want, for it we do thirst
is them side by side, and then we can lay
our bets, who will win, though most will say Bolt
but Gay is a force, I’ll tell you, of course
just him under 10, 20, 44
for with those 3 sprints he’s wiped the floor
he’s alone, there’s just him, been through that door.

dp 3may10

Christopher Thompson
he gave a 10k thump, now no son
past Lemoncello, Farah decade greats
and even further up, 3rd place, that’s how he rates.

dp 3may10
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Postby d pickup » Tue May 11, 2010 4:21 pm

WEEK 19, 11may10

Elsewhere we’ve wrote of exploits in Berlin
world records for the 25 K m
both Kenyans, and it’s Kenya here we stop
well Prague in fact, its cobbled streets in fact
Eliud Kiptanui, novice boy
- from Kaptagat near Eldoret, and poor
too poor for education post 16 -
yes boy, he’s only 20 next month, June
his second marathon, he likes to lead
but drops back in the race to look around
how are opponents, are they doing well?
like Zatopek, ‘how is the pace’ he asked
of leading Peters back in ‘52. **
So Eliud is now ranked 6th this year
and 17 all-time, he’s sure to rise.

* Prague mara ‘10: 1 Eliud Kiptanui, KEN 2.05.39 CR by 2m9s
** OLY mara ‘52: 1 Emil Zatopek, CZE (TCH), 2.23.03 OR

Was little Puerto Rico gave more news
of headline status, ranking number 1
the hurdling lap, by Javier Culson
who is no chicken in the hurdling ranks
5th ranked last year in all the world, and now
he’s number one so far and with a time
that ranks at 19 on the all-time list *

* 47.72 Javier Culson, ‘84, 198/79, PUR

One man, it’s Tyson Gay, he tops no list
though see his efforts over 1, 2, 4
that’s 100, and 200 and one lap
there he’s the most impressive of all time *
he’s under 10, and 20, 45.
Though overshadowed by Jamaican’s Bolt
now Gay is injury free and fit he says
as he has ever been (so watch out Bolt?!)
there is more in the tank from both these stars
though who will bet on Gay? Well we will see.

* Tyson Gay, USA, ‘82, 173/75: 9.69, 19.58, 44.89

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Postby d pickup » Wed May 19, 2010 10:28 am


This Mr Powell and Mr Gay run fine
so will they ever be first cross the line
Powell-Gay duo from Bolt the top rescind?
Powell nine point seven five though with the wind
and Gay nineteen, four one down a straight street
but do they think they’ll have a chance to beat
that man who’s number one Jamaica’s Bolt
who’s number one two hundred, and this colt
will add the hundred soon in Daegu
in heat and rain but after we’ll say Phew!

dp 18may10



Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
'The road not taken' (1915) R Frost

‘could compete at the highest level in the sport’
re Andy Turner

Injury and lottery hurt, but
this year the tide has turned

And this man’s
‘Not for turning’
and so he took his turn
he took the stage
his 2nd time, an encore
would he survive, recover?

Andy Turner
Did a fair turn over the weekend
though there were no turns

What a turn
more like 10 turns
each 18.29 metres
though not each one
an Edwards 3-bound turn

though he had to side-turn
a knee every 18.29 metres
turn one knee round one hip

200m x 1.22m
that’s all they gave him
he took it, all, fightingly

and how he did turn
turn on the pressure
all the way
turn out a new record

You turned a card beforehand
and said he would, record-would?
He turned on the heat alright
what turn of speed

Turner turned out and turned over an ace! *

* 200mh 22 5 Karl Martin Lauer, FRG 07 07 59
... 200mh 22 63 Colin Ray Jackson, GBR 01 06 91
... 200mh 22 55 Eddy Ottoz, ITA 31 05 95
... 220yh straight 21 90 Donald Augustus Styron, USA 02 04 60
... 200m straight 22.30 Andy Turner, GBR 16may10 - GBR rec
... 100mh 13.37 Turner just 40mins earlier 16may10 - SB

... Andrew Steven ‘Andy’ Turner, b.19sep80, Nottingham
... PBs 200 21.17 ‘06; 110H 13.27 ‘07; 200h s 22.30 ‘10

dp 19may10
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Postby d pickup » Thu May 27, 2010 12:23 pm

WEEK 21 ending sun 23may10

There’s nothing like a diamond, the word
unique ?iamond & ??amond, one word
and now the Diamond season’s on its way
Doha, Shanghai, and next Bislett, Norway
you win and it is four points in the bag
but all that travelling, is it not a fag?
Half-full the stadium Shanghai it appears
and not for great wins did they give top cheers
but for their hero! Who? Of course Lui
3rd; 1st Oliver, 2nd Dongpeng Shi
The biggest smile it came from Ejugu
a stunning last straight, left Masai, Melkamu
and stunning too Demus who hurdled best
who won there by a street from all the rest
there was as well there, ‘just want to win’ Bolt
and did - to the rankings, another jolt
while far away in France a longish prance
from young one Teddy Tamgho, so a chance
he’ll go beyond the 18 metre mark?
join Edwards, Harrison, there add his spark.

From Britain, Idowu, jumped, now quite near
but can he give the Frenchman jumping fear?

And Jodie Williams, oh so young so fast
so early in the season has down cast
a challenge to our female sprinters, snap!
Snap too, and now please click and close the gap

What’s best, if insignificant, this year
so far, but is there much to come? No fear!
The steeplechase for women, movement here
so for what’s done so far do give a cheer
so many new PBs there at the top
in 2ks, 3ks, there are such a crop
the 2k record knocked though race was mixed
for sure they’ll run again and get it fixed
it will be harder in the 3k race
so hope for them that they do have the pace
their names Dean, Raven, Senior and Waite
the Clitheroe record waiting there, their bait.

dp 27may10
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Postby d pickup » Wed Jun 16, 2010 2:33 pm

WEEK 23 ending sun 13jun10 (we'll see about week 22)

There's many Meetings - merits magnify
NY, Turin, Rome, Huelva and Warsaw
and Oregon, NCAA - that's big
So which deserves top slot in our esteem?
NY it is, with France's Teddy boy
for from TT * we had his trip, trip, trip
along the TJ track with power and flow
A further foot (JE's past 60 feet) **
but this young man from cross the Channel, France,
he's now confirmed his fine win in Doha
and further still - and further still he'll go
by Barcelona, there, or p'haps next year
he'll threaten that World Record many think
young, rangy, tall, the Bolt boy of the field?
Perhaps; we'll see; he's set things all alight
so suddenly we have an Edwards threat.

* Teddy Tamgho, FRA, b.'89 17.98 (707.874016"; 59' = 708') NY 12jun10; 17.90 Doha 14mar10
** WR Jonathan Edwards, GBR, b.'66, 18.29 (60' 0 1/10") '95

For GB minds once more there's thoughts and hopes
the 1-lap men will break through to new ground
What heroes, greats we've had in years gone by
and if, if only, those who're now up front
can hold it all together, body, mind
then that old record *, at the top so long,
will not stay top, it will be beat this year.

* GBR all-time list sub-45.00
1 44.36 Iwan Thomas '74 Newham & Essex Beagles Birmingham 13 Jul 97
2 44.37 Roger Black '66 Team Southampton Lausanne, SUI 3 Jul 96
2 44.37 Mark Richardson '72 Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow Oslo, NOR 9 Jul 98
4 44.47 David Grindley '72 Wigan & District Barcelona, ESP 3 Aug 92
5 44.50 Derek Redmond '65 Birchfield H Rome, ITA 1 Sep 87
6 44.56 Tim Benjamin '82 Belgrave Monaco, MON 9 Sep 05
7 44.57 Jamie Baulch '73 Cardiff Lausanne, SWI 3 Jul 96
8 44.60 Martyn Rooney '87 Croydon Beijing, CHN 19 Aug 08
9 44.66 Du'aine Ladejo '71 Birchfield H Birmingham 16 Jun 96
10 44.68 Solomon Wariso '66 Enfield & Haringey Birmingham 26 Jul 98
11 44.74 Michael Bingham '86 Wake Forest Uni Berlin, GER 19 Aug 09
12 44.93 David Jenkins '52 Rugby & Northampton Eugene OR, USA 21 Jun 75
12 44.93 Kriss Akabusi '58 Southampton & Eastleigh Birmingham 7 Aug 88
14 44.94 Andrew Steele '84 Trafford Beijing, CHN 18 Aug 08
15 44.98 Daniel Caines '79 Birchfield H Manchester (CG) 27 Jul 02

Now Ennis tops 3 GBR events
and though a loss to Fountain in NY,
events that favoured Fountain must be said
JE came through with a PB, LJ
From strength to strength she quietly does improve
for Barcelona, Daegu, London 12.

dp 16jun10
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Postby d pickup » Tue Jun 22, 2010 10:23 am

Britain’s Bergen Beast

‘The beast came out of me’
Perri Shakes-Drayton, talking about her final leg in 1.6r; then she was told that her relay split was a flying 50.4, fastest of the team. Her PB: 51.81 (& 400H: 54.91).

Another beast, well hindrance, the first day
‘It’, breath, ‘was’, ‘breath’, ‘windy’ Eilidh Child said
a windy run and then the Media pounce
well gently, flow, he’s good, J Edwards here
why does it have to be just straight away?!

While on the other hand they won’t puff, puff
the throwers of our team, some never seen
We know some didn’t shine, were down the list
but they were representatives GB
not 1 throw, jump, not one sec camera word
Well we will mention them, they did their best!

It’s 7 years since Carl Myerscough, his best
but here just centimetres short SB
and 5th should we complain, no surely not
and 10 years younger Brett our discus man
down on his best, so down the field a bit
but he’s now blooded in the senior ranks
Another young man down the field as well
and off his PB too was Alex Smith
come through the junior ranks now senior time
Ms Stephanie Pywell jumped one eighty clear
but that was it so 9th was all she got
one ninety plus we hop another time.
Our No.1, so nominated now
for here in triple jump is Nadia
Ms Williams, who near her best, but 10th
Rebecca Peake, top too, shot put for her
not at her very best but ok 9th
We rise a place or two the discus throw
Philippa Roles, it 7th place for her
10 metres she adrift from No.1
And her PB, but that back in ‘03
And Sarah Holt, she too 10 metres off
her best this year, we’re sorry; she was 12th
And of the stars who had their effort, talk
Dwain Chambers, in the magic land, sub-10
while Leon Baptiste, pre-race, the fastest
just tightened up, his 1/2-lap run; next time.
2-metre Rooney * lead, lead, all the way
while Rimmer he did nothing wrong, all right
but Yuri Borzakovsky he’s a star.
So Mister McCourt now, the metric mile
and we can smile and he, and Poland thank
For Demszyszak, he gave the home-straight space
for boxed in Colin, full of poise and speed
who motored through and grabbed a victory.
Not so much energy from 3k James
last minute substitute, him with fatigue
he’d trained the day before, so floundered in.
But the great sparkle of the day from Mo
came in the 5k, what a last 2 laps!
Him stretched and stretched by Bezabeh of Spain
but in the final straight he showed his heels
he showed his heels! So far! - them a mere blur .
Luke Gunn he gunned away, stuck to his guns
a slow and windy race but he did proud.
With injury but grit Andy he won
high hurdles, and the 1-lap so did Greene.
The high jump Parsons not so very pleased
the height that is, but 2nd, don’t complain!
While Steven Lewis a disastrous day
NH his lot, 3 tries 3 fails; bad day.
Chris Tomlinson lead in the LJ here
well early on but in the end was 3rd
he could do more, he should do more, but, but.
And what an upset in the triple jump
for France’s TT and our Phillips too
them beat by down the rankings Kuznyetsov.
The sprinting relay team needs baton work
well certainly Balogun-Pickering
but 2nd like the 4-lap men, good points.
Ms Laura Turner we hope back to form
looked great though missed the A by nought, nought one.
the longer sprint, an SB, Emily
Ms Freeman, will she do a PB soon?
The wind for Wall, Kim in the 1-lap ‘B’
but she did well and in the top 6 scored.
For Emma Jackson, rounding into shape
a fourth place for this young who is at Keele.
while Hannah England, not here, based US
she’s also shaping well at the right time
what strength Mishchenko, won, but Hannah close.
For youngster Emma ‘Brunel’ Pallant, hard
the 3k race, the youngest in the field
so 7th was no shame, these senior tests.
Jo Pavey, heroine of British track
is back, from baby time, and oh so near
to grabbing gold from German’s Mockenhaupt.
Oh what delight from Barbara Parker’s fight
from 7th place to 4th her final lap
the steeple chase is on the up, so’s she.
And Angie B-B near her hurdling best.
While Eilidh Child was not, but oh the wind
but she ran well, there’s spirit in this one.
Kate Dennison has yet to reach past peaks
of GBR records in this year, and out
last year, but hang in there, yes hang and hang;
the Bergen pole time is best now forgot.
Jade Johnson, back, and half way down the field
so now to think to regain ½ a metre more.
And Goldie Sayers, oh much gold at home
and in the world has made her J T mark;
no PB’s here, and Goldie silver placed.
The lady sprinters relay they came 4th
‘Oh Emily what wind for you’ leg 2
‘I had to battle the wind too’ leg 3
it Laura Turner, she’s got spirit sure.
Our 4-lap team they went one better place
3 ok legs and then young Perri S
Shakes-Drayton, well she gave a shake for sure
a flying start but 2 secs off her best.
And what a way to end, things looking good.

* actually 1.98

dp 22jun10
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Postby d pickup » Wed Jun 23, 2010 3:13 pm

WEEK 21 - some more

Ostrava 27may10

Ostrava was the evening setting scene
not for the 1st time but the 49th
and gathered here were greats by any count
them eager to impress and make their mark
World Best Performances and meeting recs
and so it was, for Mr Powell did twice
imperially he beat the 100 rec
that’s yards (not now timed much), and twice
and metrically he claimed a meeting best
and with the feat gained ‘fastest of the year’
Him photographed, announced; crowds paid ‘homage’
but wait, was there another meeting peak?
Great Bolt has eyes on records too right here
300 hundred metres, that twixt sprint and coast
The record good, run at an altitude
and by a sprinter-coaster, he’d 4 tries
This first for Bolt, though good in training runs
but not to be, he missed his goal, if close
Fatigue, it cool, a rain pause, did not help
another time for sure he’ll get this one
The crowds were hot, the weather cool and wet
nevertheless an atmosphere prevailed

dp 23jun10
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Postby d pickup » Wed Jun 23, 2010 3:14 pm

our promised WEEK 22 ( 31may to sun 6jun10)
- and before - and after by:

Mo, '83, 1.75m/65kg, Newham & Essex Beagles & GBR

Mohamed ‘Mo’ Farah, GBR
oh what a 20 days he had of late *
on road a record first the end of May
next on the track grabbed 3rd the all-time list
and then he showed his heels, what sparkling heels
Spanish Alemayehu Bezabeh
who joined the 12's for 5k recently
he had no chance, he really had no chance
near 3 secs down just in that final straight.

* 10K 27:44 Bupa London 10000 31 May 10
10,000 27:28.86 Marseille, 5 Jun 10
5000 13:46.93 Eur Team Champs 19 Jun 10
+ Pbs
800 1:48.69 ‘03
1.5k 3:33.98 ‘09
1ml 3:56.49 ‘05
2k 5:06.34 ‘06
3k 7:38.15 ‘06 (7.34.47i ‘09, GBR rec)
2mls 8:20.47 ‘07
5k 13:07.00 ‘07
15k 43:13 ‘09
EUR in Champ 3k ‘09

dp 23jun10
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Postby d pickup » Wed Jun 23, 2010 3:21 pm

WEEK 24 ending sun 20jun10

Christian Cantwell, ‘80, 6'5"-6'6" / 300-335lb

Now Mr Cantwell, shot put, he is big
he’s big in height, in weight, and big in sport
his chosen sport, the craft of shot put throw
he’s big too, it’s not good, with injury.
His hand, his back, hip, knee, his back again *
but now he’s had 3 years, 3 healthy years
so will he near or beat his PB now
and that was set 6 years ago, 6 years!
In rough grass ** of St Charles he topped the list
of all the putters of the world this year
the US Champs approach in 4 days time
so will that little shot (compared with him)
fly even further out there in Des Moines?
From off the hand of spinning Mr C.

** injuries: hand ‘02; back, hip, knee ‘04; back ‘07.
* do go and see the rough grass:

PB 22.54m, ‘4, 8th all-time list
OLY ‘08: 2nd; World ‘09: 1st
WR 23.12 Barnes, USA ‘90


What fine traditions GBR do have
the 1-lap race. their men, their ladies too
but here we dwell on Russian lady stars
they took the 4 times 1-lap Bergen gold
not such a great time but the best this year *
Kseniya’s there's 2, and they are young
Natalya’s there’s 2, and they are ‘old’
and back at home there’s many, many more
the Russians have great depth in strength right now
so gird your loins you Brits, YOU could be first
well optimistic thought, though not impossible
but here just now the Ks & Ns salute
they over came the wily Bergen winds.

* 3.23.76
Kseniya Zadorina, '87, 12th world ranked ‘10, 50.98 PB
Natalya Ivanova, '81, 72kg, 1.78m, 53rd, 52.27 (50.79 '04)
Natalya Antyukh, '81, 68kg, 1.81m, 23.03 (49.85 '04)
Kseniya Ustalova, '88, 4th 50.67 PB

GBR 8th world ranked 3.27.75; (GBR rec 3.20.04 '07)


An IAAF event and 7th
this was Johanna Jackson’s best so far
in International company like that
a PB and a GBR nat rec *
La Coruna in Northern Spain she'll know
that in that town she made a major step
well many steps, some thousands to the end.

* 1h30'41 Johanna Jackson ‘85, 19/06/10 La Coruña

dp 23jun10
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Postby d pickup » Wed Jun 30, 2010 10:44 am


There’s some emerged as heroes on the day
and heroines, so let us see just who.

Not many cheers there were for the 1st gold
James Javelin Campbell there with 74
him good , but where the 80 metre man?

Our first female she broke her PB here
gold triple jump for Laura Samuel
and jumping well too, Williams 3 nips down. [1 nip = 1cm]

James Walsh the 1st Brit home, the 10k men
and tho’ him 6th he’s this year’s National Champ,
tho’ not so fast - our 10k men they aren’t,
except of course Chris Thompson & Mo F.
Day 2 and in the Hammer Alex Smith
he topped the seventy metre mark again
tho’ metres, two, below his best, but young.

Steph Pywell jumped, jumped up and got a gold
but must be said was well below her best
and of the rest, this field was thin, not great.

You get a pole you’ll higher go for sure
and Kate from Sale, Ms Dennison she did
She’s International when at her best
but not today, tho’ Holly Bleasedale was
the under twenty record took a knock!

Carl Myerscough, been putting many years
and did this day well clear of younger ones
along with older still Scott Rider next.

The women’s No. 1 the Hammer throw
was No.1 here too, for Zoe gold
her just ahead of youth, Sophie Hitchon.

We have some hopes with our male long jump stars
but so far in the season not much glint
of podium jumps outwith our British shores
so here a medium jump but lots of wind
Chris Tomlinson still has to find that click.
And second? Mr Jegede, JJJ
a season best, just 1 nip from PB.

Oh slow, slow, slow, the first 3 laps
our lady stars, the metric mile at stake
so who shone forth? - Oxford’s Hannah England
who is bereft of International times
now Barcelona bound, her wreathed with smiles.

Another smile, well half, for Scottish Lee
who won the ladies 1-lap with panache
but she must add some pace to qualify;
while coming back from injury from Yorks
great silver runner - Nicola Sanders.

One lap was next too, hindrance hurdles placed
Young Perri Shakes a victor not hard pushed
she’ll find it harder Barcelona’s lap.

Last week in Bergen wind cost Laura time
I talk one hundredth of a second time
and here some wind but victory for her
she’ll qualify for sure, so many think,
our sprinting star, a shining season’s show.

Youth showed the way, Brett Morse the discus champ
close to his early season best in May
and he denied Carl Myerscough of two gold.

High hurdle ladies, what a home base win!
Hep No.2 it Louise Hazel here;
Hip! Hip! what wind, but smashed her PB time
of 4-years standing, ‘and lots more to come’.

Next to our fastest men, the win in doubt?
Dwain Chambers at the end was easy clear
He leads all Europe, gold could be for him.

The longest track event again the last
but for the women, Pavey led each k
and by a lap or so, won easily
though just a little short of a good time.
Day 3 Jade Nicholls won the discus throw
it was something of a surprise for some
that’s how it is, so golden smiles for Jade.

Another Jade, another gold, long jump
returning Jade, past injured Jade, now fit
and will stay so, and add much to the leaps.

The walks, the 5 k walks, they were combined
so many PBs, SBs, women, men
for record-famous JJ, Alex Wright
each gold, him specially bold and him still young.

4th ranked, Joe Ive, took gold, took just 9 jumps
while with a PB Max Eaves did the same
a similar height but on his second try
and brevity, his jumps they numbered 7.

The gun it went and Luke Gunn gunned off too
the steeple chase, he needed a good time
but windy times, he won and all alone.
While 4 PBs, 4 SBs in his wake.

In ladies shot we don’t have strength or depth
but give a cheer to Eden Francis, gold.

He’s near 2 metres tall and talented
It’s Martyn Rooney, one lap was his task
how nobly done too, under forty five
by 0.01, equal his SB
no European faster in this year.
He’ll faster go too, injury beware.

Phillips Idowu jumped well in Brazil
but since that time he hasn’t done so well
but winning here, his win not great for him.

It’s Mr Turner been our number one
but not so here for William Sharman won
back on the trail; both look for more and more.

In 5k, 10k Freya Murray strong
and here the 5k winner by a gap.

Just now we’re rather rich in high jump men
but what a struggle for selection heights
them set so high, we’ve podium stuff galore
Here Martyn Bernard won the gold SB
and SB too Tom Parsons equal height.

For Michael Rimmer this year’s rounding well
and in the 2-lap race he won, won clear.

A second gold for Laura Turner next
a come-through win, oh how she battled winds.

Her back, her hip, poor Goldie non-gold Sayers
non-gold abroad, but here an easy win.
Our javelin star hopes Barcelona bits,
her body bits, hold up in the big throw.

Chris Thompson led and led and led and led
that’s 4 k done, and then he won of course
and all alone, him good this year and fit
so many seasons plagued by injury.

He’s 31 and still the young ones chase
a SB when it counts - Christian Malcolm,
A podium man at World Champs in the past
so once again what’s now in store this year?!

Our lady chasers in the 2k race
have rocked the rankings, made their mark most clear
but here, the wind, that extra k, it’s hard
but 3 PBs and 5 SBs the score
and Barbara Parker’s really on the up.

It’s Wales who won, it’s Wales who took spot 2
Greene is supreme in Europe all do think
Rhys Williams was here just a little back
but soon hopes faster times will come - a need;
and so will run in Barcelona too.

Who is that runner out so far ahead
to help the pace, our 4-lap men need that
but him ignored, the end times worthless ones
Oh, Baddeley won so he can laugh it off,
while second was McCourt, the catch-up big;
how he can fly but tactics must improve
in Bergen he was oh so lucky there
he’s used his luck this year, so now some work
hard pace, but even then close order take
to hang back well away is suicide.

No Jenny [Meadows] so was Jemma’s turn
to tape the finish, and how clear of all
our 2-lap ladies they have promise, strength.

And that is all, another year of Champs.

dp 30jun10
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Postby d pickup » Sun Jul 04, 2010 12:20 pm

More red buttons please
for Kermit *

The talking heads
were they in their beds?
missed Eugene, Oregon
so none of their on and on
there was such glee
some real commentr'y
instead there's Tim
who adds some vim
and anchor Cram
who adds his jam.

* see Kermit, Sat Jul 03, 2010 10:01 pm, Samsung Diamond League, Eugene (Oliver 12.90, VCB 10.78), p.2, Current affairs

dp 4jul10
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Postby d pickup » Thu Jul 08, 2010 12:32 pm

WEEK 26 ending sun 4jul10

Not many break throughs in this mid-year week
neither the whole wide world nor GBR
that David Oliver, he is so close
the hurdles record, nought, nought three away
perhaps the diamond chase will help him there

Another chaser, Christian Cantwell, shot
back near his best done back in year 04
he leads the world this year both in and out
and what a work load on the comp front side
it’s seventeen the comps he’s taken on
and always first, so is the more? both fronts:
to up his season’s best, stay number 1. *

Naught, naught one off the qualifying time
and Laura Turner beat all Brits this year
but in a last-gasp try to beat the clock
to La Chaux-de-Fonds, a watchmaking town
it up 1k and she to race one tenth
This time town, this high up town, did her well
one, one, point one, one, that does say it all
the wind no more no less at two exact
A qualifying time! Phew! She is in
she was, the next day in the Europe team.

The British ladies who do jump the sticks
the steeple chase, they’ve rocked the boat this year
so many PBs both at 2 ,3k
and at the long one Barbara Parker leads
and with her latest run confirms her 2nd slot
the GB all-time list - the record waits.

* 21.95i / 22.41 out; PBs: 22.54o ‘04, 22.18i ‘08

dp 8jul10
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Postby d pickup » Thu Jul 08, 2010 4:33 pm


This young man had the world there at his feet
well golden shoes he wears, then what a treat.
Perhaps he might have ended in a field
feet footballs, or done cricket, a bat wield
but he was fast the coach said he should run
he took it up, it really was great fun
and in a while he was the number one
in every race he beat them all, he won
The record of the world in 0 8 - May
then ten weeks on Olympic glory day
for him, an easy win, looked to the crowd,
another record, fame then on him showered;
a second win, and in the relay too,
the whole world loved him, not a single boo.

Another year, the Champs now of the World
both records broke, amazing what unfurled
the 100 sprint, the 1/2-lap sprint, were his
and all the time he bubbled and he fizzed.
This year, a restful one, just stay ahead
promotions too, so earn some extra bread.
No records sought, but once in Ostrava
he should have worn a warm balaclava
300 metres, wind, cold, stopped the flow
of records, his left Achilles - a blow
a strain, an injury, back off from comps.
Back to a race but no 1/2-lap run romps
just 100 straight, and meanwhile management
the businessmen they looked close at his bent.

His attitude, not tight, light pre the race
you see it with his movements, on his face.
‘So what’s up next, your future plans oh Champ?’
‘I want to set alight the long jump lamp
I’m in the 9s when running down the track
so 9 plus long jump, yes! What do I lack?!
but post-Olympic time that’s 2 years hence.’
‘And what about the 1-lap race, that fence?’
‘It’s hard though some said I should run it too
though after too tired even to the loo!’
‘Usain we won’t see your crowd-lap occur
or make the lightening stance - do you concur?’
‘You’re right, and now the night club fun it calls
I’ll go, enjoy the dancing and sip stalls.’

dp 8jul10
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Postby d pickup » Wed Jul 14, 2010 4:48 pm

Above the 60th parallel Lappeenranta
goes Caster for a run, well more a canter
with her coach, lawyers and her tanta? *
but she's not very fit, so panta panta.
* aunt (S. Afr)

this athlete caused a stir, her name Semenya
she African though not good-runners Kenya
World Champ in 09
then a year did pine
delay, delay, problem resolved, polynya *
* rotten place in the ice, an open place amidst ice (RUS)

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Postby d pickup » Thu Jul 15, 2010 1:49 pm

Rudisha, David you're so black, intense
magnificent, your running courage wins
like 80s Cruz you're young to challenge here
the 2-lap race, it's strong 3-way demands
of speed, of stamina plus you need guile
though this last one you push aside we feel
go to the front, burn off the other ones
begone with tactics, your frame dominates
already 2nd in the all-time ranks
the experts say you'll soon fill up slot 1.

Lemaitre, Christophe, lean and white and fast
and oh so young, you've set the sprints alight
well not the top three, but your youthfulness
and of an ethnic group so long absent
from the top ranks of sprinting, so what gives?
Your fellow Frenchman TT gave 2 jolts
when via the triple jump in/out he soared
now you with sub-10 in the 100 run.
We'll tout for Chambers in the Europe Champs
but you will challenge him, we'll closely watch.

Gelete Burka, delicate, petite,
cross country was first where you did excel
and still, but also on the track your mark
from 2 to 12 laps you are very good
how interesting that this year 2-laps
a PB, breaking that of 7 years
but it's the 4-lap run where you excel
and in Berlin you might have topped the world
but thuggish ways of one Natalia
stopped that, but now your steel it's showing through,
your Lausanne win; the Paris diamonds shine
to call you on, and so to next year's Champs
in Daegu, the world Champs, you want the gold,
and the big one, Olympics, London calls.

dp 15jul10
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Postby d pickup » Sat Jul 17, 2010 6:42 pm


You in? This year’s top 20 in the world
male high hurdlers, you tall, one eighty tall
well they all are, Joel Brown just making it
the group’s midget, and 3 at one nine five.
Those hurdles they aren’t for the faint of heart
they’re 3 foot 6, a metre plus in height *
there’s 10 of them with 30 feet between. **
It’s speed you want, with 3 strides in between
no good the 4 or 5-stride pit-pat here.
You’ve just one chance, no good you stop and start;
it’s discipline with a very big D:
first hurdle clear, land, one, two, three, next one
land, one, two, three, take off, land, yes again.
Tnd best of all is David of the States ***
consummate skill this Mr Oliver.
He’s got the goods, he’s tall and strong and fast
and oh mobility, technique, they shine;
what stretch and fold and skim, and it all flows.
Sir Isaac Newton he would be so proud
obeying all Celestial’s Motion Laws.

* 1.067m
** 9.14m / 29'118/10"
*** David Oliver, USA, '82, 1.85m / 82kg, 12.89/+0.5 '10, 3rd all-time

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Postby d pickup » Mon Jul 19, 2010 5:23 pm

see 'Denise Lewis predicts at
least ten medals for team GB' topic
in 'Current Events'

The bets are on how many gold
or podium mount, so let's be bold
the daily optimist spouts forth
6 + 15 for what it's worth
while others down to only 10
That! CVC out of the pen
before Olympic time the door!
and 'honest' Flumpy says 10's poor
extremely; injuries the rout
There's plyometric in and out
and in again - in fact no doubt
re Dob! and Tomlinson mix Thomp!
but sorted for this betting romp
while SteveK26 a mix
of views, but he knows all the tricks
'you never know though' but he can
the fact is he's a betting man.
We're back again with Isabre
it's another dance macabre
with views and backing arguments
arguments! please a tegument. *
Next, mump boy's there about 'montell'
a doubt, instead O'Neil a sell.
Next Sportsman29 with list
a 10+ bet held in the fist.
admin RUS, CZE, Rumania
beware parochial mania
lady 1-lap hurdles: less bold
and 3a question's rimmer gold
and thompson too, but 10 ok
15 hope, but injuries play.
but 'Rimmer beat Lewandowski'
(twice in-field this Pole to save time
in Paris - desperate diamond crime!)
and Thompson fast, speed-legs frisky.
Bevone's maths last, so listen up
if hoping to win the bet cup
add chances then divide by 2
and also 3, we're not yet through;
your score between these 2 - you're set.
PS fangio, 'all fit' bet
key to the door! flat on the floor!
never been 21 before!
and Kermit JS relay prompt,
him thoughtful always, not imprompt.
* cover

dp 19jul10
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Postby d pickup » Wed Jul 21, 2010 12:30 pm

WEEK 28 ending sun 18jul10

80.38 PB James Campbell '88 18 Jul 10; prev PB 76.71 '09

James Campbell goes top
break, break, break, break, metre lines
ink in for Delhi.
3:59.79 3:59.50 Lisa Dobriskey '83 16 Jul 10

Lisa D's arrived
late again in the season
with tender-hook tactics.
15:02.31 14:39.96 Jo Pavey '73 16 Jul 10

Jo's baby's arrived
and she has just too doubly
5k, 10k wow!
LJ 6,80m/+0.9 Ksenija Balta '86 EST 17/07/10
LJ 6,80m/+0.1 Ksenija Balta '86 EST 17/07/10

Ksenija Balta
with gentle winds in Tallinn
beat the record - twice.
1500 5'25''61 Nada Nabil '94 QAT 17/07/10 Bydgoszcz
SP 10,89m Asrar Al-Manai '96 QAT 17/07/10 Bydgoszcz
DT 32,95m Asrar Al-Manai '96 QAT 17/07/10 Bydgoszcz
HT 30,64m Noora Selim '94 QAT 17/07/10 Bydgoszcz

Ladies of Qatar
will not set the athletics
world alight with these.
400 44''77 Jonathan Borlee '88 BEL 16/07/10

Borlee of Belgium
really battered his PB
by 0.01!
110h 12''89/+0.5 David Oliver '82 USA 16/07/10

David Oliver
via power, suppleness, speed, moved
to 3rd on the list.
1.5k 3'59''76 Hind Dehiba '79 FRA 16/07/10

Hind 'drugs' Dehiba
still haunts the French running tracks
now their record list.
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