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legacy of London 2012

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legacy of London 2012

Postby PJS » Fri Aug 24, 2012 10:04 pm

One of the most notable outcomes of London 2012, in my humble view, was the long and glorious list of success amongst Team GB's female competitors.

Indeed it wasn't just gold medals (or indeed track and field) that leads me to this conclusion - ( one of my favourite moments of the entire Olympics was Gemma Gibbons in an early round) - but female sport really made a step-up and the momentum needs to be carried on.

I was watching Channel 4's new cycling programme where Lizzie Armitstead mentioned her road team required £450 000 (A couple of weeks earnings of one or two footballers) sponsorship to carry on next season ... Surely a cosmetic company or sanitary towel maker must recognise that this is really value for money.

But anyway - to my point - Athletics is in prime position to offer young girls, aspiring to compete in sport, a diverse range of events suited to all shapes and sizes and I really hope that there is a big push to build on the momentum.

It's different for boys it not ? How many potential Gemilis are lost to Athletics but languish in some reserve team changing room seduced by football many Okoyes enjoy being one of the lad's in the scrum but built like Bolt never realised the potential they might have had for track and field.

Athletics might well be far down the list of sports that boys aspire too (and this may never change in my life time) but Athletics could be the first place all young girls begin a lifetime of enjoyment of sport ...
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Re: legacy of London 2012

Postby adpel » Wed Sep 12, 2012 1:13 pm

Paralympics was 100x better than the Olympics!
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