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Postby d pickup » Wed Jun 23, 2010 3:02 pm

The Hammer Nudges

If in 05 in Brest in Belarus, in hammer comp
their Ivan gave the World Record a startling ‘scare’
a centimetre off the Yuri record of the Soviet Ukraine star
of 86 plus 74, in '86 in Stuttgart
then what word would we use for Wlodarczyk
Anita, she's a Pole - yes, with that name!
Already she's the champ the record hers
that done in Berlin in the Worlds last year
where she did wrest the record off of Tat
Ms Lysenko of Russia, by a bit
a sixteen centimetre bit, a nudge
and now another nudge of 34 *
So long the hammer’s journey from the hands
it near to eighty metres give or take
so after all that way it is a piddling touch
so small: a record or a record not
Oh give me that they cry the throwing stars
I’ll take less too, a piddling little bit
and so they inch their way to that marked curve
that waits for them, the magic 80 M;
Anita says I’ll do it, yes this year. **

* cms; WR nudges of the HT (W)
76.05 Mihaela Melinte (ROM) 29 August 1999
76.07 Mihaela Melinte (ROM) 29 August 1999
77.06 Tatyana Lysenko (RUS) 15 July 2005
77.26 Gulfiya Khanafeyeva (RUS) 12 June 2006
77.41 Tatyana Lysenko (RUS) 24 June 2006
77.80 Tatyana Lysenko (RUS) 15 August 2006
77.96 Anita Włodarczyk (POL) 22 August 2009
78.30 Anita Włodarczyk (POL) 6 June 2010

** she was not in Bergen, 19-20jun - a back injury weight lifting
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Postby d pickup » Tue Jun 29, 2010 5:22 pm

Tahri did not tarry

Bouabdellah Tahri from Metz France
on a world best performance made a prance
during this weekend, not his first go too
for the last nine years did the record woo
not steeplechasing Kenya tops the list *
but Tahri, now at last, so raise your fist.

dp 28jun10

* 1 5:13.47 Bouabdellah Tahri FRA 78 25.06.2010 WBP
2 5:14.43 Julius Kariuki KEN 61 21.08.1990 WBP
4 5:15.36 Bouabdellah Tahri FRA 78 26.06.2009
5 5:15.96 Bouabdellah Tahri FRA 78 19.06.2002
9 5:17.19 Bouabdellah Tahri FRA 78 28.06.2007
22 5:19.33 Bouabdellah Tahri FRA 78 02.09.2001
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Postby d pickup » Thu Jul 01, 2010 10:04 am

Frenchman v Frenchman

Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad *
isn't bad
at 2k steepechase
knocking near 3-seconds off 5-day old WR by fellow Frenchman Tahri of this not-often run race. **

* M M-B, '85, 75kg/1.90m
1k 2:17.14 '09
1.5k 3:35.06 '09
3k 7:44.98 '10
3k stch 8:06.98 '09
3k stch SB 3rd-ranked in world 8:08.82
3k stch 2 OLY '08

** M 2k st ch WBP
5.10.68 Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad, FRA, '85, 30jun10
5:13.47 Bouabdellah Tahri, FRA, '78, 25.06.10
5:14.43 Julius Kariuki, KEN, '61, 21.08.90
5:18.36 Alessandro Lambruschini, ITA '65, 12.09.89
5:19.68 Samson Obwocha, KEN '54, 19.07.86
5:20.00 Krzysztof Wesolowski, POL, '56, 28.06.84
5:21.2 Eshetu Tura, ETH, '50, 14.07.76
5:28.14 Frank Baumgartl, GDR, '55, 26.08.73
5:29.4 Jürgen Straub, GDR, '53, 30.05.73

dp 1jul10
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Postby d pickup » Tue Jul 06, 2010 1:12 pm

Doing the Marathon Indoors!

Michael Wardian's * joined World Record ranks
an easy record, easiest of the lot?!
but it does merit time to here report
and the event? the marathon indoors
Arlington, 8k SW, the White House
there 7 stalwarts started, finished? 4
a marathon, 200 metre track
many laps, yes there's many of them
two hundred and twenty one, wow, wow, wow!
his time? 2:27.41
he broke the record: 1928
Joie Ray: 2:34:54.
We've no idea the record, in, females;
inside Mike's track a volleyball game played.
Oh by the way Mike is American.

* Michael Wardian, '64, 6'0"/142lb
•5k 14:55
•10k 30:55
•10ml 51:25
•1/2mar 1:06:30
•Mar 2:21:37
• 50k 2.55.05 '08 (US rec 2:47:17 Cox, '09; WBP 2 43 38 Magawana, RSA, '88)
•50ml 5:21:00 (WBP rd 4 50 51Fordyce, RSA, '84)
•100k 6:53:17 (WBP 6:13:33 Sunada, JPN '98)
• USA 50km Champ '08, '09, '10
• 3rd, 50K WORLD CHAMPS '09
• Guinness WR fastest mar pushing a pram (+ son, Pierce Miler Wardian)

dp 6jul10
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Postby d pickup » Tue Aug 24, 2010 10:35 am

DAVID LECUTA RUDISHA, KEN, 17dec88, 1.88-1.90m/71kg, WR 1:41.09, 22aug10; prev PB 1.41.51, 10jul10; 400 PB 45.50, 27feb10; WR was his 13th 800 this year; av life's top 10: 1.42.59.

This 2-lap runner David Rudisha
for Kenya will now be a belisha
for them he did gain
from the ex-Kenyan Dane
the record, of the world, he's an astonisher.

This young man David Rudisha
getting the record for the world no wisha *
how fast on a tread mill? **
fast enough to make you / the machine ill
asked in AW; he'd be good with a jinriksha. ***
* exclamation, indicating surprise
** answer: oldboy, Sun Aug 22, 2010 8:43 pm, in 'Rudisha Breaks the World Record in Berlin' topic, Current Events
** man-drawn light 2-wheeled hooded vehicle

This young runner David Rudisha
has promised, now proved an accomplisher
he says there is more
we are sure he will score
and he's coached, by Brother Colm, an Irisher.

This Maasai David Lekuta Rudisha
Who we feel will be a re-demolisher
world record 2 laps
and other top caps
World Champ, Olympic Champ, hope’s there he’s a top finisher.

This Maasai David Lekuta Rudisha
will he this year’s end think: a geisha
13 2-lap races so far
but no larks in the bar
there's Brussels, there's Rieti, more feats for this vanquisher.

David Rudisha
not killing lions, rustling cattle
but at world records.

David Lekuta Rudisha
is likely to turn out a demolisher
of that prestigious 800 metre men's World Record
at least once more, and already by ‘06 'Pride of Africa' Lord.

David Rudisha
while field events carried on
ran mind-blowingly.

dp tue 24aug10
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Postby d pickup » Wed Aug 25, 2010 11:44 am

SAMMY 'pace maker extraordinaire' TANGUI, KEN, PBs: 47.81 '08, 1.49.39 '08 (Diamond League list) [1.52.43 '08 (IAAF list)]. 2010 season: 8 x 800m: DNF any race; Berlin 22aug10, his 400 time: 48.68.
His DoB eludes us.

Sammy Tangui
with 8 2-laps runs this year
has never finished.

Sammy Tangui
had the first post-race embrace
from then-smiled DR.

Sammy Tangui
should get a superb footnote
in this year’s annals.

Sammy’s 8 2010 races, all involving and won by Rudisha except 1
04.3 1.43.15
14.5 1.43.00
27.5 1.44.03
30.5 - Hengelo Games 1 Kaki 1.45.66, 3.43s slower than he did 6d later: 1.42.23 behind Rudisha's 1.42.04; Sammy wasn’t perhaps much help
04.6 1.42.04
08.7 1.43.25
10.7 1.41.51
22.8 1.41.09

dp wed 25aug10
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Postby d pickup » Thu Aug 26, 2010 8:43 am

David Rudisha
coach: Brother Colm O’Connell
a sensitive guide.

In Iten, Kenya, Brother Colm O’Connell
a geographist who coaches athletes rather well
for years and years, not just a while
so many a star went very far via his personnel style.

dp thur 26aug10
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Postby d pickup » Fri Aug 27, 2010 9:41 am

80,000 cm in 10,109 1/100th's of a second *

David Lekuta Rudisha
KEN, 17dec88, 1.88-1.90m/71kg, 800 WR 1:41.09, 22aug10

David Rudisha you can smile again
post-Brussels, post-Rieti, business done
back to 1-degree south, low latitude
near-2 kilometres high altitude abode
haunt of fellow other sub-clan Maasai;
to your 5000 strong birthplace village
Kilgoris, on the C.27
(home too of world champ Billy Konchellah)

and do some farming, herd the cattle drove
perhaps not kill a lion or cattle raid
as did your ancestors more often do,
but relish, as the proud Maasai still do
holding onto, in this varying world
rich customs, oh you proud and steely ones;
a measure there of a man's status, wealth:
child procreation and the cattle held.

The running, cattle, children, all are there;
Father won silver Olympic relay
he cattles too, and to his cost of late,
him beaten up; 26 herd stolen,
and children too, you 6th of his 7.
At 15 years a boarding school for you
to Item that's 200 KM north
and Brother Colm, ex-geography, your coach.

You the 'Pride of Africa', your nickname
gained just two years into your running life
winning the World Junior Championships.
Pre-Beijing woe an injured calf stopped all
on, full of strength and hope, the World Berlin
but a cool day, too little warm up there
you too far back, and pushed around a bit
you kicked for home, but hindering hamstring tight,

thus 'failure', in your eyes, in Berlin's 'World'
so inexperience showed a bit from you
but soon you pushed your PB down, and down,
and down again this year on Europe's tracks.
How straight and clean and upright is your drive;
all those who looked, 'this is the one, it's him'
that 2-lap record's days were numbered in their mind
Next year, or London year, or even now.

Berlin again, so why not make amends.
You're in lane 7, your name for the crowd
you lift both arms and loose-flap both your hands
Outside you Sammy, your trust-pace man;
how nervous you both are; the daunting task.
The English call comes, yes its 'on your marks'
so will you mark the card for this full crowd?
You take the stance, left leg, left arm, ahead!

Bang! rhythmic clapping helps you on your way
so round the bend and many are ahead
but at straight's end its Sammy leads, then you.
He goes, he goes, he's some yards up on you;
and you and he pull more and more ahead
8, 10, 12 metres by the halfway bell
a second race there is for minor slots
the top bend reached and Sammy pulls aside.

Enter that lonely world! Your lead 15
to 20 metres, 30, even more.
The home straight's yours, it beckons, there's the tape
the seconds they are counting down, each one
you're holding form, but yes, it's hard, it's hard
a striving grimace on your face shows that.
Straight through the tape, and so the haven rest
you show no signs of any great distress.

10 seconds on and you do utter 'ya!'
to Sammy, hug, and now we see you smile;
he's so please too, for you, he helped, he helped;
you'll thank him later that's for sure, at length,
but now the crowd; they helped, a lap of flowers.
When did you learn you'd got that record yours?
In fact you saw the big clock so you knew
Technology is quicker than a blink.

It by 2 blinks the record it was yours
of 13 years, Germany too, Koln.
And will we wait another 13 years?
Some say not so, Brussels, Rieti call
for you, and soon; you say there's more to come.
Brussels will need a good run that's for sure:
arch-rival Kaki from Sudan is there.
Meanwhile August the 22nd's marked!

The world's saluted you for your great feat
and soon your village it will do the same
Kilgoris plans a major ceremony there
your father says there will be a great feast;
with milk and meat and cattle blood on tap.
Tall Maasai gather, do their jumping dance,
and there your wife, she waits, Lizzy Naayu,
with Charin, daughter, now just 6-months old.

PS the field 3.25 behind
oh what a scramble, 3 there had PBs
so many young, like you, them rising stars;
And Sammy, we don't know his date of birth!
or where in Kenya he was born and bred?
that DNF man paced you all this year.

* 800m = 80,000cm, done in 1.41.09 = 10109 1/100ths of a second;
... av speed: 7.91cm in 1/100th second;
... at the tape c.15.82cm ahead of Kipketer (1.41.11).

dp fri 27aug10

The Race
1 David Lekuta Rudisha KEN, ‘88, 1:41.09 ... PB; prev 1.41.51 ‘10 (lane 7)
2 Boaz Kiplagat Lalang KEN, ‘89, 1:44.34 (PB 1.43.29 ‘10) (lane 6)
3 Abraham Kiplagat KEN, ‘84, 1:44.49 (PB 1.43.77 ‘10) (lane 3)
4 Leonel Manzano USA, ‘84, 1:44.56 ... PB; prev 1.45.17 ‘10 (lane 3b)
5 Jackson Mumbwa Kivuva KEN, ‘89, 1:44.91 (PB 1.43.72 ‘10) (lane 4)
6 Adam Kszczot POL, ‘89, 1:45.07 ... PB; prev 1.45.72 ‘09 (lane 5b)
7 Belal Mansoor Ali BRN, ‘88, 1:45.28 (PB 1.44.02 ‘07) (lane 2)
8 David Mutinda Mutua KEN, ‘92, 1:45.97 ... PB; prev 1.46.41 ‘10 (lane 1b)
9 Alfred Kirwa Yego KEN, ‘86, 1:46.84 (PB 1.42.67 ‘09) (lane 5)
10 Ludolph Sören GER, ‘88, 1:47.83 (PB 1.46.69 ‘09) (lane 1)
dnf Sammy Tangui, KEN - whose DoB eludes us, PB 1.49.39 ‘08 (lane 8)
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Postby d pickup » Tue Aug 31, 2010 1:27 pm

Welcome home David

Oltanki where 2 thousand
souls live poor proud lives
Oltanki where water's precious
and donkeys carry it
women walk, heave, collect it,
that life necessity,
they have warior heroes
David Lekuta Rudisha is one *

No open bus top tour for him
no airport PM smiles
or Palace Royal high tea
but Oltanki is ready
with water for sure
and bulls, 50 bulls
slaughtered for a feast;
they do things differently.
* ran 800 1.41.01 29aug10 WR

dp 31aug10
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Postby d pickup » Sat Sep 04, 2010 4:21 pm


(prompted by ITA-haste to place DR by 1.41.01 electronic board for photographers, & subsequent media attention; see 10m58s video

‘rapidamente, rapidamente’ *
(for speed, puff, that’s a slow word
I run faster, puff, than you say it)
let’s not linger
(I don’t, puff, I’m the fastest)
here’s No.28 for the photographers
(and No.1 today, puff, all time)
here, just here behind the board
(so you can, puff, hide my legs
but I, puff, can rest, puff, against it
flowers aloft, puff, and smile for them)
no, no, can you lean with both arms
(ah, puff, yes, puff, more restful, puff)

yes, good, now by the side, here on the right
(oh, this leaning over, puff, is tiring)
wave your hand, now hold up the flowers
(how long, puff, can I keep this smile up)
now squat, and point your finger
(ah that’s a bit more comfortable)
please, please, move back,
you’re covering the 100th of a second
(it’ll be out of date in the next year of so)
can you point your finger at the time
no, thumbs up would be better
no better still, no finger, no thumb
move back you’re hiding the time
(are we now satisfied?)

actually you on the left would be better
(what’s the advantage of that side?)
closer, closer, and thumb up is good
(Here, puff, there, puff, now here, puff)

now lets stand again, lean, flowers up
(Oh this crouch stand is tough)
now crouch down
(I’d sooner sit, puff, in the drug-testing tent)
and point at the time
(I know the routine now)

now a full frontal for the photographers
(I think my legs are good - for running too)

yes run round the track, flowers aloft
(at last a warm down is possible)
we’re world famous ITA tv interviews
(not as famous as I am)

can you be photographed with this old man
(my sweat will get on his shirt)
scuttle, scuttle, puff-puff photographer
(that photographer can’t keep up with me
even my jog, I’ll walk for him a bit)

put it there please, your hand on mine
(yes, the spectators here are good)
put it there Champion
(thanks, a few handshakes too is fine)
we’re important photographers too
(my picture will be everywhere)
please can you sign my programme
(you’ll only get a very quick Maasai signature)
we just want to touch your hand
(they were a good crowd last year)

‘this way’ old officials, shall I take your flowers?
(hey you can’t have my flowers)
another old man hug and touch
(these old ‘Harbig 1.46.6 times’ men are everywhere)
we’d like to photo you by this bush
(somebody needs to trim this)

Mr Meet Director? Does his thing
congratulates: 7th placed 1st-1min pacer Kivuva;
nearly-as tall as DR DNF 1st-lap 48.20 pacer Tangui;
My meeting will get behind time
Get those 1.5k ladies on the road

more photos, more photos
(I’ll never finish this lap)

As the Meet Director
I just want to congratulate you
David Lekuta Rudisha
(it will be with 50 bulls back home)

The Meet Director gives a hug
(another old man, but Rieti is good
he needs a John Major footstall;
2010, here in Rieti, not like 1973
when it was Milan, the WR
1.43.7 Marcello Fiasconaro;
sorry I missed the 100 years anniversary
Emilio Lunghi’s 1.52.1y WR)

You are taller than my son
(and taller too than Kipketer and Coe;
drug testing time at last, so I can sit down;
No! I’m not going to throw my flowers to the spectators;
vase, water & wrap them & present to [wife] Lizzy.)
* quickly

dp 4sep10
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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Fri Sep 10, 2010 10:57 am

Rudisha the Maasai Elder

Years past you passed the circumcision test
and now your spear you can put it to rest
your warrior times are past, another trial
you've stopped the 2-lap clocks but here this dial
of tribal rites long, historically dense
each part significant, it has its sense:
esidai *, eng'udi **, orinka ***, yours;
you'll sit so proud stand for the cause.
Back in the wild there's still some more in fact
red ochre-ed head, eat ram and ox the pact.
For you though young will now have status high:
an elder - this from running a far cry.
With other elders help with amitu ****
the Maasai way in disputes to make due.

* esidai: ostrich feather-clad traditional hat
** eng'udi: walking stick
*** orinka: wooden stave 2' long: heavy, weighted bulb one end, narrow tip the other to decrease friction as it slides out of the hand
**** amitu: to make peace

dp 10sep10
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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Sat Sep 11, 2010 8:19 am


David Lekuta Rudisha, Maasai Elder (elect), 1.90m, born 17dec88
of Oltanki, KEN, did, on 29aug2010 AD, in Rieti, ITA, run 800m in 1.41.01, WR

You bit the hard run
round-a-track twice run
in 1 minute 41 seconds
and bits ...
Those bits!
It's the bits,
your bits,
less bits
than everyone elses bits,
101 bits,
that gave you a bit
of fame
Athletics fame.

dp 11sep10
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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Sun Sep 12, 2010 8:55 am

Be Maasai fast
(David Rudisha, Maasai, 800m run WR 2010)

A lion is fast
80kmph fast
over 150m,
but enough;
oh brave young Maasai
aspiring to be a warrior
by killing a lion, alone,
just with shield and spear.

But 'tis no more
ways have changed
and so instead
there's other speeds
there's your great speed
the world's fastest,
2-lap track running.

The mane, claws, tail
of the killed lion
how they were prized
the beaded lion manes.

Another honour you
status of Elder honour
with ostrich feather hat,
walking stick & orinka stave. *
* 2' long, heavy weighted bulb one end, narrow tip the other

dp 12sep10
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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Wed Sep 29, 2010 2:09 pm

Sun 26sep10 Utrecht, NED, men 10k rd WR 26m44s

A World Record run
for Leonard Komon, fireman,
now the fire burns bright.

Mr Komon whose name is Patrick Leonard
with a world record he's played an ace card
the record he smashed
was in Utrecht he dashed
he's a loner, called 'The Fighter', he's strong and hard.



Leonard Patrick
you have to run away
from subsistence farming
from market selling
from army-killing genocide
from malaria
from groin injury
and run determined-fast
challenging all the greats
as in Edinburgh '08
World Cross Country
3 seconds only down on
champion Kenenisa Bekele,
and cope with seeing
a city, the ocean, flying
and eating Japanese sea food;
so you will reach the heights
like Mt Elgon heights
border-near your homeland
World Record heights
as your hot talent promises.

dp 29sep10
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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Tue Nov 23, 2010 9:49 am

Sun 21nov10 Nijmegen, NED, men 15k rd WR 41.13
(old WR: 41:29 Felix Limo, KEN '01 / Deriba Merga, ETH '09)
(Mt Elgon 4321m, Nijmegen 7-88m)

Komon, Mt Elgon
down on Dutch Nijmegen's flats
claims WR 2


Down from his Mt Elgon heights
twixed West & East Rift Valleys
overlooking grandest Lake Victoria
comes Leonard Patrick
'Komon' & '1' on his vest
to lowland flat-road run
and runs to gain again
a record of the world
It's 1/2 as far again
his longest run to date
and we can't wait
to see his future thrusts
for fame and record claim.

dp 23nov10
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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Thu Jan 20, 2011 12:58 pm

There was this lady walker named Vera
still young, now a boost in her long career,
in a rarely walked race
but oh what a pace
so easy to lift, what control, for Vera a new era?

*The very last 2010 in NR - a WR
W 5000W 20'10''3m Vera Sokolova 1987 RUS 30/12/2010 Saransk

Vera Sokolova, RUS, '87, 42kg, 1.51m
3000 mW 12:51.96 Bydgoszcz 07/08/04
5000 mW 21:05.7 Saransk 19/06/05
10,000 mW 43:11.34 Kaunas 21/07/05
10 K W 42:12 Saransk 19/09/09
20 K W 1:25:26 Adler 28/02/09
5000 mW 21:44.0 Cheboksary 23/12/06
5000 mW 20'10''3m Saransk 30/12/10 ...... WR
(5000 mW 20 37 77 Turova BLR 13 02 05 ... prev WR)

Some improvement!

Vera Previously:
1 10kw EUR (J) champs '05
3 20kw EUR champs '10

The WR 5,000w OUT 20:02.60 Gillian O'Sullivan, IRL, '76 Dublin, 14.07.02

In researching this WR I placed 'Vera Sokolova' in Google - a pic of Vera, leading another RUS athlete and Chai Xue, CHN - completely off the ground -, as Vera won her EUR (J) 10kW title in '06

see ... 34645.html
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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Mon Feb 07, 2011 7:20 pm

There was this hep athlete called Ashton
with his deeds he prompted a baston *
so many personal bests
no time for long rests
with the heat on, beat his record, his surname Eaton.
* stanza or verse
dp 7feb11

Our sport was plagued with drugs for many years
now strong attempts to purge it of that curse
but that time’s records now still top the lists
with many ‘were they drugged?’ that question hangs.
So passing such top marks by present stars
in their events, is out of reach for them
so when a record of the world’s broke now
oh what delight, and celebrations too.

Thus it was so in Tallinn this weekend
an heptathlon for men indoors occurred
the one who broke the record one year past
American, from Oregon out West
one Ashton Eaton, he still just quite young
he had an aim he was on form to go
the seven events, 2 action days brim full
to run and jump and throw and hurdle too.

The PBs they emerged on the 1st day
how sharp he was the record there to take
but one event, high jump, the bar fell low
but he did show his steel into day 2
that pole vault bar it stayed up high, him clear
and though he wasted horizontal length
in jumping long, the final run was good.
He’d done the deeds, the record his again.

He won’t stop there, he’ll push the record more;
now summer tasks, the mighty 10-events.
dp 7feb11

WR Men HEP (IN) upped from 6499 to 6568
Ashton Eaton, USA, b.'88, 86kg, 1.85m
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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Tue Feb 08, 2011 9:44 am

2011'S FIRST
This new year’s first
a record of the world
it Ashton Eaton here
he’s spoken, acted
not 1 point more
to last year’s score
to make the record round
to make it 6 5, naught, naught
but soixante-neuf
to 6 5 6 8 now.

His PBs fell
like blossom of the spring
as he did hurdle, run, jump, throw
though springing up
his high jump not so good
and in the 2nd day
what long-spring waste
so there is more
lots more from him
this Oregon Star.

Now other conquering hopes
the Summer 10-part gold
in Daegu’s Decathlon trial
though not so easy
this strong event
strong men attend.
But for this man
there’s gold
there’s records
sure, the future beckons him.

dp 8feb11
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Re: WR poems

Postby rundaneedGori » Tue Feb 08, 2011 8:06 pm

You probably very clever? or cunning?
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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Wed Feb 09, 2011 10:05 am

rundaneedGori wrote:You probably very clever? or cunning?

I so often feel how un-clever I am, and I doubt I even have the cunning of a baby rabbit with Mr Fox around - but I hope you, from Chile I note, just registered with AW's Message Board, and choosing 'Off track' & 'WR poems' to make your 1st input, will enjoy time here. And here's today's offerings:

A record that is ‘soft’
a record still
for all mankind to take
and Eaton’s taken it
the indoor Hep
a 2nd time
and now less soft
it is for sure
and it will be
when he gives vent
full future vent
his growing skills.
dp 9feb11

Jessica Ennis, Paris calls
5,000 points
Pentathlon test
where are our doubts
that she can there
take gold and record
so they’ll be hers.
dp 9feb11

Just one month off
the Spring’s big one
the Europe Champs
in Paris held

Yes Paris Spring
fair greetings, hopes
of a fair one who hopes to spring
and take a gold and record too
athletics time
athletics Champs
All Europe there
the Test draws near.
dp 9feb11
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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Thu Feb 10, 2011 3:40 pm


PB man, how you respond, the heat on
PB after PB, Ashton Eaton,
for that’s your name, from Oregon you hail
again into the record books you sail
in Tallinn city of Estonia
who’ll greet your feat - you’re no chelonia *
for so it proved with first your sprinting power
over the rest of the field you did tower
and then the sandy pit, how far to fly
half metre from the board but you got by
while adding instead distance in the shot
there in that event you improve, now hot.
Another pit, pit against gravity
just 2 point nought one metres, a pity
so ending the day just barely ahead
of last year’s record score, and so to bed.
Day 2 you hurdle with such sparkling go
another PB, what pace you do show.
Then to the pole vault pit, will you here star?
Up very high, you don’t knock off the bar.
Just the last long run, you do have the lungs
and it done well, the record up some rungs.
* tortoise/turtle order ie slow

dp 10feb11
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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Fri Feb 11, 2011 8:08 am


Ashton Eaton aimed to give his HEP record more worth
to boost that world record with a new year birth
so to Tallinn he went
record breaking intent
what a 2 days, there 4 PBs, and the record by soixante-neuf.

dp 11feb11
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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Mon Feb 14, 2011 6:02 pm


A second record K Koech he's bagged
he's 29, his strength it hasn't sagged
in Gent this year, and last year there he ran
both times he sought the record, 'yes I can'
it rarely ran, the 2 k steeplechase
but still he's fastest, done a goodly pace
it's indoors too; how many tracks like that?
but it's still tough, yes, tougher than the flat.
He's used to running half as far again
in that event he's in the world's top 10 *
but here he's number one, on top for sure
and near as good his record as outdoor.
Is he twilighting near career end
or Gent next year, another record blend?

* Paul Kipsiele Koech, KEN, b.'81
2k stch (in) 5 13 77, '11 ... WR
[2k stch (out) 5 10 '68 Mekhissi-Benabbad FRA '10 ... WR]
3k stch (out) 7.56.37 '05 ... 5th world all-time list

dp 14feb11


There was this man Paul Kipsiele Koech
twice been to Gent there ran a record stretch
back home he's built a school
now there's something cool
that'll fetch the kids in, have them read, write, sketch.

dp 14feb11
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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Mon Feb 21, 2011 8:10 pm

Teddy Tamgho
he's the new boy
here on the block
or not so new
the record broke
last year, Doha
this year Aubiere
and in good time
for soon to come
on his home ground
the challenges
continental too.
His challenger
the outdoor champ
the previous year
- and other gold
he has too grabbed -
Idowu named
Phillips to friends.
Teddy can fail
Phillips has chinks.
The forums talk.
The athletes train.
Now place your bets
the battle comes
then fly big flights.
* 2011 17,91 i Teddy Tamgho, '89, 76kg, 1.86m, Aubiere 20feb11 - beat own WR (IN) by 1cm
...... X - X - 17.35 - 17.91 - 17.58 - 17.08
...... Gold world in 10

2011 17.57 i Phillips Idowu, '78, 89kg, 1.92m, Birmingham 19 Feb 11
16.93 - X - 17.16 - 17.26 - --- - 17.57
Gold eur in 07, world in 08, world out 09, eur out 10

dp 21feb11
d pickup
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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Wed Feb 23, 2011 10:58 am

this is no hikayat **
but harkee here
for celebration time
of a performance
in darky, parky times
in January time
by Hayat Lambarki
one hurdling lap
that's no larky
indoors, Bordeaux
where she was sparky
as the time she ran
was best for the world.
* 400h os 58 66 Hayat Lambarki, MAR, '88, 29 01 11; pb OUT 55.96 '10
...... old rec 58.68 Emma Millard, FIN 21 02 09
(OUT WR 52.34 Yuliya Pechenkina, RUS '03)
** classical Malay literature, prose narrative combining romance & biography

dp 22feb11


Ms Stine Meland 'Norwegian' Tomb
you dropped a bomb with some aplomb
Three hundred meters hurdle run
It's rarely run, without, within
but Stine you have, and done just fine
the best, the very, very best
and knocked a chunk from off the past
so take a bow we raise our wine;
forty point nought nine rhymes with Stine!
* 300h os 40 09 Stine Meland Tomb, NOR, '86, 05 02 11; pb OUT (400h) 57.10 '10
...... old rec 41 01 Ilona Ranta, FIN, '82, 26 02 06
(OUT WR 38 60 Mame Tacko Diouf, SEN, '76, '99)

dp 22feb11
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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Thu Feb 24, 2011 8:45 am

So Aleksandra you did lead the team
then Ekaterina you next to go
Elena, third, stayed calm, how you did flow
and Anna you last you bought home the dream.
It done again from you young pacy four
you round the track each 4 times for the tour
for Moscow, for Russia - it is now bored!
5 times the record, you're making a hoard
of the record, the world, of this event
will your grip stay strong or others prevent?
You have it and the 8 laps, and the 4
gathering relay records more and more
and you're Russia's 'B' team look at the list!
of the world's season's best, well that's the gist.
But from elsewhere more comes we do believe
so cheers, but don't relax, there's no reprieve.
* 4x800 8 06 24 Moscow, RUS, 18 02 11
(team Bulanova Aleksandra, '89, Martynova Ekaterina, '86, Kofanova Elena, '88, Balakshina Anna, '86)
'11 SB(rel) 2.01.18 / (2.02.2) ... 2.01.34 / (2.03.3) ....... 2.01.14 / (2.00.3) ... 2.01.14 / (2.00.44)
old WR 8 12 41 Moscow, RUS, 28 02 10
(OUT WR 7 50 17 CIS, '84)

dp 24feb11
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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Fri Feb 25, 2011 4:20 pm

Oh Mary Keitany
oh what a feat
the records flattened
like rift valley grass
when strong herds come
then go heeling past
and you were fast
for over an hour.
Not Mary the wary
nor extemporary
but you with a plan
so at the end solitary
the next stop London
more than twice as far
you'll perhaps be a star.
* from Kisok village, nr Kabarnet, 1815 alt., 52km E of Rudisha's training ground, Eldoret

HM run 18feb11, Ras Al Khaimah UAE
8km 24:30 Mary Keitany (KEN), '82, 18 02 11, WBP ?
prev 24:05+ # Paula Radcliffe (GBR) 23 Feb 03 San Juan
24:27x # Sonia O'Sullivan (IRL) 17 Oct 1999 Loughrea
24:28 # Asmae Leghzaoui (MAR) 13 Jul 2002 Kingsport
12km (37:04) Mary Keitany, KEN, '82, 18 02 11 4m short (parked cars during measure!)
WBP 38.07 Lineth Chepkurui, KEN, '88, 16 05 10
15km 46:40 Mary Keitany, KEN, '82, 18 02 11 2nd best ever
WR 46:28 Tirunesh Dibaba, ETH, '85, '09
10mls 50:05 Mary Keitany, KEN, '82, 18 02 11 WBP
prev 51.43 Teyiba Erkesso, ETH, '82, '07
20km 1:02:36 Mary Keitany, KEN, '82, 18 02 11 WR
prev 1 02 57 Lornah Kiplagat, '74, NED '07
HM 1.05 50 Mary Keitany, KEN, '82, 18 02 11 WR (at Ras Al Khaimah UAE)
prev 1 06 25 Lornah Kiplagat, '74, NED '07

other PBs
5000 Metres 16:29.4 Nairobi 29/06/2006
10,000 Metres 32:18.07 Utrecht 17/05/2007
10 Kilometres 31:04 Birmingham 11/10/2009
15 Kilometres 47:01 Udine 14/10/2007
20 Kilometres 1:02:59 Birmingham 11/10/2009
25 Kilometres 1:19:53 Berlin 09/05/2010
Marathon 2:29:01 New York City, NY 07/11/2010

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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Sun Feb 27, 2011 12:25 pm


In southern Sochi race walkers followed Vera *
for at the end she won, their view, her rear
she'd been great as a youth
a junior too - that's the truth
now a senior, cementing her career, in this era.
* 1.25.08 Vera Sokolova, RUS, '87, Sochi, 26feb11 ... WR W 20km w rd
1.25.41 Olimpiada Ivanova, RUS, '70, Helsinki, 7aug05 ... old WR

Vera Sokolova, 42kg, 1.51m
03 World Y Champs 1st 5000m tr walk 22:50.23
06 World J Champs 4th 10,000m tr walk 46:58.21
10 Eur Champs 3rd 20km walk 1:29:32

dp 27feb11
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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Tue Mar 08, 2011 7:21 pm

At first you’d jumped a mediocre length
and third, and bronze but that’s no choice for you
The threats from older stars are swept aside
from Oprea, a record for the Meet
from Donato, defender, further still
Half measures not for you, a record too
not merely French, Meet, Year’s best, PB length
but all the world, all time, World Record, Yes!
You tried to hush the fans, so more to come?
But in round 3 its tame by TT’s lengths
But number four, and fly you did again
again it great, you equaled what you’d done.
The nudge, nudge, nudge boy of the triple jump
1 centimeter more you’ve done 3 times
and equaling the record No. 4.
2 crosses for rounds 5 and 6 you got
but all the hall had seen a stellar show.

3 stars
1 TAMGHO Teddy FRA, ‘89, 76kg, 1.86m
17.46, 17.92, 17.65, 17.92, x, x
2 DONATO Fabrizio ITA, ‘76, 83kg, 1.90m, 17.60 out ‘00, 17.73 in ‘11 (prev in PB 17.59 ‘09) eur in champ ‘09
x, 17.70, 15.50, 17.73, 17.49, x
3 OPREA Marian ROU ‘82, 77kg, 1.90m, 17.81 out ‘05, 17.74 in ‘06
17.62, 17.43, x, x, -, 15.41

17.30 Shamil Abbyasov URS 21/02/81
17.31 Keith Connor GBR 13/03/81
17.41 Willie Banks USA 19/02/82
17.50 Charles Simpkins USA 17/01/86
17.54 Maris Bruziks URS 23/02/86
17.67 Oleg Protsenko URS 15/01/87
17.76 Mike Conley USA 27/02/87
17.77 Leonid Voloshin RUS 06/02/94
17 83 Aliecer Urrutia CUB 01 03 97
17 83 Christian Olsson SWE 07 03 04
17 90 Teddy Tamgho FRA 14 03 10
17 91 Teddy Tamgho FRA 20 02 11
17 92 Teddy Tamgho FRA 06 03 11
17 92 Teddy Tamgho FRA 06 03 11

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Re: WR poems

Postby d pickup » Wed Mar 09, 2011 9:19 am

This man named Teddy he does jump in 3's
and before, after, all the fans he does tease
oh was young and brash
but the record did smash
and not once, but it twice, so all he did please.

He’s special so there’s lots of talk, talk, talk
that he’ll mature, Edward’s record uncork *
The talent oozes from this Paris man
all think it’s possible, he really can
break soon the record of the world, 3-jumps
hop, step and jump, complex, he’ll come up trumps
He’s made his mark indoors the record’s his
2 season’s jumping in, he’s made things fizz
outdoors the task though is formidable
third-meter more, so is it yieldable
to his precociousness that grows & grows
so hope to see his best, he flows, flows, flows.
* TT's PB (IN) 17.92 WR; PB (OUT) 17.98; Edwards WR (OUT) 18.29

dp 9mar11
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