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Postby d pickup » Thu Jul 29, 2010 3:55 pm

EUROPE's athletes who topped the ranking lists prior to Barcelona.

[written pre-Barcelona; I've been away]

+ where they finished in Barcelona (added 5aug10)
1 + 1
Christophe Lemaitre
young, fast, but there's a problem;
this Frenchman is white.

Jonathan Borlee
leads europe over 1-lap
and his twin Kevin.

Marc' Lewandowski
in-field in Paris race twice;
he's a policeman!

Now Andy Baddeley
hasn't done badly this year
but when's the big one?!

Europe's 5k top
Alemayehu Bezabeh
but watch Mo Farah.

Mohamed Farah's
made 2 breakthroughs on the track
so now two medals?

didn't compete
Iaroslav Musinschi *
from Moldova. Moldova!
yes from Moldova.

* 2h08'32 Iaroslav Musinschi 76 02/05/10 Düsseldorf
2h10'15 Iaroslav Musinschi 76 25/10/09 Ljubljana
2h11'43 Iaroslav Musinschi 76 26/10/08 Istanbul
2h11'57 Iaroslav Musinschi 76 28/10/07 Istanbul
2h13'39 Iaroslav Musinschi 76 08/10/06 Novi Sad

Bouabdellah Tahri
has broken and lost records
Gold Barcelona?

Petr Svoboda
better, better, through the years
must beware false starts.

David 'Swansea' Greene
keeps improving like a dream
1-lap - muscles scream.

At home twice the top
Aleksandr Shushov best
best Barcelona?

Renaud Lavillenie
five ninety four: yes it's clear
six O seven: no.

Christian Reif top
the long jump, by a finger
a finger? yes, it's width.

Teddy 'young' Tamgho
triple tumbled to the top
but since a question.

Andrei Mikhnevich
on time is making his pitch
an N R to boot!

Olden Gerd Kanter
top again, seventy plus
like the last 5 years.

Libor Charfreitag
the NR man in Slovak
but that in 03.

Not Finland, Norway
Andrea Thorkildsen top
leading lots of Finns.

big event, big name
Oleksiy Kasyanov
2-days, oh 2-days.

Alex Schwazer leads
the short walk, 20k walk
they go very fast.

didn't compete
Rafal Augustyn
for nearly 4 hours will work
to keep heel and toe.

FRA will try not to
fumble as they baton fly
FRA, FRA, FRA, FRA, win.

Russia has records
many relays records, both
in, out, so beware.

dp 22jul10 (Barcelona placings added 5aug10)
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Postby d pickup » Sat Jul 31, 2010 12:22 pm

Barcelona jottings via 5,7,5/clerihew poetry structure (mostly)

Johanna Jackson, GBR, '85 ... 10th; PB 90.41 '10
Johanna Jackson sitting on a rock
she's oh so upright full of poise and smile
she's done her walk for she's a walking star
she made it 10th, no judges' warning too
It's Delhi next, where she has podium hopes.
see ... ing-career
Actually the rock-sitting was before Barcelona at the Pyrenees training camp.

28.24.99 Mohammed Farah, GBR, '83 ... gold; PB 27.28.86 '10
Mo Farah's flirted
with promise-greatness for years;
lists, titles, beware.

28.27.33 Christopher Thompson, GBR, '81 ... 2nd; PB 27.29.61 '10
Christopher Thompson
was a prodigal son
lost in the injury wilderness & continue/stop mind-mess
now not Barcelona bronze but a bold 2cm silver no less! *
* 10s = 100m, 1s = 10m, 0.1s - 1m, 0.01s - 10cm, 0.001s - c.1cm

10.11 Christophe Lemaitre FRA, '90 ... gold; PB 9.98 '10
Christophe Lemaitre
didn't wait around at all;
a date with a tape.

10.18 Mark Lewis-Francis, GBR, '82 ... 2nd; PB 10.04 '02
'Muscles' MLF
the silver 1 thousanth kid
can you believe it!

Mark Lewis-Francis
junior up, then down, now up
to vest the silver.

1.20.10 Stanislav Emelyanov RUS, '90 ... gold; PB 1.19.43 '10
Stanislav, youth/junior champ;
so young but so good.

3.40.37 Yohann Diniz, FRA, '78 ... gold; PB 3.38.45 '09
Yohann 'gold' Diniz
holds records too, all French ones
5k to 50. *
* 5,000w 18:18.01 Yohan Diniz '78 06-27-08 Villeneuve d'Ascq
10,000w 40:17.83 Yohann Diniz '78 07-09-10 Valence
10kW 38:46.00 Yohan Diniz '78 05-30-09 Kraków
20kW 1:18:58 Yohan Diniz '78 05-20-07 Leamington
50kW 3:38:45 Yohan Diniz '78 03-28-09 Dudince

2.33 Alexander Shostov, RUS, '84 ... gold; =PB '10
2nd ranked Shostov
where rain reigned the area
he jump-reigned supreme.

17.81 Phillips Idowu GBR, '78 ... gold; PB (prev PB 17.75i '08, 17.73o '09)
Phillips Idowu
2nd ranked, won't-make rated
we of little faith.

the triple jumpers
have 3 parts to their event;
all parts must be good.

Phillips Idowu
took the TJ by the scruff;
that's the way to win.

Phillips Idowu
World Champ twice but people thought ...
Well, well, they've thought wrong.

Phillips Idowu
'he won't beat that young Frenchman'
Oh yea! Come again.

Phillips Idowu
has goldens on his fire hearth
was on fire again.

Phillips Idowu
made us all into doubting
Thomases. Oh man ...

Phillips Idowu
with red hair, a white band, rings
added to his wins.

Phillips Idowu
can 1, 2, 3, a long way
and's a family man.

Phillips Idowu
head-turn laughs with Phil Jones, but
most, wants to go home.

Phillips Idowu
trepidation- terror- trembling- thinking re towering top-of-the-list, talk-of-TJ-WR Teddy Tamgho

80.02 Libor Charfreitag, SVK Slovak, '77 ... gold; PB 81.81 '03
Libor Charfreitag
on top this year, on top here
Slovaks will be pleased.

8453 Romain Barras FRA, '80, 87kg / 1.93m ... gold; PB (prev PB 8313 '10)
Tall Romain Barras
13 years of Decathlons
17 points spare.

dp 31jul10
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Ode to Lsabre

Postby Anthony Treacher » Sun Aug 01, 2010 2:27 pm

Lsabre, where art thou now?
Something is amiss.

King of the Lilliputian Nerds.
Yet lesser mortals took the p*ss.

Oh sensitive spirit!
Banned? Has come to this?

Maidens and strong men like Anthony mourn thy passing.
Sealed with a k*ss.
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Postby d pickup » Tue Aug 03, 2010 4:24 pm

AT, delightful; good to see you here. Please let me join you for a few lines.

rattled too loudly his sabre
so the admin man
put him in the can.

some would like to see him placed above a candelabra
to burn away the odd word;
well some could be absurd.

with words did the dance macabre
for now he's as good as dead
I looked, none of his words around to be read.

5889 entries shown
but now he has flown.

from Isabre
now not a palabra *
but I think he was Greek
some of us will miss him week after week.
* ESP 'word'

and there was Isabre's critic roseben
sometimes clucked like a hen
a repeatedly rude grumpy old one
he's been sent on a very long run.

had re athletics ken *
but he was driven
no quarter given.
* knowledge

dp 3aug10


EUROPE's athletes who topped the ranking lists prior to Barcelona, pt 2, ladies [written pre-Barcelona; I've been away]; the numbers: how they finished in Barcelona.

ht 5
Alena her name
A Neumiarzhytskaya
finish first? name, race?

Aleksandra F
Fedoriva, Russia too
peaking just in time.

not entered
Kapachinskaya, 1-lap
no space left for words.

this one often wins
Mariya Savinova
and Barcelona?

Anna Alminova
3 fast races in 3 days
what is her secret?

forty kilograms
Elvan Abeylegesse
a mite who will fight.

not entered
Inês Monteiro
Portugal - they're 1 & 2
will they then prevail?

not entered
Here the London star
Liliya Shobukhova
now tho' 3-months on.

Marta Domínguez
leads the Iberian thrust
in this quite new race.

Carolin Nytra
sparkled with a new PB
now Barcelona.

She is the leader
one, Natalya Antyukh
the flat: long strong; here?

Now Blanka Vlašić
she desperately wants two ten
we wait, yes we wait.

Carolin Hingst has,
after many years, vaulted
into the top slot.

Russian long jump stars
like Olga Kucherenko
emerge frequently.

The Russians are close
to Olha Saladuha,
Ukraine's TJ hope.

World top, Europe top
is Nadzeya Ostapchuk;
Belarus supreme.

Nadine Müller is
having the '4-metres up'
season of her life.

A June World Record
Anita 'Pole' Włodarczyk
promises more too.

Mariya's been top
for 2 seasons this young one

Jessica Ennis
gold in Berlin, gold Doha
gold Barcelona?

Anisya to her friends
is world record young.

Russian lady sprints
are better than their men folk
so they could shine here.

Russian one lapers
what depth they have to call on
gold will be a cinch.

dp 3aug10
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Postby d pickup » Thu Aug 05, 2010 12:43 pm

After Barcelona

more possibles
became probables
than we thought possible
and only a few probables
ended up also-rans.
In London it is possible
that we'll predict more probables
but who turns up trumps
and who ends up also-rans
is now not sensible, possible
for me to predict
but nearer the time
it is probable
I will create
my possibles
my probables
then wait and see
and find that
also rans
were not.

dp 4aug10
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Postby d pickup » Fri Aug 06, 2010 11:20 am

A few more pre-Barcelona jottings, with their Barcelona placing

This sprinter Chambers who is called Dwain
took drugs his career down the drain
but distanced from that curse
tho' denied the Diamond purse
hopes his Barcelona selection won't be in vain.

This sprinter Chambers who is called Dwain
took drugs - the end of his reign
but he's back, served his time
naughty boy, but not a crime
he's going for gold in Barcelona in Spain

Sprinter Dwain Chambers
for years out of the drug curse
back looking for gold.

Sprinter Chambers, Dwain
drugs, career: drain
ranked 2 not 1
but hopes after to say 'I won'.

Martyn Rooney
you're very tall but the lane is roomy
just one lactic lap that's all
over the line 1st then you can exhausted fall.

Marcel Lewandowski, POL, '87, 1.47.07, PB 1.43.84 '09
Marcel Lewandowski
in Paris was a naughty fluttering bee
digressing, faltering on the in-field twice
so disqualified, no honey-money, the price.

Michael Rimmer
for years on the simmer
but this year did his best time
and feels it's time to make the victory bells chime.

Andrew Baddeley
don't come away sadly
let the good blood flow
so that you lead that final row.

1 + 1
Mo Farah
the difference between gold, silver, bronze can be narra'
so focus this time
so we can fete you with wine.

David Greene
is not a has been
but is on the rise
ready for the Barcelona gold prize.

dp 6aug10
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Postby d pickup » Sat Aug 07, 2010 11:28 am

more pre-Barcelona jottings, with their Barcelona placing
Phillips Idowu
is ready to woo
with his thump, thump, thump
in the triple jump.

Jenny Meadows
has, we hope, cast off the injury shadows
and there's no Semenya or Jelimo
so the Russians your chief foe.

Jenny Meadows
be sharp on your toes
no African Semenya, Jelico
yes Russians, hope not jelly legs, so go, go, go.

Lisa Jane Dobriskey
who uses tactics that can be risky
but who still peaks pretty silver-well
so why not 'take closer order' for gold - bloody hell!

Jessica Ennis
oh injuries, viruses - Dennis the Menace!
but gold Berlin, Doha
so why not Barcelona!

There was this young woman Ms England
was finally selected, joined the band
she talked to The Dame
a few tricks re the game
so tricks, ready to run, not watch from the stand.

Jonathan Borlee
'won't beat me'
says his brother Kevin;
he has, but in Barcelona who will win.

Alemayehu Bezabeh
of course may
have spare pace
to win the race.

- didn't compete
Iaroslav Musinschi
over the years has improved inchy by inchy
from Moldova
and a racy marathon rover.

Bouabdellah Tahri
briefly 2km stch WR so doesn't tarry
but now 3k
will he lead the way?

Petr Svoboda
who like a coda
must repeat, and at his best
to beat the rest.

David Greene
will add a sheen
to the GB haul
if he survives, and wins, the lactic acid wall.

dp 7aug10
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Postby d pickup » Sat Aug 07, 2010 7:57 pm

Mr Bolt
was given a jolt
by Mr Gay

Mr Bolt
the Jamaican colt
was given a jolt
2-years not beaten came to a halt.
dp 7aug10
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Postby d pickup » Sun Aug 08, 2010 11:25 am

more pre-Barcelona jottings, with their Barcelona placing
Aleksandr Shushov
will want to here shoo off
all the others with him = top
and win with his Fosbury flop.

Aleksandr Shushov
the HJ gov
but even 3 other Russians would dispute that
so their 4 reps drawn out of a hat?

Renaud Lavillenie
will want at least his PB
to clear the high bar
about 6m - not so far!

Christian Reif
his leap is brief
yes, not too much
but needs to beware a plasticine touch.

Teddy Tamgho
it was all go
early this year
but now nowhere near!

Andrei Mikhnevich
he's not a tick
he's a very big man
big with the shot - certainly can.

Gerd Kanter
may or not have the banter
to go into a gallop pace
for the Champs time race.

Libor Charfreitag
circle, circle, zig-zag
the hammer and chain
he'll want to reign.

Andrea Thorkildsen
will be ready in the assembly pen
to unleash his spear
to the stadium's length and rear.

- dnf
Oleksiy Kasyanov
from E Ukraine, Stanonov
aims for 10 events done well
but over 2 days so who can tell.

Alex Schwazer
is prepared to go far
heel-toe-heel toe
go, go, go.

- didn't compete
Rafal Augustyn
so far, so much time to win
will he give a smile or be grim
perhaps not, he'll be fatigued to the brim.

dp 8aug10
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Postby d pickup » Mon Aug 09, 2010 9:17 am

more pre-Barcelona jottings, with their Barcelona placing

5 ht, 3, didn't compete
Alena N, Aleksandra F & Anastasiya K *
A A A , 1, 2, 4
all these E Europeans knocking at the door
some have the thought 'drug'
and that the problem's pushed under the rug.
* leaders at 100, 200, 400

- didn't compete
Anastasia Kapachinskaya
is not a delayer
with the start or finish.

Mariya Savinova
unless she were to fall over
looks set, if I may be so bold
to get the gold.

Anna Alminova
got A, A, A, while having to rover
from Russia to Paris
so travel no harass.

Elvan Abeylegesse
Turkish-Ethiopian, so could deci-
the opposition going at her rate.

- didn't compete
Ines Monteiro
will be a hero
if she can do 25 laps
and get claps.

- didn't compete
Liliya Shobukhova
will hope to get one over
as she did in London
finish first by herself, the others abandon.

dp mon 9aug10
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Postby d pickup » Tue Aug 10, 2010 2:28 pm

Mr Bolt
you've lost a volt
so defeat
was an unsavory treat.

The world's faster man,
that Jamaican Ursain Bolt
was shocked, all shocked, beat.

The fastest man in the world Ursain Bolt
who ate yams and I suppose with them salt
what motion express
and new T-shirt dress
but injury, so defeat, the Gay assault.


more pre-Barcelona jottings, with their Barcelona placing

Blanka Vlasic
has she lost the trick
of coming first
with her so-many-competitions thirst?

Olga Kucherenko
if low
in flight - you need height -
she'll lose sight of the gold flight.

Olha Saladuha
will have to do her
to be a podium-top guest.

Nadzeye Ostapchuk
will have a look
over the 20m line
to ensure a celebratory wine.

Nadine Muller
is the top puller
of the spinnning plate
so her getting gold: is there debate?

Anita Wlodarczyk
is injured not sick
but either way
she might miss her Barcelona day.

Mariya Abakumova
might make the javelin go over
70 metres
to treat us.

Jessica Ennis
won't disappoint GBR like Andy Murray of tennis
she's good on track and field
the gold will yield to JE from Sheffield.

Anisya Kirdyapkina
with her event is rather leaner
than others
in other events who might follow their tall, wide and heavy fathers and mothers.

dp tue 10aug10
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Postby d pickup » Wed Aug 11, 2010 11:21 am

Now POST-Barcelona creations

1 + 1
Christophe Lemaitre, FRA, '90, 10.11/-1.0 & 20.37/-0.8; PBs 9.98 & 20.16 '10
Christophe Lemaitre
is no petit-maitre *
for he did the world excite
even tho' just 70th under 10 - he's white!
* fop, minor master

Christophe Lemaitre
for the Media the maitre *
not his age, weight or height
but that he was white.
* master

Christophe Lemaitre
in Paris v Bolt/Powell did a reconnaitre
but was totally came 5th outclassed
so to Barcelona - first, thrice, not last.

Christophe Lemaitre
v Bolt in Paris, him being no slouch waiter
where was beat by that champ
instead Barcelona, his authority he did stamp.

Christophe Lemaitre
does not look good on the bends
but wait, for his straight.

MLF 2nd by 1/1,000th s from 3rd; 2/1,000th separated 2nd & 4th; 5th another 6/1,000th s back.
Oh Dwain
a medal didn't rain
on you
tho' you were close, 'tis true.

Christian Malcolm, '79, 20.38/-0.8, PB 20.08 '01, prev SB 20.50
Christian Malcolm
not even a chance revenge return in Stockholm
but you did great tho' next time dip
from the hip, or again he'll you pip.

Marlon Devonish, '76, 20.62, PB 20.19 '02, prev SB 20.68
you continue to astonish
born in 76
where do you get your tricks!

wed 11aug10
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Postby Ordinary Road Runner » Wed Aug 11, 2010 8:39 pm

Oh dear, I've been banned from AD
I said something wrong, you see
By using a proxy
I can say something poxy
Even though they've blocked my IP
Ordinary Road Runner
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Postby d pickup » Fri Aug 13, 2010 6:58 am

This man was banned from AD *
by proxy joined AT, DP
for poetry not prose
sniffs out words with his nose
here its free, there's no fee, we'll now be three.
* whatever AD is?

We're special, you know, here in off topic
current affairs, well some there myopic
so here be biopic
or even Aesopic
and we find, all this verse, can be acopic. *
* relieving fatigue

ORR, you could focus on Crystal Palace
see events with empathy not malice
the track or the field
your pen you will wield
verses heavy, verse light, ideas fine as lace.

There was this one a runner
came to this topic a punner
via verse and rhyme
who'll make the time
and poetise any athlete they feel is a stunner.


more Post-Barcelona creations
Kevin Borlee, BEL, '88, 45.08 SB; PB 44.88 '08 (Jonathan Borlee PB 44.71 '10)
Kevin Borlee
won while fancied brother Jonothan was poorly
back in 7th with a bad case of over-burn
'but brother it was my turn'

Brother Jonathan
said I can
Kevin his brother
saw the result could be another.

Michael Bingham, GBR, '86, 1.83m/75kg, 45.23; SB 45.08; PB 44.74 '09
Michael Bingham
so you didn't bring home the ham
but brothers, Belgium brothers, everywhere
one flopped but the other did dare.

Martyn Rooney, GBR, '87, 45.23, SB 44.99; PB 44.60 '08
Martyn Rooney
your race, wasn't it a bit looney
nowhere the man who ranked top
but his brother garnered the gold crop.

Rooney & Bingham
beaten by little Belgium!
but you both did well.

Marcel Lewandowski, POL, '87, 1.47.07, PB 1.43.84 '09
Marc Lewandowski
not a Paris in-field stray
just outran them all.

Michael Rimmer, GBR, '86, 1.47.17; PB 1.44.49 '10
Michael Rimmer
20 metres out there was a glimmer
of hope he'd win, but wrong,
as Lewandowski was just too strong.

Arturo Casado, ESP, '83, 3.42.74, PB 3.33.14 '08
Arturo Casado
gave a canvasado *
and that was it
the Brits in the pit.
* sudden attack (obs. from ESP!)

Andy Baddeley, GBR, '82, PB 3.34.36; SB 3.34.50
Andy Baddeley
as the selectors could see
mixed up tactically
and as well lactically.

6, 9 & 10
Baddley, McCourt & Lancashire, 3.43.87, 3.44.78, 3.44.92
I'm confident, not just spin
thro' the gap, and I'll be in
I'm here to win

All had such high hopes
Baddley, McCourt, Lancashire
Spain's inquisition!

dp fri 13aug10
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Postby d pickup » Sat Aug 14, 2010 12:29 pm

more Post-Barcelona creations

Mo Farah, GBR, '83, 13.31.18; PB 13.05.66 '10
Mohammed Farah
did you doubt he'd do double
to the golden tape.

Victor Rothlin, SUI, '74, 2:15:31, PB 2.07.23 '08
Swiss Victor Rothlin
wrapped it up by 30k
and won by a street.

Lee Merrien, GBR, '79, 2.20.42; PB 2.16.48, '10 *
Lee Marrien, after 5km
37, 35, 28, 23, 19, 13, 9, 7,
and finally 8th.
* other GBR athletes finished 16, 19, 24, 28 of 45; 19 athletes dnf incl 1 GBR

Mahiedine Mekhissi, FRA, '85, 8:07.87; PB 8.06.98 '09
which Frenchman would win
Mahiedine Mekhissi
did so at the end.

Bouabdellah Tahri, FRA, '78, 8.09.28, CR; SB 8.03.72; PB 8.01.18 '09
Bouabdellah Tahri
did not tarry
two Frenchmen stride for stride pace sharing
but in the run in he seemed to lose his bearing.

Andy Turner GBR, '80, 13.28, PB 13.27 '07
Here Andy Turner
did, 10 times, turn on the screws
thus 'God save the Queen'.

sf dsq
William Sharman, GBR, '84, SB 13.43; PB 13.30 '09
William Sharman
Just William's bad luck
but no, we can't say that, as
that is the rule now.

David Greene, GBR, '86, 48.12 PB; prev PB 48.27 '09
David Greene
with him we've seen
a repeat of the winning gap and time of Mexico '68 Hemery *
sparkling too, not humdrummery.
* well very nearly; here: 48.12 to 48.96; '68: 48.12 to 49.02

Rhys Williams, GBR, '84, 48.96 PB; prev PB 49.09 '06
So many pics of David Greene
and rightly so up there with Hemery
but its the words of No. 2
that stick now in my eye
'no lap of honour now for me'

4 sf
Nathan Woodward, GBR, '89, 50.51sf (50.45ht), PB 49.70 '10; prev PB 50.41 '09
Nathan Woodward
found it just too hard
to get into the final, it tough
though an = PB would have been enough.

dp sat 14aug10
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Postby d pickup » Sat Aug 14, 2010 1:12 pm

(They're changing guard at Buckingham Palace)

There's track and field at the Crystal Palace
Colin Jackson's talks! Response? much malice
the GB athletes they're under par
there were home crowd hopes that they would star
says Alice

There's track and field at the Crystal Palace
Colin Jackson's talks! Response? much malice
though Dwain 'US' Gay had a great day
tho' there was much rain he there made hay
says Alice

There's track and field at the Crystal Palace
Colin Jackson's talks! Response? much malice
MLF didn't get passed his heat
I hope he didn't afterwards bleat
says Alice

There's track and field at the Crystal Palace
Colin Jackson's talks! Response? much malice
Christian Malcolm if he'd dipped was in vain
was so far back so nothing to gain
says Alice

There's track and field at the Crystal Palace
Colin Jackson's talks! Response? much malice
Marlon Devonish in the shorter sprint
well he did turn out and do his stint
says Alice

There's track and field at the Crystal Palace
Colin Jackson's talks! Response? much malice
post-Barcelona Mr Rimmer
was right off the boil, just a simmer
says Alice

There's track and field at the Crystal Palace
Colin Jackson's talks! Response? much malice
there was one athlete now he did flow
but not quite fast enough, that was Mo
says Alice

There's track and field at the Crystal Palace
Colin Jackson's talks! Response? much malice
since Barcelona for David Greene
oh what distractions, somewhat a dream
says Alice

There's track and field at the Crystal Palace
Colin Jackson's talks! Response? much malice
not 18 metres not 17 too
Oh wo, much wo, Phillips Idowu
says Alice

There's track and field at the Crystal Palace
Colin Jackson's talks! Response? much malice
the tactical blunderer, star Dob
here for a double bite of the cob
says Alice

dp sat 13aug10 (Ordinary Road Runner, where were you?!)
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X 63.35 X X
It just takes 1 throw
and it did
for early-season peaker
not-selected for Barcelona
Brett Morse
coming good again
at the Palace.
* prev PB 62.99

Thomas Lancashire
kept going to the wire
not with a diamond blessed
at the Palace fest, but a personal best.
* 3.53.39

Perri shakes-Drayton
is no con
here just over the flat
did a PB and afterwards of course chat chat chat.
* 51.48

Lisa Dob
with her hair bob-bob
lost again
but over 2 laps a PB gain.
* 2.00.14

Eilidh Child
went wild
over 10 hurdles, 1 lap
a Scottish record broke, avoiding the post-Barcelona drained trap.
* 55.16

Tina Brown
didn't get a Barcelona crown
not even selection, out, a rest
but at the Palace a personal best.
* 9.48.08

dp sun 15aug10
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Postby d pickup » Sun Aug 15, 2010 11:17 am

more Post-Barcelona creations

Renaud Lavillenie, FRA, '86, 5.85; SB 5.94; PB 6.01 '09
Renaud Lavillenie
at 6.02 he cleared it but for his knee
at 5.80 he cleared 6.20 plus
a new PB is still an undone opus.

Christian Rief, GER, '84, 8.47 PB, CR; prev PB 8.27 '10
Christian Rief
here became the chief
in this European Barcelona world
and for this year the whole world.

Chris Tomlinson, GBR, '81, 8.23 SB; prev SB 8.04; PB 8.29 '07
Here Chris Tomlinson
after years and years and years
gained a Champs medal.

dp sun 15aug10
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Postby d pickup » Mon Aug 16, 2010 7:51 pm

more Post-Barcelona creations

SP Andrei Mikhnevich BLR, '76, 21.01, PB 22.09 '10
Andrei Mikhnevich
was said of him 'big men weep' *
- here for golden joy
by 1cm golden joy.

* the finalists were big too: 127kg, 136 128 105 111 100 110 105 103 140 92 149.

DT Piotr Malachowski, POL, '83, 68.87 CR; PB 69.83 '10 POL rec
The rock from Poland
Piotr Malachowski
silver, silver, gold *
* si Beijing, si Berlin

JT Andrea Thorkildsen, NOR, '82, 88.37; SB 90.37; PB 91.59 '06
Andrea Thorkildsen
he holds them all - the titles
but not the WR

dp mon 16aug10
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Postby d pickup » Tue Aug 17, 2010 12:32 pm

100 Verena Sailer GER, '85, 1.66m / 50kg, 11.10 PB; prev SB 11.23; prev PB 11.18 '09
Verena Sailer
where was Neumiarzhytskaya in this race
when you appeared
and she, Alena, was list-top a month,
so what of you?!
You're Champ, the fastest girl, the best in Europe now
you sailed past every one,
the afterwards-screeching French, you would not be outdone.

200 Myriam Soumare FRA, '86, 57kg, 1.67m, 22.32 PB; prev PB 23.01 '10; pre-10 PB 23.34 '09
Myriam Soumare
Oh my, with high-pitched voice
and frugal petitie frame
down to the track to kiss, on which you beat them all.

5 sf
Emily Freeman, GBR, 23.21 SB; prev SB 23.34; PB 22.64 '09
Emily Freeman
surely can
get back to her best '09 form,
and more, and in a 200, blitz through the field like a storm.

Tatyana Firova RUS, '82, 49.89 PB; prev SB 50.88; prev PB 50.08 '06
Tatyana Firova
came over
to Barcelona
was a commanding presence, just like Bellona *
* Roman goddess of war; a spirited woman of commanding presence

Mariya Savinova RUS, '85, 1.58.22, PB 1.57.56 '10
Mariya Savinova
is no pushover
in a 2-lap race
for she can take the pace, with grace, smiling face, fatigue no trace, so gold-podium place.

Mariya Savinova from Chelyabinsk
who's put on other athletes a jinx
for she'd taken the gold
even though they've, especially Meadows, been bold.

Jennifer Meadows, GBR, 1.59.39, SB 1.58.89; PB 1.57.93 '09
Jennifer Meadows
in Barcelona went for the open windows
approach, at the front,
but injury-recovery, that last 100, a struggle, a hard shunt.

Jemma Simpson, GBR, '84 , 1.59.90; PB 1.58.74 '10
Jemma Simpson
is no case of limps on
and was there in the mix til it was over
ahead of Lenka Masna and behind Lucia Klocova.

dp tue 17aug10
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Postby d pickup » Wed Aug 18, 2010 7:35 am

more Post-Barcelona creations

Nuria Fernandez, ESP, '76, 4.00.20 PB; prev PB 4.02.43 '09
Oh Barcelona!
you have prompted her best run
Nuria Fernandez *
* Nuria Fernandez, '76, 1.68m / 58kg, ESP, PB 4.00.20 '10; prev PBs 4.01.77i '09; 4.02.43o '09; 4.03.37 '06; 4.03.57 '03; 800 PB 2.00.35 '98! - looks a bit like a Kelly Holmes story, who was also 34 with her 2 great wins.

After 15 years
of sweat, endeavour, p'haps tears
Nuria Fernandez

Not Berlin-strong here
Natalia 'push' Rodriguez;
instead Nuria.

Feared Alminova
had the filing field follow;
she followed 5 in.

Three fast-times Anna
put fear into all their hearts
but 'twas 6th place fear.

Foot-firm from the front
Anna Alminova had,
but then lost her grip.

1.5k (W) GBR

What of England, Twell? *
Lisa, Lisa, Lisa Dob
how she captures minds.
* BBC intro images of 1.5k mentioned Dobrinskey, England, Twell, but showed Dob, Dob, Dob

Lisa Dobrinskey, GBR, 4.01.54, SB 3.59.79; PB 3.59.50 '09
Lisa 'drug deplorer' Dobrinskey
it was hard from the starting line
set there next to Hind 'druggie' Dehiba
and 3-laps plus favourite Anna-close.

Dob was perfect poise
till a crucial 1/2-lap out
then boxed, outfoxed, lost.

Alminova helped;
Asli 'drug' Cakir hindered;
so Dob ended 4th.

Lisa Dobrinskey
was 4th but had carried there
high expectations.

Oh Lisa fear not
for you'll resurrect, survive
shine too, and yes, talk.

Stephanie Twell, '89, 4.02.70 PB; prev PB 4.03.48 '09
while Stephanie Twell
it was thought did very well
via a PB too.

Ms Stephanie Twell
as Bruce Forsyth would have said
'didn't she do well'.

Hannah England '87, 4.05.07; SB 4.04.33; PB 4.04.29 '09
and Hannah England
while only 10th at the end
In the team! Not out.

Ms Hannah England
this time was not in the stand
but racing with grace.

dp wed 18aug10
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Postby d pickup » Thu Aug 19, 2010 11:43 am

more Post-Barcelona creations

Alemitu Bekele, TUR, '77, 14:52.20 CR; SB 14.46.44i; PB 15.05.85 '08
Alemitu Bekele
decadal runner Ethiopia
decadal runner now for Turkey too
and Barcelona-shocked with grabbing gold.

Elvan Abeylegesse TUR, '82, 31.10.23, SB; PB 29.56.34 '08
In 25 laps
Elvan Abeylegesse
legged it with largesse.

Olga Kaniskina RUS, '85, 1.27.44, SB; prev SB 1.28.26; PB 1.24.56 '09
Olga Nikolaevna Kaniskina
has been a
heal-toe winner
and gold-spinner
ahead of many a Russian -ina. *
* eg on the all-time list:
3 1:25:11 Anisya Kirdyapkina
7 1:25:29 Irina Stankina
8 1:25:32 Olena Shumkina
9 1:25:46 Tatyana Shemyakina

Zivile Balciunaite LTU, '79, 2.31.14, SB; prev SB 2.35.31; PB 2.25.15 '05
For Zivile Balciunaite
Championship glory has come career-late
and in the marathon 30km late with pace mania
she broke and was the one gold for Lithuania

Yuliya Zarudneva RUS, '86, 9.17.57 CR; prev SB 9.23.00; PB 9.08.39 '09
Yuliya Zarudneva
from Volgograd not Geneva
she was 2nd in Berlin
but in Barcelona and Stockholm * she earned the golden pin.
* 9:17.57 1 Barcelona 30/07/10, 9:17.59 1 Stockholm 06/08/10

Hatti Dean, GBR, '82, 9.30.19 PB; prev SB 9.40.00; prev PB 9.38.56 '07
Hatti Dean
where for the last 3 years have you gone and been
you added the cream
to the GBR Barcelona dream
with your slim stream
of running, clearing each beam
and for CVC were the tops in the team.

ht 10
Barbara Parker, GBR, '82, 10.20.99; PB 9.35.17 '10
Barbara Parker
it all coming together,
just fell apart here.

dp thur 19aug10
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more Post-Barcelona creations

Nevin Yanit, TUR, '86, 12.63/-0.5, PB; prev PB 12.74 '10; 12.71/-0.4 sf
There was this Turkish hurdler Nevin Yanit
who perhaps quietly cleared 10 hurdles without a hit
but a win! lots of noise
that would frighten the boys
all that jewelry, all that prancing, a post-race fit!

Nevin Yanit
with big-strength thighs
and bejewelled, squawked and squealed in victory.

Natalya Antyukh, RUS, '81, 1.75m / 64kg, 52.02 PB, CR, prev PB 54.00 '10; prev season PB 54.11
Natalya Antyukh
shook her statistics book
by a wapping amount here
there was no one else near.

Perri Shakes-Drayton, GBR, '88, 54.18 PB; prev PB 54.73sf; prev SB/PB 54.91 '10; prev season PB 55.26
Perri Shakes-Drayton
shake, shake, shake
you've come on a ton
have a drink, a perrier.

Eilidh Child, GBR '87, 55.51; PB 55.17 '10; prev season PB 55.32 '09
Eilidh Child
not here so wild
but you were still near great
and in the top 8.

dp fri 20aug10
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Postby d pickup » Fri Aug 20, 2010 10:04 am

David Oliver, USA, '82, 1.85m / 82kg, PB 12.89/0.5 '10

David Oliver
just flows
and glows
on the track
off the track
Ambassador DL
he'd do very well.
Sub-13 in Zurich

No not the temperature
not Oliver's 110H 5th sub 13s
but Farah's 5k 1st sub 13 minutes *
yesterday for GBR, for himself,
breaking the GBR record
the 29 year-old Moorecroft record
that old world record of '81.
Mo Farah has done it
the world's 79th athlete to do it,
and 13th ranking this year.

* Farah 12.57.94; Moorecroft 13.00.41

dp fri 20aug10
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Postby d pickup » Sat Aug 21, 2010 11:40 am

more Post-Barcelona creations

Blanka Vlasic, CRO, '83, 1.93m / 75kg, 2.03 = SB, =CR; PB 2.08 '09

with heels
restless eyed
brooding beauty
who greeted this century
becoming world junior champ
wants spectator clap attention
then starts slow measured strides
to clear the bar and then vent shouts
manifesting Croacian joy - and frustration
still seeking record of the world, Olympic gold.

Little Croatia
gives us tall Blanka Vlasic
who likes wearing heels.

Blanka Vlasic
is Caucasic & usefully bibasic *
when it comes to jumping high
with her long legs and each thrusting thigh.
* having two bases; actually re acids, how the hydrogen in them can be integrated

This Croatian lady named Blanka Vlasic
who most certainly was not acondroplastic *
when she jumped very high
she shouted, let out a sigh
but wants the World Record, Olympic title, they are basic.
* dwarfism resulting from abnormal formation of cartilage

The HJ stars they live with failure dreams
and that's what haunts them on the high jump fan.
Succeed, succeed, eventually they fail
against that 'it's not me' bar, up, up, up.
Now bar, you're clean with gleam, you just keeps quiet.
Yes, if you clear it, but another scene,
a frightening one, is if you dare to touch,
the slightest touch, it is so sensitive
nay irritable, it rattles, it may fall
you don't want that, you really don't want that
it wants tranquility, froze still & calm,
thus you can leave the pit, you're still alive.
So how to handle problems with the bar?
You scream, you punch, you crotch thrust - pace away.

Blanka's PB progress:
2,08 31/08/09 Zagreb
2,07 07/08/07 Stockholm
2,06 30/07/07 Thessaloniki
2,05 21/07/07 Madrid
2,04 11/05/07 Ad-Dawhah
2,03 01/07/06 Somosko
2,03 10/08/04 Ljubljana
2.01 15/08/03 Zürich
1.96 20/07/02 Kingston
1.95 08/07/01 Zagreb
1.93 30/07/00 Zagreb

dp sat 21aug10
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The easy-jolt life of the Bolt colt

You want to win the easiest way
you're keeping fit but will not sway
the record books this non-champ year
for they're the ones for you most dear
so it's a season tick-tock style
no interest to win by a mile
there's nothing big, just grows the pile
of money from promotional guile

dp sun 22aug10


Lycaon pictus and Homo sapiens

(Brit Mo Farah broke 13mins for 5k
13th on 2010's world list
63rd on all-time world list
placing him behind 31 Kenyans
he's trained with the Kenyans)

African wild dog males
typically don't leave their birth pack
and the submission-based hierarchy
produces nonaggression as the norm.
There's little sexual dimorphism
so some males may stay
to guard the pups,
mothers joining the hunt.

Tall, lean, cursorial hunters,
pursuing prey in long, open chases
pack members vocalize to help
coordinate their movements.
Hunting larger prey requires
a closely coordinated attack
with 80% ending in a kill;
their bite is very, very strong.

The African wild dog
hunt in packs
Kenyan MD runners train,
'tis said, like a hunting pack.

So take your ipod, p'haps a book,
a listening ear, reflective eyes;
between the meals and rest-sleep time
it's running, running with the pack.
You think you train hard back at home;
it's harder here out in the plains,
African Kenya, altitude,
the simple life, survival life.

In Kenya many humans run;
and running well can make one rich
In England where some overeat,
and use a car from door to door
and car the children to their school
Perhaps a Kenyan mother would
run kilometres to the school
if need be; water, firewood too.

dp sun 22aug10
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Postby d pickup » Mon Aug 23, 2010 9:42 am

more Post-Barcelona creations

Nadzeya Ostapchuk BLR, '80, 1.80m / 90kg, 20.48; SB 20.95; PB 21.09 '05
Nadzeya Ostapchuk
with the shot does a put not a chuck
has a so-much-better PB indoors *
but I've no idea of the cause.
* 21.70 '10 PBi, 21.09 '05 PBo; 20.95 '10 SBo

Sandra Percovic CRO, '90, 1.83m / 80kg, 64.67; PB 66.85 '10 NR; pre-10 PB 62.79 '09
how very much younger you are Sandra Percovic
than the others in the discus where it's all a bit pelvic
but it helps a good long arm
at the end, whip, explode, but wait, wait, be calm.

Betty Heidler, GER, '83, 76.38 SB; prev SB 75.82; PB 77.12 '09
Betty Heidler
is no idler
going at a rate
4 turns and wait
such speed the heavy hammer it needs a good bridler *
* One who bridles, restrains, or controls.

Linda Stahl GER, '85, 1.76m / 73kg, 66.81 PB; prev SB 62.65; prev PB 66.06 '08
Now Steinheim medicine student Linda Stahl
gave her javelin a 'quite strong and direct' flight like that of the starle *
and the plan wasn't for you to win, but move over
top of the rankings Maria Abakumova
and you did foil
Christina Obergföll
and Barbora Špotáková
had a spot of bova
while Mercedes Chilla
did she do things right with her axilla? **
and Martina Ratej SLO
perhaps she was slow
so you coming in, adding metre after metre to you best
you beat the rest.
* starling
** armpit

Steve Backley gave the javelin prize
so up to Linda he did rise
to give a kiss
she moved, a miss
instead a javelin arm-hand, stiff, cut him down to size!

dp mon 23aug10
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Postby d pickup » Tue Aug 24, 2010 10:25 am

more Post-Barcelona creations

Svetlana Feofanova RUS, '80, 1.63m / 50kg, 4.75 SB; prev SP 4.71; PB 4.88 '04
Svetlana Feofanova
does no bossa nova
over the bar
simple-smooth, and no Isinbaeva, she is the star.

Kate Dennison, GBR, '84, 4.55 = SB; PB 4.60i '10, 4.60o '09
Kate Dennison
looks for control, come on,
of that higher grip
for 4.60+, then let rip.

Ineta Radevica LAT, '81, 1.76m / 56kg, 6.92/0.7 PB (6.72/1.9q); prev SB 6.71/0.0; prev PB 6.80/-1.8 '05
PB-ing just right
Ineta Radevica
eclipsed more-ranked stars.

Olha Saladuha , UKR, '83, 1.75m / 55kg, 14.81/1.1 EL, prev SB 14.78; PB 14.84 '08
Olha Saladuha
what are you going to do? Ah
consolidate the last 3 years which was vital
and here win your first title.

10 14.81 1.1 Barcelona 31/07/10
08 14.84 0.0 Kyiv 03/07/2008
07 14.79 0.4 Bangkok 13/08/2007
06 14.41 0.4 Rieti 27/08/2006
05 14.04 0.6 Kyiv 21/06/2005

10 best
14.84 0.0 1 Kyiv 3 Jul 2008
14.81 1.1 1 Barcelona 31 Jul 2010
14.79 0.4 1 Bangkok 13 Aug 2007
14.78 0.6 1 Yalta 29 May 2010
14.76 0.0 1 Donetsk 8 May 2010
14.73 0.6 3 Réthimno 14 Jul 2008
14.70 1.2 9 Beijing 17 Aug 2008
14.67 0.8 2 Moskva 10 Jun 2008
14.62 0.2 2 Kalamáta 4 Jun 2008
14.60 0.7 7 Osaka 31 Aug 2007

dp tue 24aug10
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Postby d pickup » Wed Aug 25, 2010 10:14 am

more Post-Barcelona creations

Jessica Ennis, GBR, '86, 57kg / 1.65m, 6823 PB CR; prev PB 6731 '09
Jessica Ennis
won more gold in Barcelona
a hard 2-days work.

Jessica Ennis
led the GB team, captain
from the front, with gold.

This young woman JE from Sheffield
can run, hurdle, jump and missiles wield
though of average height
but psycho degree bright
so took the gold, multi-event, in track and field.

Jessica Ennis GBR from Sheffield
does the 7 Hep events in track and field
her opponents are able
and in comps are stable
but she's focused, calm under pressure, she won't yield.

Natalyia Dobrynska, UKR, '82, 75kg, 1.82m, 6778 PB; prev PB 6733 '08
Natalyia 'Ukraine' Dobrynska
you've Champ time trumped again once more
and not far off the gold this time.
Your PBs falling like nine-pins
in Beijing, Barcelona here
and brave you were the last event
you took the lead, the aim top spot
but how to think you'll run 2 laps
with one wrapped round your solid waist! *
so meanwhile trim down for next time.

* see
2010 ... 0&bih=1050
2008 ... =&gs_rfai=

dp wed 25aug10
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Postby d pickup » Thu Aug 26, 2010 8:37 am

more Post-Barcelona creations


FRA, 38.11
Lemaitre did a Bolt
3 gold medals in the sprints
France now 3rd world-ranked.

RUS, 3.02.14
"I [Martyn Rooney, '87, 1.98m PB 44.60]wanted to get that pesky Russian [Vladimir Krasnov, '90, less than 1.80, PB 45.12] and bring him down to size; 400 ind: 3 Rooney 45,23, 4 Krasnov 45.24

'I wanted to get
that pesky Russian and bring
him down to size'. No.

GBR 9: 39.49; 2: 3.02.25
We're going for gold
we can win both the men's relays;
fumble; shadow runs.

UKR, 42.29
where are the Ukraine
sprinters in the ranking lists?
but here them supreme.

RUS, 3.21.26
1, 2, 3, 4, ranked
and there's others in the wings
their chosen 4 flew.

GBR 10: 44.09; 3: 3.24.32
Who, yes who should run
for GB's women's relays
and do us justice!

dp th 26aug10
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