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Go Team GB

Postby Go Team GB » Wed Jun 20, 2012 4:09 pm

Hi All,

As a young athlete who can't wait for this summers Olympics I have come up with (in my opinion :lol:) a great way to show our support for Team GB both for this summers games and generally in the future :D

The idea that I have come up with is GO TEAM GB window stickers which can be bought online from or through ebay (exactly the same price). I have priced them at £2.50 which includes postage and packaging - at this price these are non profit and simply designed to show our support of our greatest team!

So some more info....

GB car stickers are official, unofficial Team GB merchandise. We have no direct link to either Team GB, the Olympics or London 2012. BUT in the next few weeks we at GB car stickers feel that our greatest team is set to put on one of the greatest shows we have ever seen. We have therefore come up with this simple way in which we can all come together and show our support for Team GB.... GO TEAM GB window stickers!

Sized at 210mm x 80mm these fun stickers can easily be applied to the inside of car rear windscreens or windows without affecting your sight or view whilst driving (they are a very similar size to your traditional car stickers that garages often put in your rear windscreen for you). These stickers are printed onto clear static cling vinyl so will happily cling to any glass without leaving any horrible sticky marks!

In fact GB car stickers offer such a great way to get behind your country this summer why stop with the car!!! Although these are marketed under the car sticker banner these stickers are designed to successfully stick to any clean and dust free glass so there are endless opportunities for people to join in an show their support for Team GB.


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Go Team GB
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