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Re: Throws

Postby MikeWinch » Tue Aug 14, 2012 11:27 am

I totally agree Steve, but that hasn't happened. As soon as an athlete has shown talent, they have been subject to a contract if they want funding. In that contract the athlete must agree to allowing his/her athlete be 'given' another coach if the original one is not 'considered' good enough.

This has been the bone of contention for many of us right from the start of the athlete contract issue. No problems with contracts, but a lot of problem in UKA being able to dictate who coaches whom. Particularly in retrospect when so many have fallen by the way side or failed to improve or compete well.

It could all have been done properly and carefully, but it wasn't.

I have been an advocate of the 'seamless pathway for coach and athlete' since ever...... That way you can take the personal coach along and educate and train where necessary, without creating the huge animosity of pushing him or her to one side.
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Re: Throws

Postby olympic » Tue Aug 14, 2012 9:13 pm

In London - Sophie H performed superbly. Lawrence did well to get to final and showed his consistency at making finals - needs to have more consistent throws and extend distance - definate medalist potential for the future. As for Myerscough -time to hang up GB vest - waste of our resources at a champs - save the fabric. Brett Morse - what a serial under achiever and about time he stopped being selected - was very lucky to be chosen with no current A and backed that up with crap perormaces at the Olympics and Europeans - how many times will he think that mediocre is good enough. His indiscretions on Twitter in the past and currently, are unaccepatable - this is not acceptable for a GB role model - however he is not a role model. Some of the rubbish on Twitter that he writing is unbelievable - falling out with people. The worst thing is that he thinks he great. Mens Javelin was again poor and musty really do better. You must not be content with being just good enough to get selected - put yourself out for a great performance and stop using excuses.
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