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Cycling makes UKA look like clowns

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Re: Cycling makes UKA look like clowns

Postby bevone » Tue Jun 12, 2012 10:10 pm


Im sorry, I read it back and you are right - as you are from time to time mate!!!!! Thanks for clarifying it. But what ever I or Brett say about the straw that may have broken the camels back - their quotes and cvc's when put to task with his own e-mails telling me he had to be coached by VH and that he UKA) had introduced them and the quote that it had been decided that there needed to be a change is clearly admitting to interfering and poaching. So let us not pretend that BM did not wake up one morning and decided he would find a new coach - uka admit to introducing and encouraging him to leave and also funded it. Did you know VH charges £10K a year to coach and you have to visit him at his camps so that is going to cost another £10k with rent food and travel probably. No idea how he is doing it now but I imagine now he is playing ball maybe those funding streams Pickering promised are now availabe to him. Lawrence Okoye broke the UK record, won the U23 europeans and ended up on development funding (5K a year?????) and look at how he has gone this year - as we all expected tbh - so work that one out? I have said all I need to say about this as it is old news but does give a good example of how uka works and this is out in the public domain so let us not pretend they work under some sort of higher level of professionalism and morality as a uka person once told me.

I should apologise to damocles as i have referred to them as a man - you could acutally be a woman and I have been told by my better half that you write like a woman. Either way i have nothing else to say on that matter. I dont abuse people online like this and dont expect it back. Cheers to ultra as well1
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Re: Cycling makes UKA look like clowns

Postby Laps » Thu Jun 28, 2012 7:23 am

The selection procedures for Athletics and Cycling appear to be very different animals. Does Athletics actually need Trials at all. What do they achieve and at what cost?
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Re: Cycling makes UKA look like clowns

Postby Damocles » Fri Jun 29, 2012 1:21 pm

bevone wrote:Damocles
i am not discussing anything with an anonymous poster or take any cowardly abuse for them or are you brave enough to expose yourself. So put up or shut up!
Thanks JOh mulkeenfor your lack of admin of this. this site is slipping back to the bad old days of abusivr posts i fear.

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.....

Excuse me. you've just asked me to do exactly what I been asking you to to. YOU are an anonymous poster and YOU are not brave enough to put up. Pot, kettle, black. Game and match I think!!!!

The person you are purporting to be, is a university lecturer, has a degree, or two and has taught at private schools. I do not think you are him, because you post anonymously, never really have the full answers, you infer a lot and I canot believe that a highly educated educator, can neither spell and has a poor grasp of grammar.

I'm sure that admin is letting this run, because asking you to back up your arguments, is not being abusive. Indeed, you are far more abusive than I, so beware lest it is you that falls to his wrath.
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Re: Cycling makes UKA look like clowns

Postby Tuckin » Fri Jun 29, 2012 1:29 pm

Damocles wrote:Pot, kettle, black... never really have the full answers, you infer a lot and I canot believe that a highly educated educator, can neither spell and has a poor grasp of grammar.

The irony...
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Re: Cycling makes UKA look like clowns

Postby Ursus » Mon Jul 09, 2012 9:15 pm

Meanwhile, back to the cycling.......

Today, Bradley Wiggins produced a stunning performance that may well win him one of the biggest prizes in any sport. A phenomenal talent for sure, but more importantly he operates in a no holds barred culture of extreme excellence. No detail too small, no stone unturned, no corner cutting, and ultimate commitment to his sport. A couple of years ago he was taken to task by the team management & told that his conditioning and attitude both needed sorting. Some serious tough love, with some serious results.

The guy behind Team Sky is Dave Brailsford who had earlier applied the same perfectionist principles to the GB track team, and guess what, they became the best in the world. Clive Woodward had the same approach to the rugby, booting out players who didn't buy into his vision, although his legacy was shamefully wasted. The England cricket team has been highly successful since the introduction of central contracts geared to the success of the national side.

English football has continued on its own sweet arrogant way....poor coaching of youngsters, too many foreigners, lack of a winter break, lack of an academy (now thankfully being fixed), emphasis on "entertainment". All geared to make (or lose) a great deal of money. Working for the benefit of the national team is way down the list, and the sustained under achievement speaks for itself.

Yes athletics is different to cycling, but could learn a lot from it.....on the flip side what could GB cycling learn from GB athletics?? Without a central culture of excellence,to which the country's top athletes are compelled to buy into, success will only ever be sporadic, and more by luck than design. There's a buzz phrase at the moment about "the process, not the outcome", and that's about right. Commission Dave Brailsford to review the structure of athletics in this country, and I'll bet his ideas would be revolutionary.
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Re: Cycling makes UKA look like clowns

Postby ultragirl » Mon Jul 09, 2012 10:14 pm

Yes he might even come up with a club stucture which gets support from the NGB, and a reward for success system across the board, but I do not hold my breath. One thing we can all be sure of is they will never let go of something as big as athletics as it a big trough which feeds many snouts and ego's.
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Re: Cycling makes UKA look like clowns

Postby BigGut » Tue Jul 10, 2012 9:26 am


Let me assure you that cycling is very successful without having any support for the clubs whatsoever. Aside from local races and time trialling there is very little of a club structure int he country at all. It is all based around trade teams most of whom receive no funding whatever and there are very, very few coaches in the sport at club level.

There are also issues with selection, whereby it is entirely subjective for road events and where athletes within the program, ie academy riders, get selection for events over athletes who ride for trade teams. You wouldn't accept any of this so touting cycling as a model is actually asking for your worst nightmare.
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