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    WR M 0, W 1
    WL M 4, W 6
    CR M 1 W 2
    All 48 events
    100 Justin Gatlin
    got a win
    but a double druggie past
    received a spectator boo boo blast

    200 Ramil Guliyev
    upped each and every rev
    with many a tatoo
    but didn’t get a boo

    400 Wayde van Niekerk
    previously gave the world record a jerk
    went for a double
    but he met trouble

    800 Pierre-Ambroise Bosse
    with the strength of a posse
    at last a senior title
    for full satisfaction it vital

    1500 Elijah Motonei Manangoi
    worked a bit of magic, baloi
    up from ’15’s second
    yes of that he went beyond

    5000 Muktar Edris
    not much really, but now murdris (murder)
    of 10k-tired Mo with a blow, and what a show
    winning the slow 5000 with a last lap that did flow and glow

    10000 Sir Mo
    leisurely laping, lets leaders go
    last lap bold
    the others he did scold, left them cold, landed another gold

    MAR Geoffrey Kirui
    from him no ennui
    in the longest race
    the rest he did outpace

    stch Conseslus Kipruto
    go to
    and at the end easy
    yes teasy-peasy

    110H Omar McLeod
    it was very much a likelihood
    that this world leader, rising star
    would lead over each hurdle bar

    400H Karsten Warholm
    from Norway’s Ulsteinvik not Denmark’s Bornholm
    now a world champion 1-event feat

    20kmW Eider Arévalo
    back home he’ll get a halo
    Columbia a gold!?
    well now you’ve been told

    50kmW Yohann Diniz
    how he can fizz & whizz
    the world ‘amazing’ record man
    in a championship shows he can

    400r GBR
    the gold class
    successful each pass

    1600r Trinidad & Tobago
    go go go go
    and how they did
    successful in their gold bid

    HJ Mutaz Essa Barshim
    the field had reason to fear him
    favorite all season
    WL a good reason

    PV Sam Kendricks
    tops the men who go high using sticks
    up, body-flexes, body-extends, such aerial tricks
    such smooth gymnastics

    LJ Luvo Manyonga
    gets stronger and stronger
    world leader, world champ
    on this year he’s put his stamp

    TJ Christian Taylor
    3 ways to be a sailor
    hop, step, jump
    wants 60-feet, bump, bump, bump

    SP Thomas Walsh
    no he’s not Welsh
    but a small country too
    another big New Zealander, whoo!

    DT Andrius Gudzius
    used the full circle radius
    near 2-meters tall, 300-lbs big
    for that 2kg spinning plate the right rig

    HT Paweł Fajdek
    watch him from the observation deck
    4 rounds, release, roar, reside
    gold with circle-spread Polish pride

    JT Johannes Vetter
    just did it, not a time to be a fretter
    a 2nd all-time list world leader
    and from Germany a throwers’ breeder

    DEC Kévin Mayer
    an athletics all round player
    olympic silver last year
    now one place up on the podium tier


    100 Tori Bowie USA
    the fastest – wowie
    for on the day
    she at last made hay

    200 Dafne Schippers
    has many worshippers
    great final dip
    so nearest rival did pip

    400 Phyllis Francis
    what a surprise for this miss
    from the others did flee
    and got gold and a PB

    800 Caster Semenya
    from S Africa not Kenya
    naturally endowed
    mixed feelings from the crowd

    1500 Faith Kipyegon
    joins again the gold wagon
    just 42kg
    so needs to use every dram and gram

    5000 Hellen Onsando Obiri
    it not eerie
    to see her win
    her stunning effort, joyous smile, grin

    10000 Almaz Alana
    who perhaps practices dhyana (meditation)
    last year the record, so bold
    this year’s first race but still gold

    MAR Rose Chelimo
    smooth as a stretch limo
    all that way
    and at the end pulling away

    100H Sally Pearson
    do you have your ears on
    a lady from the past so finished?
    no golden again not diminished

    400H Kori Carter
    not a favorite starter
    on the outside lane
    for favorite Muhammad a punishing pain

    stch Emma Coburn
    $30,000 money to burn
    the Kenyans unmasted
    totally blasted

    20kwW Jiayu YANG
    from the Chinese gang
    here PBing
    no time for London sightseeing

    50kmW Inês Henriques
    in Portugal will surely be made a marquess
    a world record try one
    now again, in a championship, she has won

    400r USA
    add to their gold tray
    4 fast dames
    no space for their names

    1600r USA
    the last day
    utterly sovereign, supreme
    so for four each a gold dream

    HJ Mariya Lasitskene
    at the London scene
    not for her nation
    but won so elation

    PV Ekaterini Stefanidi
    on her PV runway speedy
    family & partner athletic
    none now need to be a critic

    LJ Brittney Reese
    needs to know where is the crease
    and exactly so
    this fast event that’s utterly go, go, go

    TJ Yulimar Rojas
    a Venezuelian lass
    young, tall, startling
    here in London sparkling

    SP Gong Lijiao
    knows that 1 yuan equals 10 jiao
    though the family name is Gong
    whatever, in China they’ll go bong, dong, tong.

    DT Sandra Perkovic
    source of pride for those Slavic
    the C21st top platter female
    top in february and here did not fail

    HT Anita Włodarczyk
    the favorite many did pick
    as before so far ahead
    but needed 4 rounds before she led

    JT Barbora Špotáková
    explodes like a supernova
    double Olympic, double World
    her ability we see here it again unfurled

    HEP Nafissatou Thiam
    rightly ‘I AM’
    yes the top all-rounder
    can throw, run and a fine high jump bounder

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    Unlike you, dpickup, lost for words!

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    ‘Unlike you’ you say. Well we’re all multi-personalities I guess, and see the strivings of athletes in different ways. Ageing joints preclude masters athletics so words it has to be! And about athletics too with all its faults national and International.

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    Winners in London
    15 men’s events which includes some who made the WL slot at the Champs
    14 women’s event which includes some who made the WL slot at the Champs

    Interesting all 4 men and 4 women jumpers were WLs beforehand and won in London

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