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    I (unwisely) promised a retrospective on how I thought the GB team did, so here we go. Rather than try and overcomplicate things I’m going to go with good average and bad as my highly scientific assessment, with good being either overperformance or doing what was expected of them (where expectations were high), average being satisfactory but not rocking any boats and bad being an underperformance. I’ll be taking athletes performances in all events as a single mark, including relays, and using as a reference for benchmarking expectation.

    Reece Prescod: Comes in as surprise British Champion, leaves with a new PB and as a WC finalist with clearly frightening top end. Really exciting one to watch. Good
    James Dasaolu: Never really recaptured his 2013 form (when he made the final), I expected a semifinal coming in and he got one, finishing 15th. Average
    CJ Ujah: A disappointing 9th in the 100m when he should have made the final, and I was ready to mark him down as an underperformer, but that first leg in the 4x100m final was one of the best runs I’ve ever seen from a GB relay runner and he is now a World Champion. Good
    Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake: 4th in the 200m, relay gold, we’ll see how the transition to being a professional athlete goes but a real star already. Good
    Danny Talbot: I’ve already expressed my view that he is incredibly underrated, and 10th here with a PB followed by a great leg and changeovers to make him a World Champion merely adds to that. Good
    Zharnel Hughes: Still hasn’t recaptured his form from 2015, and disappointing to see him running 20.43 then 20.85 following his 20.2 run in London a month ago. Will have to go some to make suture teams when Gemili is fully fit. Bad
    Adam Gemili: Didn’t make an individual team, but that back straight in the 4x100m was one for the ages. Good
    Matt Hudson-Smith: Disappointed not to make the final, part of which was due to his poor heat run giving him a tight semifinal lane, but 44.74 is his 3rd best ever and he was part of a strong relay bronze. Average
    Dwayne Cowan: Got to the semis with a good run which was all that could be expected of him, and then ran two brilliant 44-low legs to take a Worlds medal in his first major at 32. This may be the peak of his short career, but who’d ever have thought he’d get there?! Good
    Martyn Rooney: Didn’t make it out of the heat, but I didn’t expect that of him. His job was to ensure a relay medal, and while the Rooney of old may have managed to come through for a shock gold in a reasonably slow final, the Rooney of today got the job done. Average
    Kyle Langford: Do I really need to say anything? Came in ranked 29th on entrants, came 4th, bright future ahead. Excellent (or, let’s say, double-good)
    Elliot Giles: So he was only ranked 17th of entrants but I thought his semifinal run was pretty poor. I expected him to make the final but he got himself stuck on the inside like a true Brit MD runner of the mid-noughties and faded to 6th. Will need to buck his ideas up a bit now he is no longer the brightest youngest thing. Bad
    Guy Learmonth: Ran a big PB to even make the champs, and beat Lewandowski and Tuka to get through his heat which I thought was way beyond him. Great job. Good
    Chris O’Hare: Any retrospective will be soured by his final performance which was a bit disappointing, but making the final in itself is an achievement when athletes of the quality of Kwemoi and Centrowitz failed. Average
    Jake Wightman: First major after a breakthrough season. Ran a good heat but slightly overwhelmed by his semi. Average
    Josh Kerr: Super young talent, but his heat showed just how big the step up from NCAA to World level is. Will have learned from this and a real one to watch in the next few years (he is FAST). Average

    Male Sprints/MD totals: 8 good 6 average 2 bad

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    Good analysis, Mystery. Not much to argue with there.

    Was going to launch into one about Rooney, but haven’t got the energy. PB 2 years ago, but now appears to be in terminal decline, should’ve given the 800 a proper lash. No longer a god with a baton. But who’s better?

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    Mo Farah: I mean, you can complain about ‘losing’ a Gold, but in my mind he won that Silver in the 5000m when he could easily have come 4th. Plus the 10000m. He’s going to be missed, especially by Neil Black. Good.
    Andy Butchart: Not an improvement on Rio, but top 8 in a global 5000m is excellent whatever and more than Britain ever got pre-Mo (last finalist before Mo was John Nuttall in 1995, last top 8 was Tim Hutchings in 7th in 1987). Good.
    Andy Pozzi: Should have made the final with no trouble. Should really have got a medal. That choke at hurdle 9 will live with him for a while. Bad.
    David Omoregie: Was always going to run a 13.4 or a 13.7. Unfortunately, it was more of a 13.7. Needs to become more consistent in delivering good performances, as they are top level, rather than faltering (see British Champs too…) Bad.
    David King: I didn’t expect him to get through, but delivering your second slowest time of the year when it really matters is disappointing. One of a solid crop of young hurdlers though. Bad.
    Jack Green: He made the semis, and ran a solid leg to get into the 4×400 final (and give himself a medal) but he will know he won’t ever have a better chance to make a global final than in a race won in 49.13… Really pleased to see him back out there though, and I can see a European medal next year. Bad.
    Ieuan Thomas: Making the champs was his final, and you felt like it with last in his heat. Bad.
    Rob Mullett: Watched him come last in his heat in Rio. Watched him come last in his heat here. However, until other athletes come, get the standard and beat him at the British Champs he is perfectly entitled to do that. Bad.
    Zak Seddon: Second fastest time ever and gave his heat a really good go. The one British chaser to come out with more positives than negatives. Average.
    Nathan Fox: 2nd best outdoor performance of the year in qualifying to come 19th. He’s just not a regular 16.80 jumper so did as well as expected. Average.
    Robbie Grabarz: Qualified well, but will be disappointed not to get a bronze that was really there for the taking. Average.
    Nick Percy: Throwing sub-60m in qualifying really is not enough… Bad.
    Nick Miller: Ranked 13th coming in, and a very tight 6th (less than 1m off silver) near his British record was brilliant. If he were sixth in the World in a track event you’d be anticipating a European Gold, but this is the Hammer… Should win the Commonwealths next year though. Good.
    Chris Bennett: 72m has been par for the course this year, not quite in 2016 form so this was bang average. Average.

    Male Distance/Hurdles/Field totals: 3 good, 4 average, 7 bad

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    Daryll Neita: Won her heat and a solid 4th in her semifinal in 2nd and 3rd fastest times ever, then anchored the relay looking very good. Now 8th on the all-time list at 20 years old, very exciting. Good.
    Asha Phillip: SB in the heat and slightly disappointing semi, but good in the relay and did all that was expected of her. Good.
    Desiree Henry: Underperformed in the individual – no point in running 11.09 in April and 11.2/11.3 when it matters. Continues to frustrate slightly when she could be a 10.9 runner. Average.
    Dina Asher-Smith: She came 4th in the Worlds having run a struggling 11.41 as her opener on 1st July. Unbelievable! I think she will go sub-22 next year (injury permitting) and win at least one future global individual medal. Good.
    Bianca Williams: Bit meh, but got through her heat in cold conditions and about hit par. Average.
    Shannon Hylton: Went out hard but wilted on the home straight – although she was British Champion one can’t help thinking the younger Agyepong could have done better. Bad.
    Zoey Clark: Her PB was an altitude 51.84 before London and she ran 51.81, 51.88 and split 51.8 in the relay final to set the team up for Silver. Great job, hope she carries on pushing on next year. Good.
    Emily Diamond: Disappointing in her individual, she made up for it with two strong anchor runs. Average.
    Anyika Onoura: Poor heat run, and revealing that she didn’t even run the relay heats. Like CO, looks like time is finally catching up with her. Bad.
    Laviai Nielsen: Missed the individual, but her relay heat especially (a very controlled 50.5) showed her to be a future star. Good.
    Perri Shakes-Drayton: Just so great to see her back. I doubt we’ll ever see a 49-split from her again but you never know… Average.
    Lynsey Sharp: Made it into the final after a bit of drama, and although found wanting there she actually ran a solid race positioning herself well, the quality is just so high. Can feel she did herself justice. Good.
    Adelle Tracey: If you come to the Worlds and set a PB in both your heat and your semi you’ve done a damn good job. Good.
    Shelayna Oskan-Clarke: Handed an impossible semi with Wambui and Niyonsaba but 6th there was as still a little disappointing. Should go well at the Euros next year. Average.
    Laura Muir: Hard to place. 4th and 6th in the World is unbelievable, and she should be very proud, but obviously she is devastated as she ran to win, or at least get a medal. I still think she did a good job, and the level is just so high that it was 50-50 for 2nd/4th and she came up tails. Good.
    Laura Weightman: I always saw her grinding her way into a Worlds final and coming 10th or so, so 6th place was a great achievement as she beat some very good runners. Would love to see her break 4 soon. Good.
    Jessica Judd: That heat run really got the crowd going, and to run a PB like that showed great mental strength. She will be a very good 5000m runner. Good.
    Sarah McDonald: Another to run a PB in the heats, and her 3rd fastest ever to be a second off making the final as GB put 4 in the top 24 in the World. Fully warranted her place. Good.

    Female Sprints/MD totals: 11 good, 5 average, 2 bad.

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    Enjoying your assessment, Mysterybrick …

    if I may add…

    Reece Prescod: B+ Followed his career from 3 seasons back and very excited, especially over 200m. Yes, a PB and aWC finalist marks a very good start to what I hope is an exciting journey.
    James Dasaolu: C He must be looking over his shoulder and seeing a lot of young talent coming through and to even make Commonwealths or Euroepeans will be a challenge…
    CJ Ujah: B A great relay leg but disappointing he didn’t make the individual final,
    Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake: A I really like the way he comes across in interviews. Articulate and showed real maturity in the final leg of the relay.
    Danny Talbot: A- I agree he is very underrated, and a good PB and a great leg in the relay. Came across in interviews as an intelligent thinker and I hope he is considering a 400 or two next year.
    Zharnel Hughes:C – Unimpressive. He may have suffered from a disrupted season but there are others queuing up for his place in the relay funding.
    Adam Gemili: B+ Did what was asked of him and always comes across as a smart, level headed chap. With an injury free winter I look forward to see what he can do.
    Matt Hudson-Smith: B- If the rumours are true and he is on the autistic spectrum then a degree of latitude is necessary. A very talented runner but I fear he may not achieve his full potential.
    Dwayne Cowan: B+ Let his performance be a standard bearer to all those over 25 who still feel they can make a their athletic ambitions come true. His relay performances show real heart and determination. I have often said too much funding is concentrated on the young athletes, who aren’t even sure they want to purse it as a career… how many other 25 plus could benefit from the Cowan factor… many I reckon …
    Martyn Rooney:B He redeemed this season with one relay run. Maybe too late for him to take 800 seriously but I hope he has an injury free build up to next season .
    Kyle Langford: B+Do I agree a bright future ahead but I need to see a sub 1.45 before I get too excited. His interview on the BBC sofa was much better than I was expecting.
    Elliot Giles:C Unconvincing effort and must do better.
    Guy Learmonth: B I missed his race but making through heats was above my expectations.
    Chris O’Hare: B+ I agree his final performance was disappointing but in the long run it may give him the confidence that he can mix it with the best
    Jake Wightman:B I was hoping for more but his first major will have been a learning curve and I hope for better results in the future. after a breakthrough season.
    Josh Kerr: C I had heard a lot about him but who knows what the future holds.

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    Thanks, @mysterybrick. Can’t disagree with any of your assessments or grades.

    Particularly glad that our 1500m women all performed very well (GB men, were you watching?) though, of course, gutted for Laura Muir so narrowly missing a medal. Whilst Laura may remain the only potential global medalist of the bunch – Laura Weightman lacks top-end speed to really challenge – this is becoming a real area of strength in depth for us, with other youngsters Snowden & Courtney pushing them too. There’s a ton of fast 1500 girls in the junior and youth ranks too, so hopefully a couple of them at least will successfully make the bridge to seniors.

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