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Athletics World Cup – initial thoughts

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    Warning: may contain snark.

    Initial thoughts on the Athletics World Cup

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    Nice article. I like your idea about scheduling rounds of field events.

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    I’m generally pretty positive about the whole thing, staging it in a non world champs / Olympic year makes sense, the US should send a full strength team as they have no other demands this year. I can’t fathom why they’ve excluded the 3k steeple and the 5k, the steeple doesn’t take a huge amount of time to complete and if they’re concerned about fitting everything into the schedule they could swap the 5k for a 3k.

    If they’re thinking about doing things differently and experimenting with new ideas why not include an all-star team. Far too many of the likes of Schippers, Miller-Uibo, Rojas, Warholm, Pearson and Barshim will be watching it at home

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    My initial thoughts are that this new format will not be as good as the original World Cup inaugurated in 1977.

    In fact I don’t think its now possible to replicate the simple format begun in Dusseldorf. The seasons are now too crowded and athletes have Diamond League cash to hunt down.

    I attended the first one in 1977, and thoroughly enjoyed it (even though there were very few GB athletes competing for Europe).

    FWIW the old Europa Cup was also miles better than the insane European Team Champs that have replaced it. :cry: :cry:

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    Not many thoughts have surfaced on the World Cup, so I thought I would try to revive debate.

    No Oceania, no Africa, no Asia as entire concepts.
    No distance events.

    One thing I’m not sure of since I haven’t read the small print, is whether or not there will be some kind of relegation and promotion? I assume its not a one off, and its not inter-continental, so I suppose there is no reason you couldn’t have one in one out each year?

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    The relegation / promotion would make sense.

    I’m looking forward to it but I can’t imagine it being a priority for many athletes, I doubt there’s a lot of credibility that will follow; for example I can’t see it in the 100m at the 2019 world champs, with Steve Cram going “here’s Andre De Grasse in lane 5 then, world cup winner of course!”

    Happy for it just to be a small ‘battle of the nations’ competition, but this ‘world cup’ only places it on a pedestal it will fall very quickly from.

    It’s what the European Team Championships are to the European Championships, enjoyable somewhat – but its strongest year will probably be the first.

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    I thought this was a UKA event and not an official IAAF championship. There is substantial prize money which, hopefully, will appeal to many athletes. A bit more pressure and I think it’s still possible to include a 3000m. Assume field events will have restrictions on the number of attempts.

    UKA need to sell a lot of tickets to make this work otherwise they will take a financial hit. Something had to be put in the stadium in order to justify the track!

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    You are right , Geoff.
    Seb Coe is backing the event, but gives credit to British Athletics for creating it.

    It does say this is the ‘inaugural’ edition, so I guess the plan is to repeat the event.
    I’m all in favour of finding ways to keep the London Stadium active in the summer, and I suppose any renewal might be in London as well.

    I guess we will have to see what develops.

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