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The screaming ubernationalism on this Forum is pathetic. According to the posters responding with their little flags, Gemili was brilliant, fabulous , outstanding, and he beat Ashmeade. Wowee.!!!
As for the poster who reckons I undermine Gemili because I did not scream huzzahs from the roof tops… do you laugh or cry.?? I said he could medal and he did. I predicted Bronze and he got a Silver. The standard of the men’s sprinting was pretty dire, but not to the heroes of the AW Forum

Every single Brit in these Games or any other performances in any Champs is held to be wonderful to prove some weird patriotism or whatever it is.. If the word “underperformance” is ever written by some of the posters here around rather than the endless “injury” response, or they are too young or “unlucky” it is a rarety; never a case of a Brit athlete is just not talented enough.

To the ignorant SUPERFANS here , the TFN Forum posters actually know and admit frequently when some athlete, American or otherwise, has underperformed, has been poor , has lost form and SAY so; more than the pathetic posters here are EVER prepared to say. The comment about my slinking back here…( I have been writing on this Forum in its different lives for years!!) I love to read the pathetic musings of the Flag Wavers, who imagine that they sum up the excellence of British Athletics. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

Now Kilty was genuinely awful … but that’s OK here, because the posters don’t like him, so one can attack the guy. After all he does not fit the liberal hand wringing, holier than thou agenda of the posters here. As for Flumpy mumpy the worlds greatest self admiring fans….. words fail me.

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