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I agree about there being too much focus being on the ‘trials’ aspect rather than the ‘champion’.

Becoming British champion is a major achievement and should rightly be recognised as such. Racing in the Diamond League and at major championships is where athletes can test themselves against the rest of the world but there is nothing wrong in celebrating being British champion without always thinking of the global context.

Watching to see who becomes champion might raise the stakes somewhat for audiences in the stadium and on TV.

I’d be interested to know too how many tickets were offered to local schools and families. Clearly not enough was done by those in power to get bums on seats.

I’m also hearing quite a few grumbles from the athletes. Having to pay for their own parking at the stadium being one! Like Darren Campbell said on 5live, can you imagine if a footballer turned up for a match and had to pay for parking before going on to play…

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