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Reply To: European Team Championships

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Jade Lally doing what Jade Lally does “best”…. and that’s to under perform massively in any sort of athletics event that requires the wearing of an international uniform.

Not to sound too harsh or anything but to be honest, I need to ask the question… why does she even *bother* to turn up if that is all your going to produce, a 54 metre limp noodle of a Discus throw that lands her in 11th place, when her season’s best would have put her in the top 6 athletes in this championships and would have collected a good haul of points as a result.

And yet time and again, when it’s a major (or even a relatively minor) international competition, Jade Lally consistently shrinks under pressure.

While I agree with what you say it is very unlikely that any other British woman would have done any better.

She is another example of a British discus thrower with a tendency to throw particularly badly in truly international events. Most of her forebears in this club are men such as Perris Wilkins, Glen Smith, Dick Slaney and the Tancred brothers.

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