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Reply To: The 2017 Distance Running Thread Pt 2 – Recap of recent events

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I think we will be in for some strange results in the men and womens 800m/1500m in two weeks time at the Trials.
The 1500m men at the top are largely waiters especially if young Kerr comes over ; I do not see them as having the confidence to take a full last lap to burn off anyone, but you never know.
The womens 1500m will presumably have LM in the race and she might turn the screw over the last lap. Is she likely by the way to also run a 5k over the same w/e???Surely not.
Butchart beaten last night by Tom Marshall ;did not expect that.!!

I pay not too much attention to one off paced races whether BMC or DL in the context of the globals, as the latter are extraordinary tough with 3 races of world class people.
JJ showed good strength last night; likely to find that 4.05 is opening round heat times with the usual mad rush in the last 100m.

Did posters notice that at Huelva last night the Botswanans had another quality 400m man in Nkobolo at 45.34. They should have a good long relay squad if they are all fit.

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