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Reply To: The 2017 Distance Running Thread Pt 2 – Recap of recent events

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The only thing we can sure of is that Mo will perform excellently and our other British 10K athletes will bring up the rear; if that is the basis of selecting the above moderate athletes, just so that we can put them in the British team, so be it. Not much of a point,for me.

Totally ridiculous attitude that has negative outcomes. We see this with the European U23 Champs – there, if every country operated on the same selection standards as British Athletics the Men’s 800m would have 4 entrants (as opposed to 29 having the European standard), the Men’s 400m hurdles would have 3 entrants (as opposed to 30 having the European standard) etc. etc.

The adage was ‘no-one ever jumped higher by making the bar lower’ but if no-one is ever allowed to jump then you are nowhere at all…

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