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Reply To: Gotzis 2017

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I’ve felt for some time that KJT should drop the heptathlon and focus on one discipline.

Although heptathlon is probably her best chance of being GB’s number one and a medal contender, it just seems to frustrate her. I find her so uncomfortable to watch after she’s thrown anything or hasn’t produced near a PB in something else. Yeah it shows she’s hungry and passionate, but as soon as something doesn’t go her way you may as well write her off the competition she’s competing in.

I’d love her to directly follow in JEH’s path, but it seems to be (even more so after reading all this) that unless she’s medalling in the heptathlon, she’s failed and will just be criticised. I think she’s better off challenging Morgan Lake to be Britain’s No1 high jumper and compete in that, it’s so natural for her, if she gets bored then give the long jump a go – I don’t see her in the long term as a multi eventer.

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