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Do those complaining that KJT hasn’t dramatically improved her throws in the four and a half months she’s been with her new coaches realise that training for seven events means she’s only doing one technical session in each event every week (according to that Telegraph article higher up this thread)? She’s changed her shot and javelin techniques and her jumps run-ups. She’s in a new country, learning a new language, with a new training group and newly independent. Expecting all these changes to have reached their limits in such a short time is unrealistic and ungenerous.

And by the way, though it’s true that Kelly Sotherton never mastered the javelin, she still managed to win herself three Olympic medals and a few others, all achieved in her late twenties. Not a bad haul, it seems to me.

I’m not ‘complaining’ , Sidelined.

Kat has fantastic ability, so good, in fact, that she may be able to overcome her weaknesses in throws and grab a medal in London. And I’ll be there cheering her on.

But I won’t be expecting her to reach 14 metres in the shot, or 48 metres in javelin any time soon. If ever.

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