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Reply To: British Multis 2017

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“On returning to Liverpool she made the most difficult choice of her career: splitting from her coach of eight years, Mike Holmes. She says she is sad it happened, but had grown tired of going into a heptathlon “not feeling ready, always having an injury, and not being able to put together solid training – I was crossing fingers, not knowing for sure what I was going to do.”

Read into that what you will, but it sounds pretty accusatory to me.

Hopefully the change of environment will produce the outcomes we all want to see, but only results / time will tell if the grass really has been greener.

Steve I don’t think how she projects herself to others really matters. No matter how much you try to brazen it out, screw up one event in the hep and you’re done, you know it and so do your opponents. Maybe it boils down to coping with pressure, but Kat makes that kind of big mistake – Beijing LJ, Rio SP and v nearly in the 15 Europeans HJ, remember the stutters? Jess just didn’t and the other great thing about her was that she saw the big picture and worked v hard on her weaknesses at the expense of points in events she was much more gifted at. If Kat remains a 1.98 or better HJer, I doubt she’ll ever be even a regular 13m / 40m thrower.

I really hope she smashes it in Gotzis and London. Ultimately though I think her best chance of success will be concentrating on individual events.

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