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Reply To: New IAAF ratification rules will result in scrapping of most historical records

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I guess not Steve, just surprised it wasn’t adjusted, at least. It’s a record that’s as unattainable as any, in my opinion, and still stands as it did in Seoul:

7291, comprising: 12.69, 1.86 m, 15.80, 22.56, 7.27, 45.66, 2.08.51

Looking at that the Javelin was not even her strong suit on the day, she was a 50m thrower at best, but I would have thought some revision would have taken place, given that they’re not throwing the same implement? If they hadn’t changed the women’s javelin in 1999 we’d still have Petra Felke’s 80m throw on the books. I don’t remember a big hoo-ha from any of the old brigade at the time they reset that record, obviously that was for different reasons though

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