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Reply To: IAAF World Relays in Nassau, Bahamas, on April 22-23

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They do not, however, have the same strength in depth as the UK.

Strength in depth sounds nice, but it means nothing when you won’t put your best eight feet forward. In fact, I’d argue that GBR’s depth has been to its detriment; the pool is so deep that everyone becomes less important, and even worse, the faster guys become less important.

The attitude has become “we have loads of fast runners so just put any four together to get the job done”, whereas only USA and JAM can boast that level of strength and even then, they don’t bullshit and politic around stuff like “well, he hasn’t practised so we can’t take the chance” or “these guys are devoted and well-drilled so they deserve to run even if they aren’t the best”.

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