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By that logic you should also discount or re-rank Bolt’s 100 as he had a helpful, albeit measured, tailwind. Ditto for Pedroso as the disputed wind was measured at +1.2 and believed to be much more.

Most WRs are set when everything aligns and that includes helpful weather conditions. As far as the spear is concerned a strong wind is often more of a hinderance than a help and there is a real art in flighting the spear to suit the conditions.

Zelezny’s at the top of the pile for me. No-one else has been within 2.5 metres of his previous WR, let alone the current 21 year old one. Someone will break it one day, but they may not have been born yet. That said I was massively impressed by Neeraj Chopra’s WJR. Not so much the huge distance, more that his technique, dynamism and arm speed reminded me a little of the great man.

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