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I think you are looking at Split through rose tinted glasses. The men’s competition was not as strong as it will be in Zurich. Go through the winners event by event – it’s not a matter of opinion – and compare results with what we can expect this year. We remember great athletes like Christie and Black winning but forget that in 1990, Christie was still well short of his peak (he ran 10,00w) and Black was coming back from injury and ran 45.08. Christie was not a sub-10 runner that year. In Europe we already have two this year and Gemili and Desaolu are capable of adding to that number. The best Black could run in 90 was 44.91. Maslak is already running 44.79. I have little time for Rooney but he is on course to be faster this year.

Granted, Split was the last hurrah of the GDR and the results of their men’s throwers and whole women’s team were scarey (and obviously fraudulent).

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