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over paid over rated blah blah! I sometimes laugh at the myopic view of some of our athletics friends who do not see the bigger picture. Athletics is a minority sport that can hardly finance itself without large government support. It is simple mathematics. England vs the world celebrities and former professionals have a match and sell out 80,000 pay to watch for charity and could double that in demand for tickets. Our sport cannot fill a small stand for our top premiership league! Footballers have their names on various play station games and are household names. The sport does not rely on lottery funding but is a private independent venture. Athletes as individuals do well but we have few world beaters. Top flight internationals do very well and then there is Bolt! He caries the sport to an extent and keeps the sport in the papers. We cant compare apples with oranges I am afraid until athletics gets an following like football they will be the poor relation. I wish it was different

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