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Don’t vent your fury on the paralympians themselves; while UK Sport’s targets include winning lots of paralympic medals they deserve their funding as much as anyone else.

Put your hand on your heart, Steve, and say if you think Meadows, Vernon, Pavey or Sayers are really likely to win medals in Rio. I don’t think so, but I’d still design a system where they got medical cover, if nothing else.

This si teh problem. UK Sport is saying any sporting achievement outside the Olympics are essentially worthless and only the Olympics matter to the point nessless paralympians are more valuable to the establishment than European champions who make the front pages. They have lost all signt of the point of funding sport.

I understand the Olympics should be the big aim but it seems to me this system is ensuring less funding goes to athletes and more goes to the old boys networks of mate shiring their mates for beaucratic jobs of no vale in increasing medals. Each sport is still funded the same, they just give less to athkeles. That is the opposite of having value for money or an effective system. And in the long term fewer people with elite experience to share with future generations.

Was UK sport asking a while ago if sport should be baed entirely on Olympic medals.

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