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Reply To: German TV on Russian Doping

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It isn’t surprised many Russian athletes have doped. It is interesting it has come out after their own doping federation, after years of being a joke, appeared to have turned itself around and started hammering thier own dopers. I hope they are hammered hard.

I’m hoping given the runs of positives across many sports and a lot of the dodgy athletes in our own that we are squesing out the poison from sport wit short term pain for a genuine long term cultural change to the sport. It is sad however the IOC could increase anti-doping funding 4 times ove rto genuinely erradicate masses of doping. Basketball players from the NBA are essentially not ever tested, because theyw on’t be bothered to keep to the whereabouts rules, Tennis is a joke with Serena Williams refusing to answer the door to dope testers without any consequence and after 2 years of not ebing tested because it is so infrequent. The fact there isn’t a permenant doping centre in East Africa (until recently) is shocking, especialy as dozens of positives are coming out now including the current reigning 3 time women’s Boston marathon winner, Easten Europe has frequenctly been awful and genuinely nobody trusts China, especially as they just had an Olympic Gold swimmer banned and banned for a ridiculously short time. Stuff like boxing, Rugby and the NFL are on ridiculous levels of not giving a damn about being clean.

The IOC shoudl pour 100 million in each year (they acn afford it) and say all sports adhere to a certain standard of testing or be boote dout of the Olympics. In the long temr it will only raise confidence in sporting achievement which is sessentail to sport.

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