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Emma Coburn on her record-breaking run

Emma Coburn on her record-breaking run

Interview with the American champion following her national 3000m steeplechase record in Glasgow

Emma Coburn secured herself a spot in the record books on Saturday as she broke the American record for the 3000m steeplechase at the Sainsbury’s Glasgow Grand Prix.

The 23-year-old crossed the line in 9:11.42 to finish as runner up behind Hiwot Ayalew, who ran a world-leading 9:10.64.

Coburn has steadily been improving her personal best for the ‘chase this season, clocking 9:19.80 for victory at the Shanghai leg of the Diamond League series before running 9:17.84 in Eugene and 9:14.12 in Paris.

“It was very similar to Paris with me going right behind the rabbit for the first kilometre and then the rabbit peeled off and I had to do two kilometres alone which in breezy conditions, when you’re running PR pace, is really difficult,” said Coburn, who beat the record belonging to Jenny Simpson who ran 9:12.5 set at the World Championships in 2009.

“I was thrilled that I was able to finish a little bit tougher than I did in Paris and I’m going home for more training before I come back for the next Diamond League.

“I’m just happy that I have an American record under my belt and a few second place finishes in Diamond Leagues and can go home and try to get back to be a little bit more dominant for the next couple.

“It feels wonderful knowing that it’s my teammate’s record and I know that she’s at home and she’s proud of me

“I just feel lucky that I’m in a group with coaches who know what they are doing and teammates who are supportive so I’m really thrilled today.

“It was fun, the track was nice. I’m from Colorado and I like cold weather so it was pretty perfect and the crowd was cheering for me and I felt like a home athlete even though I’m from across the pond.”

The mark boosts Coburn to 11th on the world all-time list.

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