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Sponsored post: Andrew Butchart explains why he loves the Vitality London 10,000

When British Olympian Andrew Butchart broke a bone in his foot earlier this year and his rehabilitation process began, there was one race he immediately wanted to target for his comeback.

The Scotsman has returned to running but, sadly for him, the Vitality London 10,000 which takes place on Monday (May 28) has come too soon to take a place on the start line.

He would dearly love to be mixing it alongside the likes of course record-holder Sir Mo Farah and defending the title he has won for the past two years on the streets of the UK capital. On this occasion, he will reluctantly have to make do with being an interested observer when it comes to his “favourite road race”.

“When I got injured, this was the first race that I said I wanted to get back for,” says the New Balance athlete. “I can’t start back (racing) on the track, I need to start back on the road and it’s my favourite road race I’ve ever done.

“The race is so special because it offers a different aspect to road racing that I’d never experienced before. It feels like a track meet that the public can get involved in – that they get to feel what I’m feeling when I’m on the track.

“You’re running through the town centre and there are people (on the sidelines) who don’t even know what’s happening, they are just tourists, but because there are so many people and it’s such a big event they just get drawn to it.

“I’ve been lucky enough to be at the front for the past couple of years and when you are the first runner they see the crowd goes berserk. You just get such a big buzz from the race.”

According to Butchart it’s not just the crowds lining the city streets which make this Bank holiday spectacle so special, either.

“If I’m racing on the road then London is where I want to be,” he adds. “A lot of my friends do it, it’s a very British race and that’s really fun – also it doesn’t happen very often that you get to race all the top British athletes.

“In that respect, it’s kind of like a cross-country race, only on the road, and that’s my cup of tea.

“I love road racing and I love running in Britain so really it’s a win-win situation for me.”



New Balance: 1400v6 – £85.00

Andrew says: “Any time you see me on the road, I’ll be wearing New Balance 1400s – they’re my favourite. They’re so comfortable and that’s what matters to me. If I feel fast and comfortable in them, then I’m going to run better. As long as I feel good in my shoes then I’m happy and those are the ones I feel most comfortable in.”

AW’s Paul Freary says: “The REVlite foam provides a durable and responsive cushioning yet is light and keeps the overall weight of the shoes down to just 204g. The snug wrap- around fit and the curved last instantly creates the sensation of a shoe that wants to go fast – and the faster you go, the better it feels. The 10mm heel drop allows a smooth gait and means there’s enough protection, even at marathon distance.

“The engineered mesh upper and no-sew construction provides a snug, seamless fit and keeps the weight to a minimum without sacrificing support.

“From 5km to marathon, this shoe manages to provide a great blend of cushioning and protection in a minimalist, lightweight package while remaining good value for money.”

Andrew’s shoes are available to buy from June 1 at:
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