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Win with Olly’s Medal Run!

Win with Olly’s Medal Run!

International free gaming portal Poki has released new game Olly’s Medal Run and are giving AW readers the chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card!

The 2016 summer Olympics are in full swing! Watching the Olympic Games is fun, but getting involved is even better. Don’t worry — you don’t have to catch a last-minute flight to Rio! Poki, an international free gaming portal, has released Olly’s Medal Run game just in time for you to win the gold.

Here at Athletics Weekly, we’re immersed in the world of track and field. Olly’s Medal Run lets players compete in four sports, all of which take place on a completely unconventional track. There are hurdling rounds, football challenges, boxing matches, and swimming bouts. Despite the individual differences between each part of the competition, the most important aspect is that you run like the wind.

Olly is an adorable athlete and he’ll play for the country of your choice. In addition to the UK, there are 23 teams from every part of the globe. Customise Olly as a male or female competitor, and wear the colours of the Brazilian flag, join Canada’s squad, or try to win gold for Japan. There are also fun uniforms, including a colourful cupcake costume and giant maraca. Kids and older athletes can find the perfect combination of style and pride in their outfit.

As for the actual athletic competition, each event has its own challenges. During Olly’s Medal Run, your goal is to keep moving across the track. In the style of other award-winning endless runner games, the upcoming course is randomly generated. So it’s impossible to plan ahead and know what’s coming next.

The hurdling event is our favourite (for obvious reasons). When Olly sees the hurdles section coming up, he will put on his track shoes. Then, it’s all about timing. You don’t have to press any buttons to run, but you do have to jump at the correct moments. Precisely time each hurdle to clear it and maintain top speed. If you jump too early or too late, Olly will fall and be penalised. Too many penalties end your chances of Olympic gold. Because this is a very fun and silly game, not all of the hurdles meet standard specs. Every now and then, you might have to jump over an extra dangerous hurdle with bent nails poking out in every direction. Yes, it’s scary, but it’s all in good fun!

The football event is also primarily based on timing. When it’s time to play, grass will overtake the track. Olly will put on his football boots and prepare to kick incoming balls. During the football competition, you mustn’t let a single ball pass you. They will fly in randomly, and you must kick them back out of sight. Kicking too early isn’t a problem, because you can kick again. But if you wait too long to make a move, you will miss the ball and be penalised. There is no way to know exactly when each ball will appear, so this is one of the more challenging sports.

Boxing is a fun button-masher. Before entering the ring, Olly will put on a fresh pair of boxing gloves. The ring is modified to fit on the outdoor track, so you can keep moving forward and score. During the boxing round, an angry-looking training machine will systematically swing at you. Instead of worrying about timing each punch, it’s best to simply swing fast and frequently. If you keep punching at all times, your robotic opponent will never be able to hit you. But, if you run out of stamina and can’t keep mashing keys, Olly will get whacked in the face. Don’t get knocked out!

The fourth sport is swimming, and it’s definitely the easiest part of Olly’s Medal Run. Before diving into the Olympic pool, Olly will put on his oversized scuba goggles. Then, it’s time to swim like a fish. You can press one, two, or ten keys as fast as possible to rotate your arms and glide across the water. There are no obstacles in the pool, so you can keep swimming without worrying about any penalties. The aquatic round isn’t nearly as stressful as the other events, but it’s still important to move fast if you want to win medals.

Just like the 2016 Olympics, Olly’s Medal Run is about earning gold for your nation. During the competition, gold coins will appear randomly on the track. You can jump towards coins in the air, while coins on the ground are easy to collect. Every piece of gold counts towards your score, which will directly boost the tally for your nation. If you want to be the best athlete, you have to keep moving forward to pick up every coin in sight.

The in-game scoreboard keeps track of your current winnings, all-time best score, and country total. After completing a run, your score will be permanently added to your nation’s gold. Then, you can check the overall leaderboard to see how your country compares to others. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can change teams at any time, and your personal best score will still be saved.

Athletics Weekly is excited to announce a giveaway, sponsored by Poki! Selected by us, one lucky reader with the most creative answer will win a prize – a $50 Amazon gift card that you can use to buy sports equipment.

How to enter

For your chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card from Poki simply log in (and then refresh this page) or register below and provide the details requested in a form which will appear once you are logged in and the page has been refreshed. You must be a registered user of the site to enter (it’s free to register and takes just a few moments).

This competition is now closed.

This competition closes at midnight on Sunday August 21, 2016.

Click here for AW‘s competition terms and conditions.

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