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Latest Coaching
Endurance: Training frequency Road Endurance: Training frequency

Training frequency and progressive overload are explored by Matt Long and Geoff James

Club night: City of Lisburn AC Cross/Fell/Trail Club night: City of Lisburn AC

The series moves across to Northern Ireland to feature a club which lies on the River Lagan

London Marathon countdown Road London Marathon countdown

Follow our guide to preparing for the challenge of running 26.2 miles on Sunday

Club night: Lasswade AC Cross/Fell/Trail Club night: Lasswade AC

The first Scottish club in our club night series is Midlothian club Lasswade AC

Marathon training – Paul Evans Road Marathon training – Paul Evans

Brendon Byrne investigates if there are lessons to be learned from the training of one of Britain’s best ever marathoners

Club night: Guernsey Island AAC Cross/Fell/Trail Club night: Guernsey Island AAC

Club night travels across the English Channel to the second largest Channel Island of Guernsey

Club night: Trafford AC Cross/Fell/Trail Club night: Trafford AC

Continuing our club night series featuring clubs from all corners of the British Isles, we this time focus on one from Greater Manchester

Overtraining Cross/Fell/Trail Overtraining

Matt Long and David Lowes highlight the dangers of overtraining and how to recognise the symptoms

Patrick Makau’s training tips Road Patrick Makau’s training tips

Former marathon world record-holder is preparing for the Boston Marathon and shared some insight into his own training as well as some top tips for distance running

Club night: Woodford Green with Essex Ladies Cross/Fell/Trail Club night: Woodford Green with Essex Ladies

As our club series continues, we take a look at the history and current training set-up at Woodford Green with Essex Ladies

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