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Marathon training plan: Advanced Road Marathon training plan: Advanced

Check out this 16-week training plan if you’re running a spring marathon and aiming for a time of around three hours

Fartlek running: Playing with speed Cross/Fell/Trail Fartlek running: Playing with speed

Fartlek running has influenced some of the past greats and it’s still as effective today

Marathon training plan: Intermediate Road Marathon training plan: Intermediate

If you’re working towards a spring marathon and aiming for a time of around four hours check out this 18-week training plan

Marathon training plan: Beginner Road Marathon training plan: Beginner

If you’re training for your first marathon as a bit of a beginner to the longer distance running scene here’s a 20-week plan which might help you on your way

The high pull Track & Field The high pull

The high pull is one of the most important Olympic lift variations and also one of the best posterior chain builder exercises, writes Antonio Robustelli

Power exercises Track & Field Power exercises

Commonwealth hammer bronze medallist Mark Dry gives you five of his favourite power exercises

Stretching out Track & Field Stretching out

Everyone suffers from tight muscles, but it’s not always those muscles that need stretching, as Dave O’Sullivan explains

Bodyweight exercises for athletes Track & Field Bodyweight exercises for athletes

For the young club athlete some simple bodyweight exercises can be as effective as those using gym equipment, as Tony Lett explains

Cross country: Psychology Cross/Fell/Trail Cross country: Psychology

Louise Damen spoke to Matt Long and David Lowes about the psychology associated with cross country running

Mastering speed, with Stan Madiri Track & Field Mastering speed, with Stan Madiri

Stan Madiri, an IAAF elite speed coach, was at a recent England Athletics coaching conference and Matt Long was there to hear his thoughts

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