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Are athletes seeing RED-S? Road Are athletes seeing RED-S?

In the first of a two-part series, Jessica Piasecki sheds light on the female athlete triad – osteoporosis, disordered eating and amenorrhea

The best of British Road The best of British

Sponsored post: Andrew Butchart explains why he loves the Vitality London 10,000

Coaching throws: Shot putters’ size and strength Track & Field Coaching throws: Shot putters’ size and strength

Does your body composition matter when it comes to the shot put?

Jacob Paul on hurdles training Track & Field Jacob Paul on hurdles training

The British 400m hurdler chats with John Shepherd about his training, onion rings and more

VO2max testing Track & Field VO2max testing

John Shepherd takes an in-depth look at one of the most vaunted of all physiological tests

Training Q&A with Morgan Lake Track & Field Training Q&A with Morgan Lake

The heptathlete has switched her focus to high jump and spoke with John Shepherd about her current training and coaching set-up

Plyometric checklist Track & Field Plyometric checklist

Many athletes use plyometric exercises but are they being coached correctly and do the activities relate to the needs of their event?

Me and my club Track & Field Me and my club

AW asked some of Britain’s elite athletes about the key role that joining an athletics club has played in their lives, both on and off the track

AW Club Directory Cross/Fell/Trail AW Club Directory

Featuring every affiliated athletics club in the UK, our directory also highlights the benefits of joining a club and the key role they play

Steve Cram’s training camp Track & Field Steve Cram’s training camp

Bacon butties are no longer the warm-up fuel for world champion middle distance runners. Matt Long attends a Steve Cram training camp and finds out from a myriad of experts exactly what has changed

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