Dibaba: “You should bring back gold when you compete for Ethiopia”

Olympic champion Tirunesh Dibaba talks about her journey to Olympic success in CNN’s‭ ‬‘African Voices‭’

Ethiopian long distance runners have dominated Olympic podiums with 35 medals claimed in the last twenty years.‭

In the small Ethiopian village of Bekoji,‭ ‘‬Coach‭’ ‬Sentayehu Eshetu has discovered five runners who have all gone on to compete in the Olympic Games, including Olympic 5000m and 10,000m champion Tirunesh Dibaba.

CNN’s‭ ‬African Voices‭ ‬travels to meet Eshetu as he trains his new generation of aspiring gold medalists in Bekoji and is reunited with Dibaba.

Dibaba talks about how she went from running to fetch water for her family to winning Olympic gold, as well as explaining how gold is the only medal that counts in her country.‭ ‬“You should bring back gold when you compete for Ethiopia,” she said. “Silver and bronze in our country is no better than finishing fifth or sixth.‭”

Credit: CNN International

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