Man on a mission

In this award-winning film, Eamonn Coghlan, former world indoor record-holder for the mile, travels to Kenya to exploring the country’s dominance over middle and long distance running

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2 Responses to “Man on a mission”

  1. lauftammo says:

    You get a good idea of what the Kenyan philosophy of running is all about!

  2. mimi goodman says:

    This is one of the most fantastic documantries I have ever seen. I even became emotional watching it. Kenyan Rudisha, world 800 metre record holder, Masai, his father a former Olympian, now hoping for gold. Trained by an elderly Patrician brother from Ireland , Colm O'Connell who himself had no formal training, he had acquired his skills from having watched his father training greyhounds and then from reading some books. Nature balences evervthing. It is the poverty amongst the Kenyans that gives them the drive to excel as atheletes also a wonderful sense of self belief. Having to run bare foot strengthens their ankles. Watch.

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