Bannister’s sub-four mile

One of the greatest achievements in athletics, set on May 6, 1954

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Just for the contestants who on Channel Four’s The Million Pound Drop last night thought Sir Roger Bannister was the first person to put the toilet seat down (click here to watch the jaw-dropping footage and go 20 minutes into the programme), here’s a reminder of how he did in fact create history on May 6, 1954

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  1. KR25 says:

    Great to see that historic day on film.

  2. Ian Macmillan says:

    Nice trip down nostalgia lane. Ages ago Telly came on at 5pm for kids and 8pm for adults. During the morning there was a test card showing the four minute mile and I watched it countless times.

    Who, actually, ran the first 4 minute mile? I've heard the late Roy Young cited and also Ibbotson mentioned.

    Does anyone out there know who first ran a mile in 4 mins. 00 secs?

  3. Kevin Morgan says:

    Oh! Boy! That takes me back. I was a water polo player at that time, and I had no idea of the significance of this event. Now as a triathlete I realize what this pace means. Hard to believe! Thanks! Kevin (Old Dog)

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