Wilson hit with four-year ban

British sprinter banned for four years after testing positive for testosterone and clenbuterol

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Bernice Wilson (Mark Shearman)

Sprinter Bernice Wilson has been handed a four-year suspension following her positive test last June for testosterone and clenbuterol.

The ban is twice as long as the standard two-year sanction because she tested positive for more than one prohibited substance and tried to implicate other people. Wilson appealed the decision, but it was upheld.

The ban, which will end in July 2015, means Wilson will forego the chance to compete at the London 2012 Olympics, or any other future Games for that matter, due to the BOA bylaw which prevents British athletes from competing at the Olympics following an anti-doping violation.

Wilson made a big breakthrough two years ago and continued her good form during the 2011 indoor season. She set a personal best of 7.25 over 60m, took silver at the UK Indoor National Championships, and represented Great Britain at the European Indoor Championships, where she reached the semi finals.

The National Anti-Doping Panel described the situation as “a very bad case of doping,” and that “far from admitting her guilt… she sought to blame other people.” Wilson also suggested that her positive test was due to a contaminated sample.

The World Anti-Doping Code provides the basis for a ban to be increased beyond the standard two years, if there are ‘aggravating circumstances’. These include an athlete possessing or using more than one prohibited substance, using more than one prohibited substance over a period of time, and engaging in ‘deceptive conduct’ to avoid adjudication.

“We have successfully argued for a four-year ban which demonstrates that UK Anti-Doping always seeks robust sanctions against athletes who look to cheat the system and betray those around them,” said UK Anti-Doping chief executive Andy Parkinson.

“This sends a strong message to anyone looking to dope in the UK and gives clean athletes the confidence that we are working hard on their behalf, within the framework of the World Anti-Doping Code, to protect their right to compete in doping-free sport.”

3 Responses to “Wilson hit with four-year ban”

  1. Keith Ridgeway says:

    Having coached Bernice from the age of 15 to 19 and knowing her family. I have no doubt that others over the years have advised her badly on what she should and what she should not do. Bernice will learn from this and become even stronger.
    What Bernice must now do is; if she believes that she is 100% right then she must fight.
    But if Bernice believes that she is not 100% right, then she must say sorry to the public and UK athletics. Not just for herself but for the many of us who still believes in her and just want the best for her.
    From a coach and a person who cares

  2. Ryan says:

    If you coached until 19 then presumably after that she must have known what she was doing unless she is incredibly naive? Forget "fighting if she knows she is right" Unless she is totally dumb she knew she was taking/receiving something illegal as far as our sport in concerned. I doubt very much she'll come back "stronger" in four years time. She'll disappear because the only thing that made her "stronger" was the illegal drug!

  3. RunningDive says:

    She should never be allowed to compete in athletics again. Until we start enforcing lifetime bans the incentive for young people to cheat, and to damage themselves permanently remains. She knew what she was doing, and was depriving honest athletes of medals and representative honours. She is a disgrace and I hope never to see her name on a start list again.

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