Who has your vote for BBC SPOTY?

Should the athletics world unite behind one nominee or split its vote?

Ennis, Farah and Weir

Sunday December 16 sees the annual BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards. The stars of the London Games are justifiably well-placed with Jessica Ennis, Mo Farah and David Weir representing the world of athletics. Track and field athletes have also won the prestigious award 17 times since it was introduced by the BBC in 1954.

They face stiff competition, though, especially from bookies’ favourite Bradley Wiggins. Therefore, we ask whether athletics as a whole should club together and stand behind one nominee or split its vote?

Give us your views in the poll below and we’ll announce the outcome in next week’s magazine. Voting ends Sunday December 9, so click quick!

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2 Responses to “Who has your vote for BBC SPOTY?”

  1. Kevin O'Neill says:

    Much as I'd like Mo to win (I'd be happy if Jessica did too), it would be unfair to club together. Give everyone an equal chance.

  2. JAGS says:

    It's a silly idea to pool the vote …and, frankly, not a very fair way to do things either. I'm a devoted athletics fan and it's by far and away the only sport I'm consistently committed to following each and every year. Despite the fact I also have an obvious favourite amingst the trio listed, I'm nonetheless excited to find out who the British public clearly favour this year, especially given the flurry of success we've enjoyed and the massive interest in sport that's been generated as a consequence. If an athlete wins – fine. If my personal favourite wins – even better! But I would appreciate that outcome a lot more (and I'm also certain that the winning athlete would feel the same about it) if the result reflected a genuine and sincere measure of public interest in that vote.

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