Twell suffers severe ankle injury in Belgium

Steph Twell falls in cross country race, fracturing her ankle

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Steph Twell © Mark Shearman

Commonwealth 1500m bronze medallist Steph Twell has suffered a fractured ankle after falling in a cross country race in Hannut, Belgium.

Twell, the three-time European junior cross country champion, had built up a huge lead and was heading for an easy victory. But on the final lap she slipped going around a corner on a muddy descent as Britain’s Gemma Steel went on to win the race, beating Kenya’s Antonina Rutto.

She was unable to stand up and was transported off the course in tears, and was immediately taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital where they confirmed the injury. Contrary to earlier reports from the meeting organisers, it wasn’t an open fracture and no bone was exposed.

Twell’s leg has been set in plaster and she will be returning to the UK on Monday via the Eurostar.

Within moments of the news breaking, Twell’s team-mates tweeted messages of support. “It’s such a shame, she was flying in Kenya,” said UK indoor 3000m champion Helen Clitheroe. “It’s made me feel sick.”

“Why do bad things happen to the best people?!” added Charlotte Purdue, Twell’s training partner.

“My heart goes out to Steph Twell, praying for you and hoping for a superfast recovery,” said triple jumper Nathan Douglas, while Katharine Merry added: “Thoughts for Steph Twell, hoping the injury she has sustained isn’t as bad as feared.”

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