Tickets gone for Olympic test event

The BUCS Championships, which is doubling up as the official test athletics event for the Olympic Games, has already sold out of tickets

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BUCS Champs (Mark Shearman)

Friends and family of students hoping to compete at the BUCS Visa Outdoor Championships at the Olympic Stadium have been frustrated to find it was quickly sold out.

Tickets for the official Games athletics test event on May 4-7 went on sale three weeks ago, but one potential buyer told Athletics Weekly that the website said tickets were unavailable on the website on the second day.

LOCOG admits tickets for all sessions were sold out within a week, except for a few sessions which still have wheelchair and companion seats available. Although the venue will hold 40,000 spectators during the Games, the organisers decided to only admit 2000 for Friday, Sunday and Monday and 6000 for Saturday for the test event.

However, the full capacity is being used for an entertainment event on the evening of the second day of the championships.

In order to give coaches, friends and family the best chance of obtaining tickets, only those affiliated to British Universities & Colleges Sport were allowed to apply for them.

Colin Petty, whose son is hoping to compete at the event, said tickets were unavailable within 48 hours of them going on sale. “I know they’re saying we can’t cope with many more, but if they’re talking about using this as a test event then it’s not really a big test if they’re only allowing a very limited amount of people in.”

BUCS say they are hoping more tickets are released for sale at a later date, but LOCOG say they are still looking into whether this will be possible.

Last year LOCOG came under fire as more than one million people missed out in the ballot for tickets for the Olympics. Only one in 63 applicants for tickets for the session including the men’s 100m final were fortunate. Long-serving athletics fans were feeling particularly aggrieved as, other than a small allocation for the 1500-member British Athletics Supporters Club, no scheme was put in place to ensure the most loyal fans had more chance than those who had never before attended an athletics event.

However, many had assumed it would be easier to gain tickets for the test event.

A spokeswoman for LOCOG explained why so few seats were being made available, saying: “Our testing processes are designed to be robust and efficient. Bringing 2000-6000 spectators into the Olympic stadium will adequately test elements such as security, transport, work force and venue flow. These numbers are significantly more than spectator numbers recorded at previous BUCS events.”

The event typically has around 50 spectators, says BUCS.

It is not just spectators who have been frustrated. As AW reported earlier this month, the more successful universities for athletics are concerned some of their top athletes will be unable to enter the championships. The high demand to compete at the Olympic stadium has led BUCS to refine its entry process this year and it could mean that only one athlete per institution per event can compete.

8 Responses to “Tickets gone for Olympic test event”

  1. Jeff Cox says:

    I am becoming increasingly disenchanted with the london olympic saga. I am
    a lifelong athlete and follower of athletics, and both live and work near to the site.
    I cannot get tickets. The whole circus has done nothing for me or local people.

  2. paul says:

    Absolute rubbish to think all these tickets have gone to athletes relatives et al .There was a password on the Bucs website that anyone who new the site could use to get tickets from ticket master.You only have to look at Facebook to see the amount of athletes who are looking for tickets not only those who will be competing for their uni but Uka athletes as well.The whole exercise of this years Bucs has been a farce to the detriment for the student athletes

    • Sally Holmes says:

      That's the problem Paul, relatives of athletes HAVEN'T got the tickets!! I know of no relative of a student athlete who has tickets (I know there will be a few who have), but the majority have gone to 'Joe Public'. And competing athletes don't even need a ticket, so for them to be saying they can't get one isn't strictly correct. The whole set up though has been a farce from start to finish. Doubt anything will be done about it!

  3. javelin sam says:

    I cannot wait for this year to be over so we can have our sport back

  4. Sally Holmes says:

    I have watched my daughter compete for 11 years, never missing a competition. Now, because of where this event is being held, I am missing my first ever competition. Disappointed is an understatement!! Would this amount of tickets have been sold had it been at Bedford? Did this amount of people go to the indoor BUCS at Sheffield? NO!!!!! So why are parents & coaches being pushed to one side just so that part-time fans can get a cheap entry to the Olympic Stadium. Athletics is on a downward spiral as it is spectator wise – this farce isn't going to help matters at all. LOCOG need to get their act together & release more tickets – and quick!

  5. fluff says:

    disappointed doesnt even register – I know of someone who has been given 6 tickets to the Bucs and has never beento an athltics event before, let alone the BUcs. I have been to many and suported in at Bedford and before that in all weathers, but dont get me started on the whole ticket issue. I have dreamt of attending an Olympic athletics event ever since i first watched David Bedford on a neighbours colour TV!! and guess what – still dreaming.

  6. Sylvia Ferguson says:

    Our son is running on Saturday 5 May 12 and we a desperate for tickets to go and watch him. Is there anyone out there who would like to sell their tickets? Please phone 01296 658876, fingers crossed

  7. de greenwood says:

    like many other things in life a veneer of bull**** underpins it all.They're mainly bothered about image and advertising.They have since released more tickets but only for friday ,sunday and monday.My son is a fresher running on a saturday.His university only announced their team on his return from easter holidays.Some days after the release of the extras on 19th april.They're not bothered about parents , who are still paying for their kids to stay in sport.My son has tuition fees covered but his loan for the rest doesn't even cover his accommodation fees.If he had to get a job to cover any of the rest his athletics would suffer.So like many parents we support him financially as well,without which University sport would be depleted and the adminstrators would be out of a job. Another slap in the face for caring parents who have done the right thing for their children. Some LOCOG staff have finished their contracts this month and now move on to unrelated areas its just another job for them.

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