Survey proves surge in athletics participation

Active People Survey results show athletics to be the sport taken up by the highest number of people over the past seven years

Track (Mark Shearman)

If the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games inspired you to get involved in athletics then you’re not the only one, as new survey results have shown the sport to be the one taken up by the highest number of people over the past seven years.

Since the 2012 Games were awarded to London in 2005, participation in athletics has increased by 604,200.

Speaking of a focus on two particular areas of participation, UKA chief executive Niels de Vos commented: “The sport has led the way in terms of overall growth and participation numbers over the past seven years and has also seen big improvements in para-athlete integration and the rates of female participation in our sport – two areas where we have been particularly focused.

“These results for England are mirrored across the other home countries too, which is excellent news for British Athletics.

“The London effect is clear to see – great athletics inspires participation, just as it will with this summer’s Sainsbury’s Anniversary Games, next year’s Commonwealth Games and when the World Championships come back to London in 2017.”

Also commenting on the results to come from the latest Active People Survey, which is conducted by Sport England, was England Athletics’ chief executive Chris Jones, who said: “We targeted Sport England development funding on assisting our clubs and volunteers to prepare themselves for the likely upsurge in interest around the Games.

“Our job now is to continue with that support in order to further help clubs keep these new participants in the sport. Sport England funding, in tandem with the tireless efforts of volunteers is the key to sustaining these levels of participation.”

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