Mark Block to challenge USADA ban

Recently-banned athletics agent is taking his case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport

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Mark Block and Zhanna Block

Less than a week after USADA announced they had given Mark Block a 10-year ban, the athletics agent has hit back and is preparing to appeal the decision to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

The arbitration panel had concluded that Block had trafficked and traded ‘the cream’ and ‘the clear’ for his wife – 2001 world champion Zhanna Block – to use, as well as inciting and assisting others in the use of those substances.

But Block will contest the arbitration panel’s findings when he brings to case to the CAS. “The decision misstated the evidence,” said Block, who has asked USADA to retract that portion of its press release. “USADA, in its press statement, compounded the error by overstating the decision.”

“Many courts and arbitration panels have held that possession alone cannot constitute illegal trafficking,” said Brian Maas, Block’s attorney, who stated that there was no evidence that Block offered any athlete, including his wife, EPO or any like substance.

“We believe the decision to extend the anti-trafficking rule to cover Mr. Block’s case in this situation is reversible error,” said Maas.

According to Block’s attorneys, the press release issued by USADA erroneously states that the panel decision “confirm[ed that] Block administered and supplied banned substances including ‘the clear’, ‘the cream’ and Modafanil.”

“But there is no such finding in the panel’s decision,” said Maas

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